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9 March, 2024 (UPDATE 17 May, 2024)
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Nowadays, bookmakers have established an incredible system that allows practically limitless wagering with a stable reward payout. Sportsbooks provide modern payment options to speed up both deposit and withdrawal transactions. Most importantly, all reputable platforms in Kenya provide a range of promotional offers to suit any betting scheme. Let’s explore the endless possibilities users can receive with the bonuses of Stake.  


about- Stake Bonus

Stake is a relatively new platform in the wagering world of Kenya. The company strives to provide only the most functional and efficient features. The bookmaker is primarily known as a well-established casino operator with numerous slots available. Of course, Stake also boasts an extensive sports collection, competing with other Kenyan sites for impressive odds. You can find more information on Stake betting in a detailed review. On the other hand, let us focus on the most intriguing aspect of the platform – its list of promotional offers. 

Sportsbook Bonus

Nearly all reputable betting sites provide a type of incentive that can serve multiple purposes. Many deals allow new users to experience the features of a sportsbook without high financial risks. Other promotions promote regular on-site activity through cashback and loyalty programs. In the end, bookmaker bonuses enhance the overall betting experience and help build trust between punters and their sportsbook of choice. 

How to Redeem Bonus Drop Code

The bonus drop code is an exclusive feature of Stake available to all active gamblers on the site. The deal is frequently updated, so the users interested in profiting from the bonus must check Stake’s Telegram, Twitter, and other social network accounts for new offers. Learn how to receive your first Stake bonus drop code today in just a few minutes. 

  • To claim the prize, go to Settings in your Account and select Redeem Bonus Drop in the offers displayed. Enter the unique code and submit it to confirm the transaction.  
  • Make sure to remain an active player for at least 7 days before participating in the offer to benefit from it. 
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Promo Codes

welcome Stake Bonus

Promo codes are unique codes that are ultimately exchanged for a profitable sportsbook deal. Unlike many top bookmakers in Kenya, Stake has kept the system active for all users. You can find various Stake promo codes on reliable affiliate websites and the sportsbook’s social media sites. 

  • Use the unique codes to receive gifts and bonuses for wagering on the site. 
  • Make sure to retrieve the codes from reliable sources. 

Sport Betting Bonuses

All sportsbook bonuses are classified into several categories depending on their applicable activity. The most common type is related to the different sports that can be wagered online. A typical list of sports promotions includes:

  • Cashback 
  • Reload 
  • Free bets
  • Cash prize
  • Second chance bet

The specific range will vary depending on the season and how active a user stays throughout the month. Staying consistent is key in both betting successfully and benefitting from the promotions. 

Casino Bonuses

Stake is known for its impressive casino selection and set of games. The platform pays extra attention to satisfying the needs of its devoted casino gamblers. The section is particularly well thought-out to fit the high expectations of Stake players. Of course, the casino is also supplied with many promotions that make the games more exciting. Various games are involved in raffles, leaderboard competitions, and participation prizes every week!

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Some examples of the casino bonuses include:

  • Conquer the Casino
  • Casino Challenges
  • Pragmatic Drops & Wins

You can find even more exclusive offers on the official Stake website!

Casino Free Spins

One of the most rewarding gifts in the section is the opportunity to win free spins in certain casino slots. You can do so either by earning a money prize that can be exchanged for extra spins or by receiving the spins directly. Understanding the basics of free casino spins means receiving guaranteed free games through several simple steps.

=For example, if you participate in the site’s Casino Challenges throughout the month, you can earn many different types of prizes, including free spins.

First Deposit Alternative

first-1 Stake Bonus

A first deposit bonus follows a general scheme of users receiving their gift right after making their first deposit. Stake’s policy is more oriented towards a long-term commitment; thus, the company prioritizes loyalty schemes instead. In that way, there is currently no welcome bonus available on the platform. At the same time, the site provides various ways to achieve VIP levels and receive multiple boosts.

What Is It?

The program is an exclusive offer for the most devoted and committed gamblers online. It includes a set of different challenges and tournaments to prove one’s skill and win extra benefits.

How to Claim

All you have to do to participate is be an active member of the Stake community and make the necessary deposits accordingly. Over time, your account will have enough credit to achieve one of the levels, as noted by the Stake VIP program policy. The minimum level requires an overall $10,000 sum in your account, while the highest level goes up to $1,000,000! 

Rookie Mistakes

If you are a beginner on the platform, it is vital to avoid making some common mistakes. 

Gambling from multiple accountsThis action is illegal and will result in account deactivation. Ensure that you read all the terms and conditions before going for large prizes.
Entering expired eventsMake sure to check the deadlines for each event to avoid missing out on great opportunities.
Playing all games to win moreIt is a better idea as a beginner to start off with a few games and improve your skills through them. Remember – stability is key.

Weekly Raffle

Unlike most other betting sites, Stake prioritizes constant engagement with users of all levels. There is always an ongoing event on the main site for users of all levels. 

What Is It?

The weekly raffle is a unique chance to win over $75,000! The raffle starts and concludes every Saturday and favors the most active users over the week. Both casino and sports betting punters can test their luck through the game.

How to Claim

To become one of the top winners, all you have to do is earn tickets by wagering. One ticket is claimed after $1,000 has been wagered through your Stake account. To raise your chances of winning, make sure to spend more than the minimal amount throughout your betting journey. 

Rookie Mistakes

Although the requirements of the Weekly Raffle may seem simple, it is easy to miss out on a bigger prize due to minor misunderstandings. 

Wagering between the interchanging rafflesThere will be one hour during which betting should be avoided – between the old and new raffle. This is because the wagering will not count towards the final prize. 
Focusing too much on the bonusThe main advantage of the offer is its simplicity and effortless approach. Ensure you are wagering as you usually would without any expectations or risks.
Using a ticket without an entry numberThe entry number is your unique identifier and the key to the ultimate prize. Get your entry number through the Stake website in the promotions section.

Double Winnings

This promotion is primarily a boost for basketball fans. The deal is the perfect opportunity for devoted fans to profit from their expertise and attentiveness. 

What Is It?

The bonus is a special basketball incentive that awards bettors a cash prize for an accurate prediction of an NBA match and a player score. There will be several matches per week to test out your wagering skills. Find the full list of relevant matches on Stake’s official website to become an active member of the community. 

How to Claim

Win up to $100 by making a minimal $5 deposit and predicting the outcome of an NBA match. Make sure that you place pre-match and single bets on the Winner market. Besides an accurate match result, key player performance must be evaluated as well.

Rookie Mistakes

As with any offer, specific nuances must be mentioned. 

Backing multiple sidesThis action is prohibited by the promotion’s policy and will lead to disqualification. 
Expecting instant resultsThe terms and conditions specify at least 48 hours of processing time for the winnings to be transferred.
Entering with no player target specifiedIn this case, the event is deemed ineligible and should not be played. Check the website for updated information.

Terms and Conditions

terms-2 Stake Bonus

The terms and conditions are a crucial part of any promotion. This section specifies the rules and limits within a bonus, including deposit requirements, important dates, eligible games or markets, and other necessary details. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with all the regulations and responsibilities to avoid accidental disqualification.

Bonus Cashout

Most offers do not allow for direct cash withdrawal of the bonus funds. However, Stake has exceptions set for that rule – several promotions do not have the wagering requirement. Hence, you can withdraw your winnings directly after receiving them. 

For example, this is true for the Weekly Raffle: winners can cash out their prizes without additional wagering. This is your reward for being an active member!

Wagering Requirements 

In case the bonus must be wagered, the terms and conditions will specify the exact requirements for the step. The standard regulations specify valid dates, markets, financial restrictions, and other key details. Although most Stake promotions do not involve this step, it is crucial to note offers that do. 


Stake users are free to participate in multiple tournaments and events simultaneously, but the bonuses cannot be combined on their own. Each deal has its own set of terms and conditions and must, therefore, be viewed as a separate offer. Still, you can profit from various bonuses by experimenting with different promotion categories. 

No-Deposit Bonus

deposit-free Stake Bonus

A no-deposit bonus suggests an absolutely free option for wagering. Stake does not currently offer such opportunities as a welcome gift for bettors new to the platform. All the available promotions are tied to the principle of loyalty reward, meaning active punters committed to the site are awarded accordingly. So, if you stick to the bookmaker, you will be rewarded through various gifts and boosts.

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Final Words

Stake is one of the top bookmakers in Kenya when it comes to loyalty programs and exclusive content for devoted bettors. The site offers many promotional schemes that are based on users’ activity and commitment. You can use the prizes for additional wagering or receive instant payment to your digital wallet. Visit Stake’s promotions section to find yourself the perfect deal! 


Can I use a code when I join
You can use one of the promo codes to claim bonuses and gifts. 
How do you activate your Stake bonus code?
You can find the code on various reliable sites and enter the code in your account settings to activate it. 
What is the Stake bonus code, and where do I get it?
The bonus code is a unique number that can be found on various Stake social media platforms.
What customer support is available at
Customer support provides an online chat option for instant resolution of any issues that arise. The chat option is located on the official Stake website. 

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