1xBet Deposit Rejection and Other Problems

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15 November, 2023 (UPDATE 16 May, 2024)
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Deposit problems are the obstacles that can prevent you from depositing to your 1xBet account. If you have had such problems or are new to the world of sports betting, this article will be helpful for you. We will take a detailed look at possible troubles, methods of solving them, and preventive measures you can use to protect your transactions.

About Deposit Methods at 1xBet

about-deposit-methods-at-1xbet 1xBet Deposit Rejection and Other Problems

1xBet is a leader among betting companies not only in Kenya but all over the world. Therefore, unlike its rivals, you can find various payment methods on the site. In total, there are 43 deposit options on the website. Below is the list in which you are likely to find a convenient method for you:

Skrill 1-Tap
Mobile MoneyM-Pesa
Payment systemsecoPayz
Prepaid CardsPaySafeCard
Tether on Tron
And 30 more…
E-VouchersJeton Cash

In a separate article, we look at the methods of depositing 1xBet in Kenya in more detail. You can read about those just by hitting the link.

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What Causes Deposit Problems at 1xbet?

Problems can occur at different stages and for various reasons. The reasons can arise internally, for example, at the betting company (technical issues), and externally, when the payment system takes a long time to process/not process the transaction.

According to statistics, most problems arise due to players’ inattention: incorrectly entered data, no verification, a wrong amount for deposit, and insufficient amount of money. Therefore, we strongly recommend you carefully read the deposit rules and conditions.

What Are Some Deposit Problems With 1xbet: Common Causes and Solutions?

what-are-some-deposit-problems-with-1xbet_common-causes-and-solutions_ 1xBet Deposit Rejection and Other Problems

In 90% of cases, deposit problems can be solved easily and quickly. The main thing is to know the cause of the error. If you see what went wrong, you can quickly solve the situation. For Kenyans, the following information about the most common causes of problems and their solutions may be helpful. Let’s go through the 6 main and most common mistakes.

Money Is Not Credited for a Long Time

Suppose money arrives in your account for a short time after the transaction. In that case, you can always write to support, describing the problems and details of payment information (payment system, account number, phone number, name, amount). 

1xBet has a very loyal and friendly customer support system, which will always be happy to help you as soon as possible.

Insufficient Funds

If there are not enough credits on your account to top up the amount you specified, the betting company will not be able to credit money to your account. To avoid this error, we recommend checking your balance on the payment system or wallet you use to top up your account.

Technical Issues

1xBet is a substantial international betting company, so the site’s security system is high. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to exclude errors related to the occurrence of technical difficulties entirely. Such incidents are infrequent. But if you encounter such a problem, just wait. The team of technical specialists will do their best to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Account Verification

Some deposit methods require confirmation of your identity. It’s all about security reasons. 1xBet cares about its punters and protects accounts with assurance to secure your account. Fraudsters may try to steal your budget and the funds in it.

You can also solve problems if you have any disputes with your account. We also strongly recommend using strong and complex passwords and changing them every 3 months to avoid possible hacks.

Incorrect Payment Information

First and foremost, we recommend verifying your transaction info. Card numbers, wallet IDs, expiry dates, name, phone number – all the information you enter to deposit or withdraw money from 1xBet in Kenya.

Some betting companies and payment systems allow a one-digit error when entering data, but in the case of 1xBet, this is impossible for security reasons. If you enter incorrect data, the payment may be canceled.

Payment Method Not Accepted

Even though 1xBet provides its players many different ways to deposit and withdraw funds, you may have another card or wallet. We recommend that you carefully familiarise yourself with the deposit methods described above.

If you do not have any online deposit methods listed on the website, you can always deposit your account via a cash terminal.

The Most and Least Problematic Payment Methods at 1xBet

the-most-and-least-problematic-payment-methods-at-1xbet 1xBet Deposit Rejection and Other Problems

Different transaction methods may differ in some aspects: crediting time, commissions, limits, and reliability. Unfortunately, it is impossible to say which methods will be faster or slower, as it most often depends on the payment system itself at different times: sometimes there are technical failures and delays due to high load (for example, on weekends). 

Users often use Neteller, ecoPayz, MoneyGO, and Skrill 1-Tap. These world-famous payment systems have been used for many years for transactions worldwide. Some of them even have specialized accounts for gaming sites (casino, sports betting, poker).

We recommend you choose one of the abovementioned methods to fund your gaming account. Still, if it is more convenient for you, for example, to use Crypto Wallet – it is also a reliable way for depositing.

How to Secure Your Transactions

how-to-secure-your-transactions 1xBet Deposit Rejection and Other Problems

If you make wagers and use online wallets or payment systems, you need to take care of the security of these accounts on the Internet. Because where there is money, there are scammers. Scammers often try to hack into accounts to get money or information. We recommend that you treat your data carefully and responsibly. Here are some tips to help you keep your transactions safe:

  1. Do not share your personal information with third parties. Your logins, passwords, and account numbers are information that scammers can use for illegal actions if they get their hands on. Make up complex logins and passwords using encryption. Make sure that no one but you will have access to this data.
  2. Change your password every 3 months. It’s a fundamental rule relevant not only for 1xBet but for all websites on the Internet. Most people neglect this rule and become targets for scammers. You can set yourself a reminder and change your passwords every 3 months.
  3. Make up complex passwords. Passwords of several characters with personal information (date of birth, name of your favorite pet, names, numbers 3 and 7) are not secure. Experienced cyber scams easily crack such passwords. We recommend creating long passwords using lowercase and uppercase letters, symbols, and numbers in different orders.
  4. Internet connection. All your data is at risk if connected to a public Wi-Fi network. Only use a free public network to do something online. Fraudsters can get a lot of your information quickly.
  5. Transaction methods. We have written about the most secure forms of transactions above. The faster the payment system, the safer your personal information is.

1xBet Support

1xbet-support 1xBet Deposit Rejection and Other Problems

If you still have questions or have a specific error that you still need to find in this article, you can always contact the customer support system. Below is the contact information you can use to get support:

0-800-600-070 info-ke@1xbet-team.com +254 702 400 200

An alternative way to get in touch is to leave a request directly on the website. To do this, you need to follow a series of simple steps:

In the bottom left corner, find the “Information” section. Click on “Contact Us” and fill in the fields “First name,” “Email,” “Your Message.” Then click on “Send.”

Great! Your application will be processed quickly, and you will be in touch.


conclusion-34 1xBet Deposit Rejection and Other Problems

We have covered all the details and aspects of funding a 1xBet gaming account in Kenya. The article also revealed the peculiarities of 1xBet deposit – possible mistakes and ways to solve them. Also, you can use tips and tricks on sports betting websites and all other websites.

The provided information will be helpful not only for beginners but also for experienced punters. Knowledge and skills to ensure your safety is never too much. Therefore, carefully read and reread the information. It is beneficial!

We wish you trouble-free and profitable bets!

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What is the way to avoid 1xBet deposit problems?
Be aware of the rules, the common mistakes, and ways to solve them.
What to do if the money is not deposited after 3 hours of your deposit?
In such cases, you should contact customer support.
How to solve the deposit problem?
Find your problem and a detailed description of its solution in the article or contact support.

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