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6 May, 2024 (UPDATE 17 May, 2024)
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Local bookmakers compete with large international platforms and provide users with exciting betting opportunities. ChezaCash online platform is one of the leading betting websites in Kenya, which meets all modern standards and keeps pace with the best international betting platforms. This bookmaker offers an unexpectedly wide range of sports and the chance to have a great time. However, this can only be done after registration.

Let’s take a closer look at this process.

ChezaCash Online Registration

If you prefer to use the site, follow this algorithm to register.

Step 1

Click the yellow “Register” button at the top of the screen. The system will redirect you to a page with a registration form.

Step 2

Enter your phone number, create a password, and enter a promotional code if you have one. Check the box to confirm that you are over 18 and click “Send Registration Code.”

Step 3

Enter the one-time code you received on the website to complete your registration.

ChezaCash Mobile Registration

If you prefer mobile betting, you can register directly in the application. The process is practically no different from registering on the site.

Step 1

On the main page of the official website, find the App section and click on it. Once the installation file has been downloaded, click on it to install the program on your device.

Step 2

Launch the application. At the top of the screen, tap the “Register” button.

Step 3

Enter your phone number and password in the window that opens, and then complete the registration by entering the one-time code you received.

If you have previously registered on the site, you can log into the application using your username and password. You do not need to register a new account.

ChezaCash Registration: Other Methods

how-sign ChezaCash Register & Login Guide

Unlike large platforms, ChezaCash does not provide registration options via social networks or email. You will definitely need a working Kenyan phone number. However, you don’t even have to visit the site to register.

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How to Register ChezaCash Via SMS

From registration to placing bets, SMS account management is popular among Kenyan users. This option allows you to create and use an account even without an Internet connection. To register using this method, follow these steps:

Step 1

Type the text WIN.

Step 2

Send it to short number 29030.

Step 3

You will receive your Chezacash PIN in the reply message.

ChezaCash Login

how-login-2 ChezaCash Register & Login Guide

If you already have an account, then you need to log into it. It is easy to do both on the website and in the mobile application.

ChezaCash Kenya Login on the Site

If you use the website, please follow these instructions.

Step 1

Open the bookmaker’s official website in any browser.

Step 2

At the top of the screen, enter your phone number and password in the special fields.

Step 3

Click the “Login” button.

ChezaCash Login Account in the Mobile App

In the mobile application, the login process also takes only a few seconds.

Step 1

Launch the application on your device.

Step 2

At the top of the screen, you will see windows for entering your phone number and password.

Step 3

Enter the requested data and tap the “Login” button.

What are the Registration Requirements for ChezaCash in Kenya?

rules-4 ChezaCash Register & Login Guide

Like all Kenyan bookmakers, ChezaCash strictly monitors compliance with legal requirements. It leads to certain restrictions for registration.


Kenyan laws have a strict regulation for bettors age. Only adult citizens over 18 can participate in this activity. Don’t try to deceive the system. Your age will be confirmed during verification. So, your attempt to break the law will lead to money loss.

Confirmation of Personal Data

When registering, you only need to confirm your phone number. The system does this using a one-time code sent to your number to complete registration. However, upon the first request for withdrawal of funds, the bookmaker has the right to request confirmation of other data. It could be a photo of your ID, a utility bill, or other documents chosen by the bookmaker. Without going through this procedure, it is impossible to receive funds.

Single Account

Each user has the right to register only one account. The security system identifies violators using various algorithms, so you risk getting blocked and losing your invested funds. If you previously had an account but forgot login and password, don’t try to register a new one. Contact support to restore or delete your old account.

ChezaCash Account Verification

verif-1 ChezaCash Register & Login Guide

As we have already written, the bookmaker has the right to request account verification. It usually happens during the first withdrawal. However, the system detects different red flags, so, it can assume that your activity is suspicious. In that case, you’ll get the verification request sooner. The procedure is rather simple and consists of three steps.

Step 1

You will receive a notification from the system requesting verification. Carefully study the list of documents that you must send.

Step 2

Submit all requested photos.

Step 3

Wait for the verification to complete. You will receive a notification that verification has been completed and all restrictions have been removed.

How to Activate a Phone Number on ChezaCash

Unlike other account information, you activate your phone number during registration. You’ll get a special combination in the SMS. Enter this code in the registration form to confirm the jumper and finalize registration.

To confirm your number and register, your number must support receiving messages from short numbers.

What Welcome Bonus Can Players Receive After Creating a ChezaCash Account?

There is no welcome bonus in the app. However, the users can benefit from Karibu offer. It provides additional bonus funds to first three deposits. The percentage differs, but for the first replenishment you can get up to KES 2,500. The second deposit will bring you up to KES 5,000, and the third top-up is especially beneficial with up to KES 10,000 bonus.

Possible Registration Problems

As you may have already understood, the registration process is extremely simple, and problems arise exceptionally rarely. However, it still happens. Let’s look at the main potential difficulties and ways to solve them.

Number Already Registered

This error occurs if you have previously registered in the system. In this case, you just need to reset your password and continue using your old account.

You Can’t Receive Registration Code

Check if you are allowed to receive SMS from short numbers. You can also contact your mobile operator’s support service. Most often, this solves the problem. If everything is fine with the settings, contact ChezaCash support.

Technical Problems

Sometimes, registration may not be available due to technical work on the server or site maintenance. In this case, you just need to wait a little and re-register after a while.

How to Log Out from ChezaCash Account

Life is unpredictable, and you may decide to give up betting. In this case, it’s wise to delete your account. Unfortunately, there is no such option in the settings. You need to write to support at In the letter, describe in detail the reasons that prompted you to delete your account. Our support staff will help you close your account.

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concl-11 ChezaCash Register & Login Guide

Despite the limited number of registration methods, the process is not complicated. You only need a valid Kenyan phone number to create an account in minutes. In this case, you don’t need to go to the website because registration is available via SMS. In case of problems, you can always contact the support service and get professional advice.


Is ChezaCash registration free of charge?
Registration on the platform is entirely free. However, you will need funds in your account to bet.
What do I need to register on ChezaCash Kenya?
You will need a Kenyan phone number where you will receive SMS and a few minutes of free time.
What account adjustments can I make upon registration?
After confirming the data, you cannot change the information in your profile yourself. Contact support if a change becomes necessary (for example, changing your last name).
How long does the verification process take in ChezaCash?
Usually, verifying documents does not take much time. The exact timing depends on the workload of the security service at a particular moment.
How can I delete my ChezaCash account?
Self-removal is not possible. Contact support by email and write why you want to delete your account. You can also not access your profile for seven years, after which it will be automatically deleted.

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