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8 July, 2024
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1Win is a growing and already popular sportsbook operating in various countries of the world. The betting platform offers a wide selection of multiple sports for live and upcoming event predictions. Feel free to check out our 1Win sportsbook review to get a better idea of all the opportunities you can make use of through the platform.

Today, one of the best ways to get the hang of a sportsbook’s set of features is to use its own app. Let’s review one of Kenya’s top bookmaker apps and see whether it is really worth it. 

Download the official 1Win app to profit from instant betting and custom wager feeds directly on your smartphone!

How to Download 1Win App 

how-to-download-1win-app 1Win App in Kenya

The 1Win app is a fantastic way to simplify your regular betting activity using your mobile device. Having all your stake options on your preferred device is the perfect solution if you are committed to the betting game. So, without further ado, we provide a quick guide on downloading the software on your device after checking its compatibility.  


All Android users can directly install the software onto the device. At the same time, make sure to check the device’s compatibility to ensure your phone is of the right version. Follow this step-by-step tutorial and start wagering with the proper format!


Step 1: Visit the 1Win Website

Navigate to the official 1Win website via the button in this article from your smartphone to find the necessary link.

Step 2: Find Installation Link

Locate the necessary download link by scrolling down the home page and clicking the “Application for Android” button.

Step 3: Initiate Loading 

Allow the installation from your device settings. Follow any additional instructions from your device to complete the process. Finally, once the app is installed, you can open the software to log in and start actively betting.


While the app is not actually available on the App Store, you can still make use of the bookmaker’s features from your iOS device. Follow the steps below if you still wish to optimize your wagering experience with the latest technologies.

  1. Step 1: Open the 1Win Website. Find the button in this article, click it, and navigate to the official 1Win platform to find the necessary download link.
  2. Step 2: Click “Download for iOS”. Find and click on the download link to initiate the installation process. You will see the software downloading in your device download history. 
  3. Step 3: Set Device Settings. Click to “Trust” the developer in your device settings in the Settings > General > Profiles and Device Management section. 
  4. Step 4: Use 1Win from iOS Device. Wait for the installation to complete. Now, you can use the platform to its full potential quicker than before.


Being quite advanced and modern in the betting industry, 1Win ensures all its users have the opportunity to optimize their wagering with any of their devices. That is why the sportsbook can also be installed onto your PC.


Step 1: Open 1Win Website

Navigate to the official 1Win site for quick access to the installation link.

Step 2: Click Download Link

The link is contained within the 1Win homepage and can be titled “Application for Windows” or “Application for macOS”, depending on your operating system. 

Step 3: Initiate Download

The download will begin once you click the link. Wait for the process to complete and open the file. Finally, move the file to wherever you will find most convenient and start viewing profitable wagering deals. 

App Overview 

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Let’s focus on what makes the app format more convenient for so many 1Win punters around the world. We will review its design, eligible devices, special bonuses, and so much more! 

Design and Interface 

The software is made to simplify your betting and make the basic features easily reachable. Its layout clearly provides the top categories in sports and casino sections for users to pick. 

  • Main: Explore the current ongoing events and any updates on the main page, and benefit from a personalized page once you start betting regularly. 
  • Sports: Engage in the sportsbook’s main sports events, including popular options and exclusive market offers.
  • Free Money: Find out how to claim free bets and other promotional deals after placing your stakes.
  • Casino: Play any casino games, including instant games, modern online slots, as well as classic table and card games.
  • Live games: Profit from momentum shifts and higher odds by playing live directly from your phone. 


Are there any additional perks to wagering with the 1Win app? Of course! You get to participate in the bookmaker’s incredible deals with a single swipe on your device! Here is a general overview of the bonuses you can activate. 

  • Welcome offer for all new users: your first 4 deposits are matched by 500% in any section.
  • Receive bonuses for express bets with at least 5 selections.
  • Play casino online and claim up to 30% of your stakes as a refund.
  • Visit the Free Money section to find incredible deals in various games and categories. 

You may find the process of betting and claiming bonuses more convenient while having everything you need in one place on your mobile device or PC.

Compatible Devices

While the bookmaker ensures maximum device eligibility for its software, it is still wise to double-check the compatibility of your device with the system. Check out the table below to see if your device will install the software without any technical issues.   

Compatible Operating SystemDevice Examples
AndroidSmartphones, tablets.
WindowsLaptops, Personal Computers.
iOSSmartphones, tablets.

Unfortunately, the app cannot be directly installed onto iOS smartphones through the App Store. You can still appreciate the mobile sportsbook interface using the mobile version.

System Requirements 

The software is generally designed to fit all models and systems of the current technological market. At the same time, make sure you have all the other system requirements set before you initiate the download.

Compatible DeviceSystem Requirements
AndroidAndroid 5.0+ 100 Mb of storage
iOSiOS 8.0+100 Mb of storage
WindowsWindows 10.0+125 Mb of storage

1Win Mobile Version

1win-mobile-version 1Win App in Kenya

The bookmaker also offers a mobile version that can be accessed using any device or platform. Ultimately, this option presents a more user-friendly interface, especially useful for beginners. All you have to do to enter the mobile site is click on the phone icon displayed on the bottom right corner of the home page.  

  • View the sportsbook as you would while using the app by entering the mobile site.
  • Find a convenient search and browsing format without having to install any additional software.
  • Enjoy quick betting with a completely compatible design.

Mobile Version vs. App

vs-1 1Win App in Kenya

Is the app worth downloading? Or is the 1Win mobile version enough? Let’s review both options along with their pros and cons to make your decision easier. Ultimately, the optimal solution will vary depending on each punter’s wagering style and experience. 

App: Pros and Cons 

In this case, we can definitely talk about within-arms-reach wagering. 

  • User-friendly design and interface
  • Allows instant betting from your device
  • Better quality for playing 1Win games
  • Less dependency on a stable internet connection
  • Fewer technical difficulties
  • Requires device storage and specific versions for a download
  • Limited compatibility with certain devices

Mobile Version: Pros and Cons

With mobile betting, you still get the basic wagering options without having to install anything or deal with downloading issues. Consider the following points when choosing between the app and the mobile version.

  • No extra downloads are required
  • Basic system requirements
  • A convenient display of all sportsbook options
  • Lower quality for certain games
  • More dependent on high-quality internet

App Betting Options 

bet 1Win App in Kenya

Ultimately, you can engage in all the basic wagering features using the software. Install the app to instantly get access to all the sportsbook options from the official bookmaker site. The app is absolutely free and is there to simplify your betting on the platform.

  • Browse through the available events in the Sports section to place your stakes on as many sports as you would like.
  • Find the full selection of casino games in the Casino tab and play any of the 1Win exclusive or classic games.
  • Get daily updates on the latest promotions in the Free Money section.
  • Instantly top up and withdraw from your account and manage all your finances on one device.


Is the 1Win app real or fake?

The app is 100% real and can be installed on both PCs and Android devices.

Do I need to register separately in the app?

No, if you already have an account, simply log in using the created credentials.

Can I find the 1Win app in the Google Play Market?

No, but you can download it using our tutorial and by visiting the official 1Win website.

How can I contact 1Win Support via mobile phone?

You can currently contact the team by email only at support@1win.xyz.

Do mobile players get bonuses?

Yes! Find the full list of bonuses in the Free Money section.

Can I see how much money I have deposited so far using my mobile device?

Yes, you can check the information in your transaction history. 

Can I play live casino games on the application?

Yes! Enjoy the live casino games in a separate Live-gaming section.

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