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3 November, 2023 (UPDATE 19 April, 2024)
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Giving the users of your platform additional motivation is a great way to get more customers attracted to what you offer. Bonuses and promo codes are usually the most straightforward ways to do so. But there are other approaches. For example, by having a partnership or referral program.

Such offers usually allow the users to become platform affiliates, marketing the bookie on their own websites and resources, provided they have some. This way, they can usually get a percentage of winnings from the users they attract by using their link or a promo code.

Refer A Friend to 1xBet
And Start Earning

In our article, we plan to find out how the referral program bonuses work on 1xBet, an international bookmaker and online casino provider that offers its services in many countries across the globe. We will explain how affiliate links and promo codes work, how to become a partner, if possible, and additional conditions. We will also answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the matter.

What’s an 1xbet Affiliate Link?

An affiliate link is a link a platform’s partner can place on their website. By clicking on it, the new users will be redirected to the bookmaker, and if they register using it or a shared promo code, the affiliate will start receiving the fees per winning.

At least, that’s how it works in most cases, including 1xBet. Its affiliate program is a well-developed one. Its name is 1xPartners. It can offer high fees of up to 25%, weekly payments, marketing, and personal support. Existing promotional materials are translated into 69 languages, including Kiswahili, so you’re unlikely to encounter any significant issues. It also supports over 200 payment methods, so 1xBet affiliates will easily find solutions that suit their needs.

Partners1xBet.com offers detailed information in one place. You can access real-time reports and statistics and find everything you need with just a few clicks. This is because the program offers a well-designed affiliate dashboard.

Partners’ Promo Codes and Bonuses

Let’s start with the bonuses and promo codes that 1xPartners can offer new users. So far, a partner can use a code instead of a referral link to attract new users. Entering such a promo code during registration will result in new users getting a 30% increase for their first deposit bonus.

Where Can I Find My 1xbet Affiliate Link?

If you want to get an affiliate link, you have to follow a few simple steps and start by joining the program.

Below is a guide on how you can do it with ease.


Go to 1xPartners

The most effortless way to find a website is by checking out the banner right under this step-by-step instruction. You’ll be automatically redirected to the official 1xPartners website.

Create Your Account

Hit the “Register Now” button and enter the information the platform asks you to provide, including a username and password, details about your website and payment preferences.


After the data is entered, the system will provide you with your unique ID and additional instructions. You’ll be able to find and copy your unique affiliate link in your affiliate dashboard once you’ve been approved.

You can place an affiliate link on any of your websites as promotional material. But there are certain rules that you must follow.

  • Your website shouldn’t emulate the look of any 1xBet products or websites.
  • You can’t market 1xBet in countries where the website or online betting is banned.

If you don’t have a website, you can use social networks and other media to share the link. You can also give it to someone directly, for example, if you’re referring a friend. The same goes for promo codes.

What Do I Have to Do to Get Referral Rewards?

What Do I Have to Do to Get 1xbet Referral Rewards?

To get the rewards, you should successfully attract new customers. This is usually done via links and promo codes. After getting new players, you will start receiving your share on a weekly basis.

Do I Have to Be a 1xBet Customer?

Technically, no. But we still recommend having an account on the platform as well as some betting experience. This way, you’ll get to know a lot about the bookmaker, understand its ins and outs, and learn how to place bets. This also means that you’ll gain more knowledge about the platform’s strong points and how to properly attract it.


1xbet Conclusion

Referral programs are a great way to attract new users and motivate the ones who refer them to your platform. Many well-developed platforms offer such programs, 1xBet included.

In our article, we covered how the 1xPartners affiliate programs work. We provided brief information about the platform, talked about commissions and rewards, and answered the most common questions. So far, we can conclude that this program is worth trying out if you want to become an affiliate. There are good weekly payouts and high commissions.

Refer A Friend to 1xBet
And Earn Up To 40% as commission


Does 1xBet have a referral program?
Yes, 1xBet features such a program – it’s called 1xPartners.
What is the reward when you refer someone to 1xbet?
It’s a percentage of the winnings of that person. What you earn also depends on how many new customers you refer. The default amount is 20%, but if you’re successful at attracting new users, it can get up to 25%. But if you fail to attract them, the number will drop to 15%. You can also revise the fee individually in the cases when you successfully attract many new ones.
How does the 1xBet refer-a-friend program work?
The system is simple: you refer someone to the platform either directly or by using promotional materials, they join the bookmaker, and you’ll receive a percentage of their winnings.
Are there any fees to participate in the referral program?
No, the program is fully free for you to join.
Is this program valid worldwide?
It’s offered in many countries, but not in all. And you can’t promote 1xBet in the places where the platform is banned.

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