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10 November, 2023 (UPDATE 16 May, 2024)
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Do you remember the story of Snow White, where the princess was trapped in an enchanted forest surrounded by numerous apple trees? The idea of the fairy tale was to guess which apple was poisoned and which was normal for the princess to eat. Apple of Fortune is an extremely popular casino title that was developed exclusively for 1xBet. But now, it has spread to many other betting sites. The idea of the game is similar: you have to choose between poisonous and edible fruits, and if you choose the right one, the princess will reward you with gold. Below, we have covered the main principles of the game, showing you the rules, tips, and tricks. Get acquainted with its advantages over other games and start your journey right now!

1xBet Casino Game Reviews

1xbet-casino-game-reviews 1xBet Apple of Fortune

1xBet is not only a sportsbook with incredible betting opportunities but also a huge collection of different games. Thanks to the number of top software providers that power the bookmaker, we have the chance to enjoy excellent online slots, table games, and unique titles designed for 1xBet. Therefore, 1xBet offers games for everyone’s taste.

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How to Play Apple of Fortune 1xBet 

how-to-play-apple-of-fortune-1xbet 1xBet Apple of Fortune

There are a few steps you need to take before you can start playing. Apple of Fortune is a 1xBet exclusive, so you will find the game on the 1xBet website or application. Therefore, you need to become a member of 1xBet to be able to access the game. Follow the steps below to learn how to play Apple of Fortune. 

Sign Up on the Official 1xBet Website
Go to the main website of 1xBet and click on the “Registration” button. Provide the crucial details, including your name, phone number, and password, choose the currency, enter the promo code, and pick the welcome package bonus on the left side of the registration tab. Login and enter your account. Link your phone number and email address. 
Click on the “1xGames” Button 
Apple Fortune is one of the most popular games in the 1xGames collection. To find it, move your cursor over the 1xGames and enter the page. Look through the games and click on the Apple Fortune icon. It will also be included in the category of “Best” game. 
Set the Game Characteristics 
Start the game by clicking on the green “Play” button. Click on the exclamation mark to review the main rules, features, and functions. Also, study the main requirements, as well as the minimum and maximum bets. More on this below. 
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Rules of Apple of Fortune 1xBet

As we mentioned above, the principle of the game is to find the good apples and avoid poisoned ones. However, you should be aware of the technical characteristics and main rules that you must follow to win at Apple of Fortune successfully. Let’s break into the main gaming aspects: 

  • We have already reviewed Spribe’s Aviator, where you must cash out at the right time. Here, the user has to choose the right place where the good apples are hidden. Otherwise, they will be poisoned, and you will lose the bet. 
  • Each bet is placed before the game starts. Set the stake and place the bet. There are minimum and maximum bet limits. Max is 15000 KES, min is 30 KES. 
  • You start with a layout of 10 rows and 5 cells. Each cell contains an apple. Your goal is to guess which cells contain good apples. Choose the cell, and if the apple that pops up is edible, you go to the next level. On the next level, you do the same, but the winning multiplier is higher. In this way, you reach different levels by finding good apples without making any mistakes. 
  • Cash out. Do not overplay your hand and lose the entire bet. Make sure you stop at the right time and cash out your winnings. The higher the level, the higher the risk and the greater the chance of finding a poisoned apple and losing the bet.

“Apple of Fortune” Demo 

apple-of-fortune-demo 1xBet Apple of Fortune

Almost every game presented on 1xBet can be played in a demo version. Apple of Fortune is no exception, so players can start their betting journey with preparation through demo versions of the game. Open the demo to see the interface and learn the rules. In addition, demos help to develop winning strategies and test new techniques without any financial damage. You get unlimited virtual credits to play as much as you want. So do not underestimate the importance of free games and always take advantage of them. 

1xBet Apple of Fortune Application 

1xbet-apple-of-fortune-application 1xBet Apple of Fortune

If you prefer to play your favorite casino games on your mobile device, 1xBet offers you the best conditions. Mobile gaming is growing rapidly, with new games being introduced and old titles being ported and optimized for the small screens of your smartphones. Fortunately, Apple of Fortune is available to play from anywhere on your iOS and Android devices. Let’s discover the available methods on how you can start playing different versions from your smartphone or tablet.

  1. Open your mobile browser and visit the 1xBet mobile website. Scroll down the home page and find the “Apps” section. Open it and find the version of the app for your device. 
  2. Android users will need to download the APK file and install the app as a file from an unknown source. iOS users will need to click on the link and go directly to the “App Store” page. 
  3. Download the app. Click the “Get” button to initiate the download process. The app will be downloaded similarly to other apps from your banks, social media, or other games. Installation will be automatic.

Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

tips-tricks-and-strategies 1xBet Apple of Fortune

Knowing the rules of the game is essential, but it is even more important to know the tips that you will not find on the official site of the game. Here, we offer you our thoughts and recommendations that you should follow when playing Apple of Fortune and other games. Some of them are common to different disciplines, and some of them have helped many players to increase their budgets. 

Trust Yourself More

In games where the outcome is completely based on RNG, luck is not always on your side. However, you can not adjust the game’s RNG systems, so your outcome is based solely on your choices. This means you should not trust people who tell you the “right” strategies to play Apple of Fortune. Make your own decisions.

Practice in Demo

As we have said before, there are demo versions of almost every title available. And many people skip them and start playing from scratch for real money. That is the biggest mistake because demo modes teach you the correct betting methods, show you how the multiplier works, and demonstrate the features of the RNG.

Do Not Risk Too Much 

Apple Fortune is a game where each successful guess unlocks a new level. New levels bring higher multipliers, which are attractive on the one hand but more risky on the other. Know the perfect time to cancel your bet and cash in your winnings. Reaching one or two levels and cash in your winnings is better. 

Manage your Money 

One of the most important betting skills is counting your money and keeping track of your wins and losses. It is not a direct game strategy, but it is an excellent technique that will improve your betting statistics and increase your winnings. 

  • First, make sure you lose less money than you have set in your budget. Yes, you need to set a budget that you are willing to lose. Divide this amount into several parts and decide on the time period for each part. If you lose some of your money before the period ends, take a break and wait for the next period. This can be a day, a week, or a month. 
  • Second, keep your winnings and losses under control. Do not bet indiscriminately at any time. Write down your wins and losses for a day, a week, or a month. It is boring, and it takes time, but the efficiency is great.

Advantages of Apple of Fortune 

advantages-of-apple-of-fortune 1xBet Apple of Fortune

The title is extremely well-known among 1xBet fans, and there are several reasons for this. Apple of Fortune has spawned numerous alternatives from other brands that copy the mechanics of the game. But why is it so popular? Let’s find out! 

  • You can play around the clock. The game is available 24/7 on the 1xBet website or mobile application. 
  • The in-built game mechanics are based on fair random number generators. So, no player can cheat the game and adjust the odds. That means you are all on equal footing.
  • Apple of Fortune has modernized graphics, smooth animation, and top-notch sound effects. Many of you would like to stay in a cozy atmosphere, have fun, and win money. 
  • The game is available in demo mode. Check the features, available functions, and other useful information about the demo game. You will definitely learn the rules and develop the strategy for your future winnings.

1xBet Customer Support 

1xbet-customer-care-2 1xBet Apple of Fortune

Modern licensed bookmakers are obliged to provide the best customer service methods for their users. There are many reasons for this, but the most important is to solve the problems that may arise along the way. The betting industry is known for being confusing, especially for newcomers. That is why it is always a pleasure to have several support methods to solve the registration and deposit problems and find tutorials on how to place a bet or claim the bonuses. 1xBet customer support is a nice place that works 24/7 and can help you within a few minutes. 

“Ask a question” section online  0-800-600-070 info-ke@1xbet-team.com


conclusion-29 1xBet Apple of Fortune

Apple Fortune is an incredible title at 1xBet that brings the joy of chance and lucky bets. With a Snow White, you will be taken on a journey where your luck will either bring you excellent winnings or take your money away. Give it a try and take the chance to find the good apples and avoid the bad ones. Fortunately, the gambling industry offers us many opportunities, and we can not only make predictions on sports betting but also try our luck in the casino section with bonuses. 

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How to do the fortune game?
Visit the Apple Fortune main page and place your bet. Then, try your luck by selecting the correct cells with good apples. If you guess correctly, you will advance to the next level with high multipliers. Cash out if you think it is enough. 
Is it legal to play Apple of Fortune on 1xBet?
Yes, the game is absolutely legal to play only at 1xBet. The game is available to play on the website or through the mobile app.
How to win in 1xbet Apple of Fortune?
To win the game, a player must open the cell with good apples. If you open it and there is an apple, you win; if there is an apple core, you lose.

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