9 November, 2022

How to bet on SportPesa via SMS?

9 November, 2022

How to bet on SportPesa via SMS?

Kenyans enjoy placing wagers by utilizing one of the most reputable platforms, SportPesa. It’s believed to be one of the most widely used websites for wagering and gambling in the nation. And while there are various options regarding how to wager on SportPesa, utilizing SMS is known for its simple and practical approach.

In this article, we will guide our Kenyan audience on how to interact with SportPesa via SMS. Everything from opening an account to wagering tips will be covered with ease. So whether you’re an avid bettor or a complete novice, keep reading to discover everything you need to know. Let’s get started!

What is SportPesa and how Does it Work?

SportPesa is a wagering brand that was first established in 2014 in Kenya. Being not only a straightforward money-maker business, the company supported many local football teams and leagues, providing the opportunity for Kenyan sportsmen to shine even brighter. As for now, SportPesa is one of the most progressive and key national bookmakers, with over 1,000,000 devoted and active users.

The platform applies clear operations, allowing its bettors to wager on a broad spectrum of sporting events, including soccer, American football, cricket, mixed martial arts (MMA), and boxing. No matter how large or small the event is, users are invited to apply their experience and place a wager utilizing various offered markets. It is worth noting that SportPesa supports convenient betting, providing its customers with a highly optimized mobile application.

How to Set Up a SportPesa Account

Let’s break down the sign-up process:

  • Navigate to SportPesa or launch the app.
  • Hit the “Register Now” button.
  • Fill out the required details, including mobile phone number.
  • Provide the code that was delivered to the mobile phone.
  • To finally get started with wagering, fill out your account with additional details, like your name and surname as they appear on the ID.

Don’t try to spare some time by skipping the last step, because you won’t be able to take out any funds without these details. It’s a necessary measure in order to comply with legal requirements.

How to Make a Deposit on SportPesa in Kenya

You need to deposit money after joining up with SportPesa in Kenya before you can place any bets. You may do so with a Visa credit or debit card.

To proceed with placing a deposit, please follow the procedures below:

  1. Navigate to SportPesa and tap on the “My Account” tab.
  2. Hit the “Deposit” button.
  3. Pick the suitable option from the suggested ones.
  4. Then enter the amount that you would like to transfer.
  5. Hit the confirmation button.
  6. Your payment will be processed, and you are ready to start wagering!

How to Withdraw Funds from SportPesa

In order to withdraw your funds you’ve got to follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Navigate to SportPesa tap on the “My Account” tab.
  2. Hit the “Withdraw” button.
  3. Pick the suitable method from the suggested ones.
  4. Then enter the amount that you would like to withdraw.
  5. Hit the confirmation button.
  6. Done!

How to Make a Bet on SportPesa via SMS

So, now you know how to create an account, let’s have a look at SMS-betting. Don’t be intimidated by the volume of words and digits, it’s actually quite easy once you understand the principles. We’ve split the information into two blocks:

Single Bet

In order to set a single wager, send an SMS to 79079 with the Game ID of the match you’d like to wager on, the prediction, and the wager sum. For instance, 8030#2#500, where “8030” is the game ID, “2” is the predicted outcome for the Away team to take over, and “500” is the wager amount in KES.

If everything went according to plan, you will get a text notification from 79079 with your Bet ID, a potential payout, and the balance of the account.

Multi Bet

If you’d like to set a multibet, containing the least of 2 legs and up to 20, send an SMS to 79079 with the Game ID of the matches you’d like to wager on, all predicted outcomes, and the wager amount. For example, 8030#2#8530#1#8685#2#2500, where “8030“, “8530“, and “8685” are the game ID, “2” is the prediction for the Away team to take over, or “1” to bet on the Home team to win, and “2500” is the wager amount in KES.

You should get a response from 79079 with your Bet ID, a prospective payout, and the balance of the account if the stake was accepted as planned.

BONUS: terminating the wager via SMS

In order to void the wager, submit “Cancel“, “#” and the Bet ID, the four-digit identifier you acquired in the notification, to 79079. It should be highlighted that you may terminate a wager only before the meet begins and during the window of ten mins of placing one.

The benefits of utilizing SMS while wagering with SportPesa

  • Quick and easy alternative to wagering options via website or app.
  • Convenient when away from the keyboard.
  • Straightforward betting format without remembering long algorithms.
  • Accessible without a stable internet connection.
  • Lifebuoy in case of unforeseen situations when you won’t have access to a website or app.

Tips for Winning Bets on SportPesa

If you’d like to be fond of wagering and to take a conscious and responsible approach, try to apply our following tips to your experience and boost your chances of success:

  • Study everything the world wide net has to offer. Teams and athletes’ average performance, statistics, popular strategies and approaches. These small pieces of knowledge will slowly but surely increase your chances of making the right predictions.
  • Begin with the smallest bets, then progress to the small ones, and finally to the large sums. This slow-paced, progressive approach will help you to immerse yourself in the world of betting without any financial risk or frustration.
  • Expose every advantage that the platform provides, including various wagering markets and occasional promotions. These perks always come in handy when you know how to apply them.
  • Never make decisions in a rush. Be patient. If you don’t have enough time to check out the data for the upcoming match, skip it and get ready for the next one.
  • Keep your composure while wagering. Never try to make up for the sum you’ve lost. This trend usually leads to even bigger financial losses. Remember, sports betting is first and foremost entertainment, not a job.

Final Thoughts

Kenyan bookmaker, SportPesa, has something to surprise everyone who likes betting on sports. Since its launch in 2014, the company has developed many services to meet your expectations for top-notch quality. Various betting options, including the website, an app, and SMS, show that the platform truly cares for its users and their convenience. In case you face any trouble on the way, you’re always welcome to reach out to the customer service staff, who are going to address your issue right away.

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