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In the world of betting, there are many ways to get new customers. The marketing options are nearly limitless, but apart from being an overall great and functional platform with a solid reputation, the main thing that you can do is offer some new and interesting bonuses to the players, including promo codes. Those are usually simple in their design: you get the code, enter it during registration or any other part of the process, and receive additional bonuses or boosts for existing ones.

The article below aims to provide information on using such codes for Megapari Kenya. 

If you want to learn more about the bonuses that exist and are available on the platform, you can check out our dedicated article about Megapari bonus rules.

Active Promo Codes for Kenya

active Megapari Promo Code
megapari_191x64 Megapari Promo Code
Promo Code
Receive larger sum for your first deposit bonus
Increase the first deposit bonus up to 20,410 KES
Get bonus

What Are Megapari Promo Codes and How to Use Them?

whar-are Megapari Promo Code

A promo code is a combination of digits and letters that you can enter and receive additional bonuses. They are just that simple. Of course, there can be wagering requirements and certain rules to know, but it is a normal occurrence. The main thing is to find a code itself, the rest is usually simple.

How to Get a Megapari Promo Code

And now, we are going to check out the exact ways of getting the code. Thankfully, there is nothing exceptionally difficult about the overall process. so we will cover the steps below. So far, there are only two stages, so you can get the code within minutes if you have enough dedication.

Find the Code Online

Just look up the promo codes for Megapari Kenya online and find the one with the most suitable options for your needs. Or take a look at what we offer, you can use this code and receive all of the interesting perks and boosts!

Use our promo code BETHELPER and increase the first deposit bonus up to 20,410 KES

Follow the Link or Use the Code

The next is to either follow where the button leads you or enter the code yourself. We will talk about it in the next paragraph.

How to Activate Bonus Code in Megapari

And then, it is our time to take a look at how exactly one can activate a code at Megapari Kenya. The process is also a rather straightforward one: there are just a few steps and you can complete them within minutes.


Start Registering on the Platform

Go to the platform or launch the app and start the registration process. You will have to enter some of your information before creating the account.

Enter the Promo Code

There is a promo code field where you can enter your code. Simply type it in, and after  registration, you will have access to the boost it gives. In our case, it is the increase of the first deposit bonus.

Promo Code Types

types-1 Megapari Promo Code

The codes that you enter during the registration process are important, and our article mainly focuses on them, but there are other types that the players can find useful. so we will take a look at them in this article.

Registration Codes

This is exactly the type of promo codes that we focus on in this article. They work in a very straightforward manner: you enter them during the registration process and receive additional bonuses or boosts either right away or after making your first deposit.

This is the most common perk, and it usually aims to attract new customers to the platforms. More often than not, this tactic works.

Betting Codes

These are the promo codes that one has to enter before placing a bet. They also simply require typing in a code in the field, but you only do so in the bet slip. The possible bonuses may include additional boosts or the ability to lose a selection when placing a multiple wager.

Free Bet Promo Codes

Another type: promo codes that offer free wagers. They might come in different shapes and sizes, and more often than not, you can buy those at the promo code store of the platform of your choice. Megapari Kenya offers such a store, so it is easy to get access to these codes.

Existing Megapari Kenya Bonus Offers for the Regulars

exisring Megapari Promo Code

Now that we have covered the platform’s promo codes and possible options related to them, it is time to take a look at the bonus offers aimed at the regular players of the platform. Below, you will see the sections dedicated to promotions available for loyal customers of Megapari Kenya. Thankfully, there are plenty, so we will cover mainly the most important of them.

Casino Cashback

One of the surest ways to satisfy regular casino players is to offer some neat bonuses. For example, casino cashback. You place stakes on the games you play, and you get some in return, what’s not to like? Let us take a look at the exact conditions.

It is actually simple: you have to participate in the platform’s loyalty program. There are 8 levels, and to advance, you just have to play more. The higher your level is, the bigger the cashback.

Sports Cashback

Technically acting as a losing bet bonus, this is the 3% weekly cashback that every punter can receive on the platform. The main condition is that only the wagers on the events with odds of 1.5 or higher are included. 140 KES is the minimum cashback sum that you can receive, while the maximum is 139,220 KES.

Your Birthday With Megapari

It does be nice to receive something on your birthday. And Megapari will provide something interesting for their loyal customers on their birthday! Check it out – you might have a chance to get free spins/bets, a cash bonus, or a special gift shipped wherever you are.

Bonus for a Series of Losing Bets

While the “Sports Cashback” bonus is already sort of focused on the losing bets, there is a dedicated bonus for such wagers as well. Place 20 bets on different sports events within 30 days, if they are lost, you will receive some money back, depending on the size of your stake amount:

  • If it is larger than 259 KES, then you will get 12,900 KES as a bonus;
  • If the stake is 650 KES or larger, then the bonus is 32,177 KES;
  • Finally, if your stakes are higher than 1293, then the bonus you will get is 64,347 KES.

It is important to remember that the events should not have odds higher than 3.00. Thankfully, it is quite large, so you are unlikely to find games with the odds so big. The reason is that these events have larger chances of losing. The higher the odds, the less likely the market is to win.

Accumulator of the Day

You can find the events selected by the platform and combine betting on them into one accumulator (or multiple) bet. Placing wagers on the events participating in such a program will result in a 10% boost to your winnings.

100% Saturday Football Bonus

Every Saturday you can deposit a certain sum and receive a bonus that you can only wager on the football events. The minimum deposit amount is 700 KES, while the maximum is 13,918 KES. The bonus matches the amount 100%. It is important to wager it 3 times on different accumulators, each consisting of at least 3 events with the odds of 1.5 or higher.

Mega Booster

This promo allows the punter to place accumulators with at least four selections and get their winnings boosted by up to 200%. This is a nice thing for many regulars, so we recommend checking it out if you are interested in placing accumulators.

The way it works is simple: the more selections your accumulator features, the larger the boost that you can realistically get. It reaches 200% for the accumulators containing 20 lines, although placing such big ones can get quite risky. The size of the odds required for participation depends on how many selections you have; if there are only four, then 1.4 is the minimum requirement. If you place 20, then you can go with just 1.13 odds.

The smallest sum that you can place is 280 KES, while the maximum bonus that you will get is 696,000 KES, which is quite massive and will impress a sizable number of players.

The Reasons to Use Megapari Bonus Codes

reasons Megapari Promo Code

Promo codes are nice and attractive, but what exactly do they provide? Below, we will list the benefits that the promo codes can provide at Megapari Kenya. There are actually plenty with little to no downsides. Here they are:

  • They are easy to find. That’s true, you can just get them from this article. In other cases, searching for bonus codes for any popular platform is also quite simple.
  • The requirements are minimal: just enter the string of characters and receive the bonus, provided you meet other conditions, which aren’t usually strict either.
  • The bonuses can be versatile in their nature. Although the current set of promo codes only offers boosts for the first deposit bonuses, the platform may sometimes offer more versatile ones.
  • Apart from the registration codes, there are two different types of them as well. There are promo codes that you can enter right before placing a wager, as well as those that you can buy directly from the integrated store.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to get a Megapari bonus code in Kenya. Their versatility, additional boosts and features, and the ease of getting them can get a long way. 

Important Rules and Terms and Conditions

rules-6 Megapari Promo Code

At Megapari, promo codes are a great way for users to access special offers, bonuses, and promotions on the platform. Here are some general rules and guidelines for using promo codes at Megapari:

1. Eligibility: Promo codes may have specific eligibility criteria, such as being available to new users only, existing users, or users who meet certain requirements. In the majority of cases, it is important to check the terms and conditions associated with the promo code to ensure you are eligible to use it. Thankfully, the first deposit boost that we offer does not have any additional or special wagering requirements.

2. Activation: For activating the code, you simply have to enter it during the registration stage. For the other types of codes, you can either buy them from a store or enter before placing a bet.

3. Validity: More often than not, the codes have an expiration date, so make sure to use them within the specified timeframe. Expired promo codes will not be valid for claiming any bonuses or rewards.

4. Usage Limits: Some promo codes may have usage limits, such as being usable only once per user or being limited to specific games or sports events. Be sure to read the terms and conditions associated with the promo code to understand any usage restrictions.

5. Wagering Requirements: Certain promo codes may come with wagering requirements that need to be met before any winnings can be withdrawn. These requirements typically involve placing bets with a certain amount of money before the bonus funds can be converted into real cash.

6. Bonus Terms: Promo codes often come with specific bonus terms and conditions, such as minimum odds requirements for bets placed using the bonus funds, maximum bonus amounts that can be claimed, and restrictions on which games or sports events the bonus can be used for.

7. Promo Code Abuse: Megapari reserves the right to investigate and take action against any users found abusing promo codes or engaging in fraudulent activities to claim bonuses. Make sure to use promo codes in accordance with the platform’s terms and conditions to avoid any penalties.

Getting familiar with the rules and T&C for a successful usage of promo codes is important. While, in the vast majority of cases, there are little to no requirements, it is still important to check out how things work since unexpected conditions can appear, as well some wagering requirements.

Megapari Customer Support

customer Megapari Promo Code

If you ever run into any issues while using the platform, then there is always the customer support service that you can use. The team will respond to your issues, explain how to deal with them, and even answer the most common questions. Below, we will include information about the ways to contact it.

+441133406785 @megapari_world /megapariworldw

As you can see, contacting the platform’s customer care service is not difficult, and there are plenty of ways to do so, although some of the most common ones are notably absent such as WhatsApp. 


What is the Megapari First Deposit Bonus?
You can get your deposit sum 100% matched after transferring it, but the promo code can increase the limit.
Are there any countries excluded from the offer?
The bonus targets only Kenyan punters and casino players.
Can I Use a Promo Code If I’ve Already Created an Account?
Yes, but it is reserved for other types of promo codes, not the ones that you enter during the registration.
How Do I Withdraw Promo Code Money? What Are the Wagering Conditions?
They differ depending on the bonus but are usually easy to meet.

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