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30 August, 2023 (UPDATE 18 April, 2024)
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While the betting process can be enjoyable on its own, winning is an obvious goal that the punters target. An endless number of articles exist to assist the players in trying to succeed. The experts designed many strategies, some better than others.

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In our article, we will provide tips and recommendations for winning on 1xBet Kenya. Moreover, we will also take a look at some of the players who managed to succeed in the activity. We will check their strategies, if there are any, and draw some conclusions. Let’s go.

About 1xBet

About 1xBet

Let’s start by describing the platform’s main features. The bookmakers can be small and large, local and international, focused on just a few features, or those that aim to offer as many things as possible. For each combination, 1xBet would be the second choice. It’s a massively popular international platform that’s an all-around solution for gamblers and punters with various needs. If you can name a sport, a betting market, or a feature that you would like to see at any bookmaker, chances are that 1xBet already offers it. 

There are many different sports to choose from. Football, tennis, ice hockey, boxing, volleyball, and other sports are available for you to try your luck and hone your betting skills. Among other games, the eSports options include CS:GO, Dota 2, Valorant, and League of Legends. The variety of betting markets is substantial. 

For those who enjoy gambling, 1xBet has a variety of casino games where you can try your luck. There are tabs for “Casino” and “Live Casino,” both of which feature promotions from various software developers. More than a thousand different games are available, ranging from popular games like blackjack, keno, roulette, and baccarat to more specialized ones like 3D slots and Drops & Wins options. You can learn more about the 1xBet betting platform in our separate piece on the topic.

1xBet Winners

1xBet Winners

1xBet has been on the market for nearly two decades. This means that the company has seen plenty of ups and downs, and its history includes many significant wins. Our article will include a listing of some of the examples and an analysis of what led them to see large returns. Of course, if such information is available and there is something more than just luck involved.

The List of Winners and Their Strategies

The List of 1xbet Winners and Their Strategies

Now, let’s check out some notable winners and take a look at the strategies they used in cases where the winning wasn’t just by sheer luck.

Mukhazhan (2021)

This player lives in Almaty, Kazakhstan. And it seems like he’s the 1xBet highest winner in the whole long history of the platform. After all, the amount was plainly massive: over 876 million Kazakhstani tenge, or 2 million dollars. That translates to over 200 million KES by the average exchange rate in 2021. The original stake was roughly over 20,000 KES. 

Let’s check out how he managed to pull that off. It’s actually pretty impressive: Mukhazhan won an accumulator consisting of 44 selections. Yes. he correctly predicted each of them. He bet all on football but stayed away from high odds. The biggest was 1.48. Placing accumulators with small-to-medium odds is a pretty common strategy, so here’s an example of it paying off. 

Axel (2022)

This player managed to win almost 350,000 USD in the summer of 2022. His story is similar to others: he put together two accumulator bets. One consisted of 9 events, while the other included 10 selections. Each selection of both wagers was a winning one. The first accumulator scored him $148,640, while the second provided $194,338.65. All of this resulted in a total win of $342,978. This roughly translates to 48,6 million KES. 

Even though the odds of most events were rather low, some events had mid-sized ones, such as 2.44. This makes our winner stand out among others since they never went this high. But speaking frankly, most of his picks were below 1.5. The overall range was 1.24–2.44.

Axel also didn’t stay away from large stakes. His first one was 141,000 KES, while the second one was around 100,000 KES.

Akin (2022)

This Indian punter managed to win a significant sum in 2022. It amounts to over 1 million USD or 141 million KES. Similar to Mukhazhan’s, this one is also among the highest in the history of the platform.

Another similarity is having complex multiple bets. In this case, it’s not a parlay or accumulator. Akin managed to score a win by placing two system wagers. System wagers are relatively risky by design, but similarly to Mukhazhan, he compensated for its selections being low-odds ones. Both system wagers were on football events.

1xBet Winning Tips

1xBet Winning Tips

While the aspect of luck is something you can’t and shouldn’t ignore, there’s a lot of skill involved. If there were none, there wouldn’t be any long-term successful punters. And while many of our examples managed to win solely by luck, there are some recommendations that can help you boost your winning chances. They aren’t even that difficult to follow since they mainly revolve around discipline and a will to learn new things. Let’s check them out:

  • Get familiar with how betting works. Wagering has its own rules, features a lot of math and calculations, and has grown to be full of various betting markets and options during the last few years. Learn everything you can about them, and dig deeper than just into the basics. This will be very helpful quite quickly, let alone in the long run.
  • Learn more about the sport you want to wager on. There are many games you can place your bets on. 1xBet and many other mature bookmakers can provide a lot of sports to choose from. They differ from each other significantly. For example, soccer might feature straightforward rules and is extremely easy to understand, but the nuances can surprise you. eSports and video games can be very difficult to understand without a gaming background.
  • Follow recent events. Things can change quicker than you would expect. Even in games with established teams and star players, one season might look drastically different from the one before. Any significant lineup change might make the team much worse or better performing. This is even more true for individual-based sports: one injury and the player is pretty much out, or his performance is affected way too seriously.
  • Don’t ignore the experts. If you want to get serious about wagering, then listening to what experienced professionals say is important. Sure, you don’t have to follow them mindlessly, but knowing their opinion will be very beneficial. The Internet is also full of various forums featuring discussions with different levels of depth. Check them out as well.
  • Use analytics and statistics to assist you. Technologies continue to be evolving, and the Internet makes many things more accessible than ever. If you want to bet on some certain result, checking the statistics just by searching Google will already be of great help. Using additional software will take things even further.
  • Don’t bet on the underdogs unless you’re absolutely sure about what you’re doing. The chances are usually on the side of a favorite player or a team. Sure, in some cases, this might be sad to know, but it’s generally the truth. The exceptions appear, but we would recommend not hoping that they will happen unless you’re a professional who’s absolutely confident that the underdog will win. And what if your preferred team will likely lose? Well, just ignore this market whatsoever. Nobody forces you to bet against your favorite player or a team.
  • Avoid high stakes. Unless you’re rich or absolutely sure about what you’re doing, don’t spend severe sums on betting. The general rule is never to stake more than you can comfortably lose, and this works for professionals and newcomers alike, for the poor and wealthy too.
  • Avoid multiple wagers and other accumulators unless they include low-risk events. A multiple bet is excellent if you’re tired of singles. They can provide a thrilling experience and more significant returns. All three examples that we listed in the article proved that. The trick is that they’re much riskier by design. And that’s precisely why we recommend staying away from them. The exceptions exist, of course. You can place a multiple on a series of events with low odds and high chances of happening, that’s exactly how our winners managed to make bank, but the risks will still be there.
  • Learn bankroll management. Betting involves money. And everything that does so means that you have to learn how to handle it. Plan the budget beforehand, put the sum aside that will go exclusively into betting, monitor your spending, and generally be smart about your money. If you have serious financial and management issues, to begin with, don’t bet at all.
  • Be aware of gambling addiction. Don’t ignore this issue: it affects punters and gamblers equally. Learn about the signs, monitor your betting and spending patterns, and seek help once needed. Similarly to the previous point, we recommend avoiding betting altogether if you have issues to begin with. For example, if you have an addictive personality.
  • Avoid high odds. The lower they are, the more chances of winning there are. If that sounds confusing, let’s rephrase: high odds mean a high risk of losing. Sure, they also mean bigger returns in case of a win. But don’t make hoping for the underdog to win a part of your long-term strategy. You will just lose money. It’s worth noting that all of the winners that we listed in our text stick to lower to mid odds.
  • Analyze your betting history. This might be obvious to some players, but we should mention this tip since we consider it to be the most crucial and helpful one. Monitor your betting activity and track your history. Analyze your wins and losses to find the areas to improve and the things you’re great at.


1xbet Conclusion

Every bettor wants to win, even if they claim otherwise. This is perfectly normal and something one shouldn’t be ashamed of. But how exactly do you win? This was the point of our article. We analyzed some of the most famous winners at 1xBet as well as include tips that can help you improve at wagering. Many things are quite obvious: the majority of successes revolve around luck. But that doesn’t mean that your betting strategy won’t work. All three players we mentioned had a similar strategy: betting on a sport they’re familiar with and placing wagers on the events with low-to-mid odds, compensating for the higher risk of multiple bets. Sure, a lot of things work in a random manner. Still, you can clearly boost your chances and lower your risks by following a certain discipline, following recommendations, and learning more things about the sport and betting in general.


What is the 1xBet customer care number?
There are two numbers: 0-800-600-070 and +254 702 400 200. Try any of them.
How do I email a 1xBet security team?
Here’s the contact email: security-en@1xbet-team.com.
Can I get a refund from 1xBet?
We couldn’t find any specific info about refunds by the platform.
How do I access 1xBet in Kenya?
1xBet operates in Kenya on full legal matters. The website doesn’t seem to be banned in the country, so you don’t even have to use a VPN to access it.

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