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18 February, 2024 (UPDATE 17 April, 2024)
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A cycle of betting or gambling usually ends with withdrawing your funds. After all, it is logical to do with the money you win unless you plan to immediately “reinvest” it into placing more wagers or playing games. Depending on your platform and market, there are several ways to do so. In 2024, the world is full of various payment technologies that one can enjoy.

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PariPesa Review

PariPesa Review

PariPesa is a website full of features. It aims to appeal to different groups of users, including both gamblers and punters. There are many sports to wager on and versatile wagering markets. Moreover, there are many other features for betting and gambling that you can find on the platform. To learn more about them, you can check out our article dedicated to a detailed PariPesa KE overview

How to Withdraw From PariPesa: Desktop Version

How to Withdraw From PariPesa: Desktop Version

Now, let us move to practical recommendations. If you are still reading the article, then it is time to describe the steps you have to take for withdrawing the funds. We will start with the desktop version since it is the default one for many users.


Go to the Website and Login

Visit PariPesa and log in if you have to.
Find the “Withdraw Funds” Option
To locate it, you have to click on the account button. There, you will find the “Withdraw Funds” button that you have to hit.
Select a Method
You will the list of the options that you can use for withdrawing money. Pick the one you prefer.
Enter the Amount and Confirm
Type in the sum you are planning to withdraw. Make sure it’s within the limits. Confirm the transaction and wait for the money to reflect on your payment system’s account.

How to Withdraw Funds From the Mobile App

As we already mentioned, there are several routes to take for smartphone users. They can either install an official app on their iOS or Android device or use the mobile version of the website. Either way, all options provide access to the platform’s betting and gambling features. And, of course, it is possible to withdraw the funds by using apps and mobile websites. Below, we will explain how.


Visit PariPesa From Your Smartphone and Log in

Run the PariPesa app or visit the mobile version from your smartphone. Then sign in.

Go to “Withdraw”

Tap the settings button. It will take you to a new page, where you have to hit “Withdraw.”

Pick a Method

You will find a list of many available options. Select the one you want to use.

Enter the Sum and Finish the Process

Type in the amount you want to withdraw. FInish the procedure by confirming the transaction.

PariPesa Payment Methods

PariPesa Payment Methods

Now, it is time to review the methods. The platform offers plenty of payment options for withdrawals. The next few sections will cover them in detail, providing all the information you might need to know.


M-Pesa is a very commonly used mobile payment method in Kenya. It is so popular that we can safely say that almost every punter in the country likely already has an account. So, it does not surprise us that the bookmaker supports this method. You can easily withdraw your funds into M-Pesa.


Skrill, a popular payment system that works in many countries worldwide, is a common choice for deposit and withdrawal methods on many betting platforms. PariPesa is not an exception, so one can use Skrill to receive the funds from this bookie. 


Sticpay is an e-wallet designed to be as easy to use as possible. Due to its worldwide popularity, we can say that the team behind it achieved the goal of making this service very accessible and streamlined. That is also why bookmakers use this e-wallet for money transfer purposes. PariPesa is not an exception; you can use Sticpay for withdrawals from the platform.

Jeton Wallet

This e-wallet works well on mobile devices and desktops and supports working with country-specific payment options. Jeton Wallet is widely used worldwide, so it is not surprising to find out that PariPesa also works with it.


Neteller is a payment platform and e-wallet that has been operating in many countries worldwide for over two decades. PariPesa supports this payment method for withdrawal purposes.


AstroPay is an e-wallet that works with different payment methods in many countries worldwide. Launched in 2009 in Brazil, the platform has expanded its reach significantly since then. It also works in African countries, so it is not surprising to see it being supported by PariPesa Kenya.

Perfect Money

This payment system might not have the reach of the others mentioned in this list, but it still operates in several countries. The bookmaker supports this payment method so that you can withdraw money with the help of this service. 


MuchBetter is a relatively new e-wallet service that aims to cover the needs of mobile users. There are apps for both iOS and Android. So far, the service has had stellar reviews, although there are some minor complaints about exchange rates. You can use MuchBetter to withdraw your money from this platform.


Cryptocurrency is a payment method that has increased usage over the last few years. It is fast, borderless, and legal in many countries. Although some coins differ significantly from others, they all have the benefits we just listed. And PariPesa Kenya works with some of them. Here is the list of cryptocurrencies that the platform supports:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • XRP
  • Dogecoin
  • Tether
  • Tether on Tron

If you know something about currencies, you can find that Ethereum (ETH) is notably absent from the list. We do not know the reasons why, so we cannot explain the choice.

Withdrawal Terms and Conditions

Paripesa Withdrawal Terms and Conditions

Of course, there are some things to consider and know before you start withdrawing money. Usually, there is not much information to learn, but still, many of these moments can be very important.

PariPesa Withdrawal Limits

First, let us start with withdrawal limits. Betting companies usually place them to prevent money laundering and not overwhelm their service and payment system. The lower limits ensure the punters will not withdraw tiny amounts. At the same time, the upper one usually allows them to prevent large sums from leaving the platform without verifications and additional checks. In the case of this bookmaker, the limits exist. PariPesa’s minimum withdrawal amount is 240 KES for all methods. The upper ones range depending on the exact method. For example, it is 100,000 KES in the case of M-Pesa.

Withdrawal Fees

While deposit fees are rare, many betting platforms charge punters for withdrawals. Usually, payment systems put these in place, depending on whether the bookmaker is willing to cover these costs. In the case of PariPesa, there are no fees.

PariPesa Withdrawal Time

The process of receiving the funds you are withdrawing can take a different amount of time. This mainly depends on the method. PariPesa claims that all of the available methods will complete the transfers within 15 minutes. Whether this is true or not is difficult to say, but we tend to believe the platform since all the methods are fast: cryptocurrencies and e-wallets are known for their speed.

PariPesa Verification

Joining the platform, as well as financial interactions, involves the process of verifying your identity. It usually involves confirming your identity with one document (or a set of papers) and proving your residence address with another.

In the case of PariPesa, we recommend entering the information about all of the required documents in your account settings. There is also the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure to go through if you plan to deposit or transfer money out of the platform. It involves confirming this information with the photos of your documents.

Controlling Your Account on PariPesa

If you are an active user on PariPesa, you will likely run into a need to edit your account information. The platform makes it possible to do so, and the process is not difficult at all. It will be especially useful if you plan to confirm your identity later. The next section will explain ways to edit your bank account situation.

How to Change Your Bank Account Information

If you want to edit your account information, then you need to access the account button on the desktop and the settings button on mobile and find the “Account Management” option. Hit it, and visit the “Withdraw” button.

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Paripesa Conclusion

If you win some money while betting and gambling on PariPesa, then it is time to withdraw it. This article provided information on how exactly you can go about it on the platform. Generally, there are a few methods, such as cryptocurrency and e-wallets, such as Sticpay and Jeton Wallet, and other payment systems like Neteller, Perfect Money, and others. There are only a few steps required to complete the process, there are no fees, and the withdrawal times are impressively short.


What verification documents are required to withdraw from PariPesa?
The set is standard: you must usually confirm your identity by your National ID, driver’s license, or some other verification document featuring your photo. Additionally, you might be required to provide proof of residence.
What are the withdrawal limits at PariPesa?
The minimum amount you can withdraw at once is around 240 KES. The maximum depends on the exact service, but it is often around 100,000 KES.
What are the times for withdrawing from PariPesa?
The platform claims them to be around 15 minutes for all currently available methods! It is possible that it may take longer, but not by much. We recommend contacting customer care service if it seems to go on for hours or even days. We recommend doing so if you are experiencing any problems as well.

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