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18 January, 2024 (UPDATE 16 May, 2024)
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We would like to begin with a brief outline of the bookmaker itself. One of the most recognizable bookies in the industry, 1xBet is a sizable global betting and gambling website. It was launched in 2007 and has roots in Eastern Europe. At first, the company was merely a modest bookmaker operating in a few countries, but it quickly but steadily grew in popularity. In the end, the bookmaker completely took over the online betting business.

1xBet consistently provides the newest and finest features, employs aggressive marketing techniques, and secures partnerships with renowned teams. It makes sense why the clients adore this bookmaker so much. 

1xBet Bonuses

1xbet-bonuses-2 Accumulator of the Day at 1xBet

For both new and experienced gamblers, 1xBet Kenya provides a wide range of bonuses. To view all the bonuses offered, open the website and look in the “Promo” area. Remember that upon making their first deposit, all newly registered bettors are eligible to get a welcome bonus from 1xBet. Apart from this welcome perk, there are numerous 1xBet promotional offers for existing clients.

The award scheme is very beneficial to 1xBet customers. You can play casino games and earn points you can further use in the 1xBet promo code sections, in addition to a welcome award, casino bonus, several accumulator bet incentives, and VIP cashback. 

All bonuses from 1xBet are subject to specific requirements that must be met to keep the promotion offer active and take advantage of its special features. To get your desired promotion, follow the guidelines below.

  • Read the rules. Read the terms and conditions and check the validity period before claiming any promotional offer. Select the “Learn More” option under the offer’s banner to get more information.
  • Claim the bonus. To collect your bonus, adhere to the platform’s instructions.
  • Comply with wagering requirements. Read the wagering requirements for your bonus in full. Observe these guidelines.
  • Withdraw your winnings. You can withdraw the earnings you have accumulated using your bonus amount if everything has been done successfully.

What Is 1xBet Accumulator of the Day?

what-is-1xbet-accumulator-of-the-day_ Accumulator of the Day at 1xBet

Players who place 1xBet accumulator bets are eligible for the 1xBet Accumulator of the Day bet. The operator will adjust the odds on any winning wager by 10%. Every day, several accumulators are available for selection, spanning a variety of matches available for betting on the 1xBet website.

Pros and Cons

Sports wagering on accumulator bets is highly common. But like all forms of betting, accumulators have benefits and drawbacks. Let’s examine some of the factors that could influence your decision to place an accumulator wager or take part in Accumulator of the Day and the potential drawbacks of doing so.

  • Great profit. The amount of profit you can win for a small deposit is the obvious benefit of placing an accumulator bet. You can receive fantastic odds when choosing games for your accumulator. If you choose to participate in Accumulator of the Day and your selections win, your profit will increase by 10%.
  • Adrenaline boost. Accumulators, especially with extra perks, also provide significant levels of adrenaline, which are uncommon with straightforward single bets.
  • Carefully preselected odds. Every day, the 1xBet team of professional oddsmakers preselects the options for the daily accumulator. They have enough knowledge and expertise to provide customers with the best choices.
  • High level of risk. The major drawback of such bets is undoubtedly the high amount of risk involved. Even if you make five accurate predictions vs one incorrect one, you will still lose the entire wager.
  • Limited choices. If you choose Accumulator of the Day, you are limited to the preselected choices the 1xBet team selected. You cannot add your selections to the betslip.
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How to Win Accumulator of the Day?

how-to-win-accumulator-of-the-day_ Accumulator of the Day at 1xBet

Accumulators with preselected choices are a matter of luck. If you are a novice, start with placing single bets before proceeding to accumulators. However, if you are craving to try Accumulator of the Day, do not put too much money at stake.

Bonus Terms and Conditions

  • You are only permitted to gamble with funds from your primary account. Bonus money is not allowed.
  • The promo does not apply to Advancebets.
  • The accumulators’ matches cannot be changed.
  • This offer is not working for cryptocurrencies.
  • This promotion is exclusive to sports betting.

How to Use Your Accumulator of the Day

how-to-use-your-accumulator-of-the-day Accumulator of the Day at 1xBet

Every day, 1xBet offers over 1000 sporting events. Experts at 1xBet choose the greatest and most trustworthy events, combine them, and invite customers to use this service and receive a bonus, provided the chosen express is successful. Accumulator of the Day comes in two flavors: Sports and Live. Both on a desktop and a mobile device, the Accumulator of the Day is located at the bottom of the website. To take part in Accumulator of the Day, follow the steps below.


Log Into Your Account

Open the 1xBet website and click on the login button. Type in your phone number or username and password. 

Choose “Sports” or “Live”

Open the “Sports” section. Scroll down until you see the list of available markets. 

Select Your Bets

Select your preferred Accumulator of the Day (Sports or Live). Confirm your wager.

Now, you can follow up on your bets in your account. If you win, your odds will be increased by 10%.

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Offers for Existing Clients

offers-for-existing-clients-2 Accumulator of the Day at 1xBet

Accumulators of the Day are available for all existing clients of 1xBet. Ensure you abide by this offer’s terms and conditions and wager away!

Rules for Using the Bonus

This bonus has no wagering requirements. If you stick to the terms and conditions above and all of your selections win, your winnings will be automatically transferred to your account.

1xBet Customer Care

1xbet-customer-care-5 Accumulator of the Day at 1xBet

Among all Kenyan bookies, 1xBet can take pride in having one of the best and most popular customer service departments. Contact the customer support team at 1xBet if you require assistance with a wagering transaction, a technical issue, or a query regarding your account. Along with its support team, the betting company also offers a thorough FAQ section covering various topics, including account information, deposit and withdrawal options, and betting standards. The 1xBet customer service staff is available around the clock through various channels. They also have a knowledge base available through the live chat widget. 

Try putting your question in the live chat window if you are experiencing any common issues to see if any helpful prompts appear.


conclusion-58 Accumulator of the Day at 1xBet

To promote accumulator betting and reward clients, 1xBet has come up with a wonderful strategy. With its Accumulator of the Day, you can win big every day. All 1xBet clients are welcome to participate.  There are not many restrictions on this deal. The bookie strives to include the most well-liked matches in each of the several accumulators available each day. In addition, the most widely wagered sports, including basketball, tennis, and football, dominate the accumulators. The gains are yours to use in any way you like, including withdrawal. It’s a good offer, and we urge customers to take advantage of it.


How to put Express in 1xBet, and what is Accumulator of the Day?
A combination bet of two or more wagers on several games is referred to as a 1xBet express bet or an accumulator bet. For instance, a bettor combined two wagers on different football games. The bet, in this instance, consists of two selections. The full combination will play if one of them loses. The user will make more money if the express bet succeeds, though. It is determined by multiplying the odds of single bets by the betting stake. To place an express bet, log into your account, choose the events you want to wager on and add them to your betslip. To take part in Accumulator of the Day, you can only choose bets preselected by the 1xBet team for today’s Accumulator of the Day. This perk is loved by experienced punters who are familiar with multiple wagers.
How to make an accumulator bet on 1xBet?
With 1xBet’s accumulator bets, players can combine their wagers on various sporting events to increase their winnings substantially. All of the individual bets in an accumulator wager must win for it to win. Because the odds for each separate wager are multiplied together to determine the ultimate payment, accumulator bets have the potential for bigger profits. To place an acca on 1xBet, simply log into your account, open the sportsbook, and add your selections to your betslip. Confirm your wager and follow up on your selections as the games unravel.
What is 1xBet Accumulator of the Day?
An accumulator bet in 1xBet, sometimes referred to as an acca or a parlay, is a type of wager where you aggregate a number of smaller bets into a single, larger wager. An accumulator bet is distinguished by the requirement that every single option must win in order for you to win the bet. Accumulator of the Day is a special option offered by 1xBet. If your choices win, the odds will increase by 10%. The funds you receive do not have wagering requirements and will immediately be transferred to your 1xBet account.
Should I make bets choosing Accumulator of the Day?
Bets for Accumulator of the Day are preselected by the 1xBet oddsmakers, so if you are an experienced bettor and are familiar with accumulators, this perk is a good choice for you.

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