7 October, 2023 (UPDATE 20 October, 2023)
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Owner of 1xBet

With millions of customers worldwide, 1xBet, which began as a tiny betting business in 2007, has developed into an established brand among all online bookies worldwide. You may be wondering who is responsible for all of this success and who founded such a huge company.

In this article, we will try to look behind the closed curtains and share some insights about the 1xBet key people.

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1xBet Review

1xBet Review

Despite the mystery surrounding 1xBet and the almost total lack of public information about the business, the bookmaker has developed into one of the top players in the industry. Bettors enjoy its outstanding service, a huge range of sports, and a selection of betting possibilities, but they know very little about the company’s founders and owners. However, the company’s constant improvement and its customer-focused mindset seem to be the secrets to the platform’s booming success. 

You can find more information about the bookie’s performance in Kenya from our detailed 1xBet review.

Insider Information

1xBet Insider Information

We pieced together all the insights we managed to find about the people behind 1xBet.


As far as is known, several people are involved in the bookie’s success. Sergey Karshkov, Roman Semiokhin, and Dmitry Kazorin are the three founders of this enormous corporation. Actually, there is not much public information available about the company’s owners; they tend to be rather private about their personal lives and involvement with 1xBet. Since the founders themselves claim that the business operates as a franchise, the information regarding their ownership is not always correct.

Unfortunately, one of the 1xBet co-founders recently passed away.

The abrupt passing of Sergey Karshkov has shocked the gaming sector and left a hole in the organization he helped to build. Although there are few specifics surrounding his death, it is known that he was in Switzerland for medical treatment at the time of the tragedy.


Though the company was launched in Russia back in 2017, its current headquarters is situated in Limassol, Cyprus.


With operations throughout Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia through a franchise model, 1xBet is an international gambling brand with its headquarters in Cyprus. Currently, 1xBet serves clients from all over the world and operates in several jurisdictions. 

 The products and services of 1xBet are apparently restricted in Russia and Belarus despite its owners being Russian. 

Sponsorship and Brand Ambassadors

This bookmaker has supported several fighting leagues, sporting events, and football teams. The business supported the football teams of Chelsea and Barcelona in 2019. Paris Saint-Germain and Lille of the French Ligue 1 were two of the world-famous football teams that the bookie backed in 2022. 1xBet supports regional sports teams in each nation where it conducts business. The bookmaker’s strategy is to promote and advance sports among the population. Additionally, the business sees it as its civic responsibility to assist locals.

Impact on the Economy

First of all, it is important to note that the bookie consistently draws in new customers who use the site to invest their money due to its incredible client flow. Customers often finance the website, allowing the business to benefit from their donations. Since 1xBet is a legitimate platform that has received official approval and licensing from Kenyan authorities, the government also receives a portion of these profits. This leads to an infusion of capital into the state since clients pay taxes when they wager on the website and play real money games. Basically, the sportsbook contributes to the growth of new businesses, supports local initiatives, and refills the state budget. 


1xBet Conclusion

The platform is an enormous business that significantly affects both the Kenyan and the global betting markets. However, we do not know enough about the company’s founders and owners, and the staff does not appear to talk much about the company’s operations or their personal life. Since this is a relatively typical scenario for online betting companies, we completely understand this choice. We discovered that Kenya, particularly its economy, is significantly impacted by the performance of the bookie. Numerous celebrities regularly use the bookie’s services and are acting as brand ambassadors. 1xBet is definitely a precious asset for Kenyan punters.


Is 1xBet a Russian company?
Yes, 1xBet was initially launched in Russia.
Is 1xBet legal in Kenya?
1xBet is a 100% legit business in Kenya.
When was 1xBet launched?
The company started its activities in 2007 and has since conquered a lot of new territories and strengthened its position in the betting market to the max. It is often considered one of the best bookies worldwide.
What is the highest money you can win on 1xBet?
Currently, the maximum return on one deal equals around KES 90,000. Winning amounts are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the platform and may vary at its sole discretion. You can contact Kenyan 1xBet customer care for more details.

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3 November, 2023 (UPDATED 8 November, 2023)
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