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22 November, 2023 (UPDATE 16 May, 2024)
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Have you ever placed a bet on sports, and everything seems to be going according to plan? Your team wins, but at the last moment, everything goes wrong. Your team misses 1, 2, or 3 points in the end. Most players say that such situations happen to them quite often.

1xBet is aware of this problem and thoughtfully provides its punters with the cash-out option. It basically allows players to settle their bets before the natural end of the match. Cash-out is an insurance that will help you avoid unwanted situations and save money.

In this article, let’s reveal the features and details related to the possibility of insuring your stake on 1xBet in Kenya and more!

Information About 1xBet

information-about-1xbet 1xBet Cash Out

1xBet is a monster in the gambling entertainment industry. One of the best conditions for betting on sports, playing casino games, and having a good time – 1xBet: high stakes, a large number of sports and wagers, one of the world’s largest online casinos, live games, fast payouts, high limits, client-oriented customer support team, and much more. 

Over the years, 1xBet has earned the trust of players all over the world, thanks to: 

  • Promotions with the greatest football clubs in the world – Barcelona, Liverpool, Chelsea;
  • Serving more than 50 countries;
  • Reliable and fast payouts of winnings;
  • Client-oriented – the service is always supplemented with exciting options and novelties.

Read more about one of the best bookmakers – 1xBet in Kenya – by clicking here.

Now, let’s talk about one of the options that 1xBet introduced to make it more comfortable and pleasant for players to bet on sports: the cash-out option.

What is 1xBet Cash-out?

what-is-1xbet-cash-out_ 1xBet Cash Out

In simple terms, cash-out is insurance. If you are wagering on 1xBet on the first team to win and the first team wins 1-0 by 81 minutes of the match – you can avoid the potential loss of your winnings if the second team comes back. You must use the cash-out feature to do this and receive your winnings immediately.

If you want to protect your investments and bets – use the new сash-out option. You can bet more, avoid losses, and earn money!

This option is available because the odds of your bet change constantly. Odds change depending on the information about the match and the money invested by the players before the game. During the live broadcast, the odds changes are determined by many factors: the score, the state of the teams, the wagers of other players, calculations of mathematical models, and many others.

Unfortunately, taking advantage of this feature is not always possible, so let’s look at the rules within which the feature works.

1xbet Cash-out Rules

There are a few rules that you must follow to take advantage of the betting cash out option. Let’s take a look at some of the basic rules that make sense to pay attention to before placing a stake:

  1. Registration and verification. You must be a registered user with a verified profile. This point is necessary for the safety of your data and money. 
  2. A limited number of events. Unfortunately, using the cash-out on all exotic sports and outcomes is not currently possible. The team is working on this improvement and constantly expanding the lines for using different features.
  3. Betting options. 1xBet is a unique service that, unlike its competitors, allows its players to make cash-out transactions with different types of bets: single bets, multi bets, pre-match, and live.

How to Cash out With 1xBet

how-to-cash-out-with-1xbet 1xBet Cash Out

Excellent! Now you know about the incredible and helpful option to protect your investment. 

Important features to keep in mind:

  • Cash-out option is not available for all types and types of stakes. The choice may be available for something other than exotic and unpopular events.
  • The payout amount may change within a few seconds. If the match or game is active and there are many changes, the payout amount will change in real-time.

If you’ve already decided for yourself that sometimes this feature will be valuable and relevant to you, let’s find out how you can take cash out and protect your money.

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How to Cash out a Bet?

To make it as straightforward and accessible as possible for both beginners and experienced players, let’s look at detailed step-by-step instructions.

Register at 1xBet and verify your account. 
Log In
Log in to your account and deposit funds into your account.  You will need to choose a deposit method that is convenient for you.
Select an outcome and place your bet.
Check If You Have Cash out for Your Bet
To do this, go to the My bets section and click on the stake you are interested in.
Evaluate the deal
Payout conditions depend on many indicators, first of all, on the current odds. Make sure that you are satisfied with the payout amount.
Click on “Sell” and confirm your decision.

Cash-out Conditions

The wagers cash out function is available to all verified players who have placed a stake. It doesn’t matter if the stake was placed before the start of the game or in live mode.

But make sure that this feature is available for your stake. Unfortunately, at the moment, some events cannot be insured. The good news is that it is available for all popular events.

Think twice. We recommend that you carefully consider your actions before you place a stake. If you wait a few more minutes, your bet will likely win successfully. But if you see that the match is going in the opposite direction and you feel that something is not going according to plan, you should take advantage of 1xBet’s offer.


conclusion-40 1xBet Cash Out

Congratulations! Now you know how you can protect yourself from unwanted game endings. But please note that cashing out is not always financially beneficial. In some cases, you may not get a part of the winnings, so we recommend carefully treating this possibility and comparing the risks and opportunities. 

Also, the article broke down the main features of the 1xBet website in Kenya and the problems you may encounter. Detailed step-by-step instructions are helpful for both beginners and advanced players.

Place your bets carefully and wisely! Have fun!

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How do I withdraw from 1xBet?
In “My Account,” navigate to the “Withdraw” Section, choose the payment system, fill in the required information, and click the “Withdrawal” button.
How do I cash out my 1xBet live bet?
In the “My Bets” section, select the desired wager and click “Cash out”.
How to cash out on 1xBet App?
It is similar to the website version process: go to “My Account,” then to “My Bets,” select the desired wager, and click Cash out.

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