Bet With Betika Bonuses: A Step-by-Step Guide

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13 August, 2023 (UPDATE 21 June, 2024)
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If you do not yet know all the intricacies of using the service, be sure to read the article on how to place a bet on Betika. After mastering the basics, you can start getting bonuses. Betika offers a lot of lavish promo offers, all of which are accessible through the website or the mobile app. Both new and seasoned gamblers can count on receiving some freebies. As the platform focuses primarily on sports betting, these very bonuses make up the majority of the platform’s promo offers. The know-how guide below explains how to make the most of Betika promo offers. Let’s get started!

How to Get Betika Betting Bonuses

h2-how-to-get-betika-bonus-for-betting_ Bet With Betika Bonuses: A Step-by-Step Guide

The bookie offers quite a few perks, most of which are temporary or seasonal. The promos are aimed at the platform’s new and existing loyal customers. To get Betika bonuses, follow our tips below.

Methods for Obtaining Betika Bonus

In order to avail of Betika promo deals, you need to sign up for an account and make your first deposit. Once you are a verified customer, proceed to the “Promotions” section at the top of the page. The section reflects all perks and promo offers available at the moment. Click “Tell me more” to check the terms and conditions of each offer.

We collected some of the platform’s yummy incentives below.

First Deposit Bonus

This daily benefit, available only for sportsbook events, offers the customers a full or partial transaction charge refund for the initial deposit of the day. For example, deposits of KES 49 get KES 3 as a bonus once a day. The deal may only be applied to wagers with the minimum total odds of 4.99. All winnings shall be added to the bettor’s wallet in his account.

Lost Multi Bet Bonus

This offer is applicable to all customers who place cash multi-bets with a minimum of eight selections per bet slip on sportsbook events, both pre-match and live. If a bet is placed and a winning payment is missed by one game, the offers provide a chance to get one free bet worth up to 500% of your stake. Each of the remaining lucky bets within the slip should have a minimum odds of 1.60. For more details, check the terms and conditions of the offer.

Jackpot Bonus

Unlike most bookmakers, the Betika betting site liberally offers three jackpot deals to its customers.

Type of jackpotWinnings
Mega jackpotup to KES 100,000,000 (not always available; for more information, keep tracking the “Jackpot” section)
Midweek jackpotup to KES 15,000,000
Sababisha (daily jackpot)up to KES 500,000

How to Use Betika Bonuses in Kenya

h2-how-to-use-betika-bonuses-in-kenya Bet With Betika Bonuses: A Step-by-Step Guide

As we already mentioned, the service has different requirements for its promo deals. If you want to take advantage of any benefits offered, thoroughly read the terms to make sure everything is clear.

Bonus on deposit
Up To 5 KES per day

How to Make Bets Using the Bonus

  1. Make sure you have a verified account on Betika.
  2. Deposit some funds into your account.
  3. Check the “Promotions” and “Jackpots” sections.
  4. Choose your desired deal.
  5. Tap “Tell me more” to read the term and conditions of the deal.
  6. If you are eligible for the offer, click the green tab “Play.”
  7. Follow the prompts offered by the platform.

To check your current bonus amount, send the word BONUS to 29090 or dial *644# and select the “My Account” option.

Betika Bonus Program: Pros and Cons

h2-rros-and-sons-of-betika-bonus-rrogram-for-players Bet With Betika Bonuses: A Step-by-Step Guide

The promotional program Betika offers is anything but consistent. The bookie launches random promo deals that are valid for a short period of time only. The only way to benefit from Betika promo deals to the max is to check current promotions any time you visit the platform. For your convenience, we collected all the highs and lows of the bookie’s promo program.

  • Quite a few deals available at any moment of time
  • Detailed and watertight T&C for each offer
  • Perks for lost bets
  • Mostly temporary and seasonal offers which expire quite fast
  • No welcome offer

Using Betika Bonuses for Your Bets: Any Expenses Incurred?

Betika promos do not entail any expenses for the users. You can use them for your betting activities free of charge. However, always double-check the promotional terms to ensure you are eligible.

Bonus on deposit
Up To 5 KES per day


As one of the most well-liked bookmakers in Kenya, Betika offers quite a few promotional offers for novice and loyal bettors. Additionally, the bookie often provides holiday or seasonal specials.

You should check Betika promo deals on a regular basis to increase your profits and enjoy all the incentives the bookie offers.


h2_faq-4 Bet With Betika Bonuses: A Step-by-Step Guide
Hоw tо withdrаw Bеtikа bоnusеs?
You cannot withdraw Betika bonuses in cash. However, you can use them to place more bets and boost your winnings. Once your bet is successful, you can withdraw your profit via any payment method offered by the bookie.
Can I win with a bonus on Betika?
Of course! That’s what bonuses are made for. Actually, the bookie offers special bonuses even for those who lose. Check the section Lost Multi Bet Bonus above for more details.
What happens when you bet with a bonus?
Once you use your bonus, you automatically maximize your benefits. Be wise, though. Consider the grades for each promotion before placing a wager.
What is the minimum odds for Betika bonus?
Most bonuses require a minimum odds of 4.99. For more rules and regulations, check the terms and conditions of your applicable deal.

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