1xBet Codes and Their Meaning

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Are you new to betting? If that’s so, then you can easily get confused by the sheer number of options and codes that you can find on online bookmakers. Truth be told, even more or less experienced players are sometimes frustrated by some abbreviations apart from the most popular ones. Every serious modern betting platform tends to offer more options than just simple moneylines.

And that will be the focus of our article. To be precise, we will cover the codes for betting markets that you might find on 1xBet, a well-established international betting platform that operates in many countries worldwide, including Kenya. Apart from codes, we will cover how you can place a wager on the platform and its rules and conditions. Moreover, we will answer the most common questions. So let’s check 1xBet options and meaning!

What Are 1xBet Codes For Betting Options?

what-are-1xbet-codes-for-betting-options_ 1xBet Codes and Their Meaning

1xBet is a platform with a wide variety of wagering options, so there are plenty of codes to be found. Some markets feature easy-to-understand codes, while others aren’t abbreviated at all. Below are some examples of the less obvious codes, but we will explain them in greater detail in the “Meanings of Special Codes and Bets” section.

  • 1×2. Betting on one of three possible results: a win for the home or away team or a draw.
  • Over 1.5. A game’s total score or any other number of points surpassing 1.5.
  • Under 1.5. A total score or other number of points is below 1.5.
  • 1XDC. Home team winning or a draw. DC stands for Double Chance, meaning that there are two possible outcomes.
  • 2XDC. Away team winning or a draw.

How to Bet

how-to-bet 1xBet Codes and Their Meaning

If you want to start betting on the platform, 1xBet Kenya provides a clear way to do so. We outlined the steps you have to go through to place a wager in a separate article. After all, it’s the essential part of using any bookmaker, so check out our guide on how to place a bet on 1xBet.

Meanings of Special Codes and Bets

meanings-of-special-codes-and-bets 1xBet Codes and Their Meaning

Let’s get to the main focus of this article: explaining the codes for wagering markets on 1xBet. As we already mentioned, the company offers plenty of betting options. They range from the most common ones, such as moneylines, over/unders, and handicaps, to more specific offers like double chances, Both Teams to Score, and others. Now, take a look at some of them.

What Is a Double Chance in Betting?

Double Chance, sometimes abbreviated as DC, is a type of betting market that involves placing wagers on two different outcomes. Usually, this works as a mix of two different options. For example, “Over 2.5 and Both Teams to Score.” There can be more specific ones, but 1xBet doesn’t have outrageously difficult and unexpected combinations.

What Is a 3-Way Handicap in 1xBet?

Also called 1×2 or moneyline, this is one of the most popular markets. The way it works isn’t difficult to follow: you just place a wager on one of three possible outcomes of the games. The options are a home team winning, an away one turning victorious, or a draw.

What Is Over 2.5?

The “Over 2.5” betting market belongs to the “family” of over/under options. They operate in a straightforward manner: in the case of the over,” you’re betting on the total score or any other number of points exceeding a certain bar, while in the case of the under,” you’re betting on the fact that it won’t. In the case of “Over 2.5,” you’re betting that the game’s final score (or any other result if specified) will be higher than 2.5 goals. For example, 3 goals total will perfectly suffice.

What Is Correct Score?

This one is self-explanatory: just predict the score the game will end with. It’s a difficult market, but it features good odds. We recommend staying away from it unless you’re an experienced punter.

Both Teams to Score

Sometimes also referred to as GG, this market requires both teams to score a goal during a match for you to win. Only one or neither goal won’t suffice. This is a rather popular market that is reliably easy to predict. If we’re talking about football, there’s a significant percentage of high-level games that end up with both teams scoring.


Handicap is a regular bet on the result similar to a moneyline but with a twist: one team or a player has a disadvantage to surpass, being essentially “handicapped.” This type of wager might make things much more interesting and less predictable while also putting some balance in situations when one side is more powerful than the opposing one.

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1xBet: Terms and Conditions

1xbet-terms-and-conditions 1xBet Codes and Their Meaning

Before you start placing your bets, there are other things to get familiar with. And while knowing betting codes is quite important (since otherwise we wouldn’t write this article), there’s another thing that’s much more crucial: rules and conditions. 

It’s not difficult to follow most of the rules for using the platform. Moreover, they are rather obvious and based on common sense. Below, we will list some of the examples:

  • Be of legal betting age. In most of the world, it’s 18. The same is true in Kenya. And that’s precisely the age that the platform specifies. It’s not difficult to follow this rule, and we don’t recommend lying about it.
  • Provide correct personal and financial information. As we said in the previous paragraph, telling the truth is important when entering information on the platform. Make sure that all information is correct, including your name, age, and bank account number.
  • Don’t use shady practices. This is totally obvious: money laundering and other illegal or gray area activities are strictly prohibited by the platform.
  • Be prepared to go through any verification procedures. If the company is suspicious about your identity and activities, or you’re just simply planning to withdraw money for the first time, there’s a chance that the platform will ask you to go through the validation process. It usually includes providing some ID and proof of residence papers, as well as confirming other data.
  • Only one account per person. All betting platforms enforce this rule: you can’t have multiple betting accounts. If it seems that someone has registered an account to your name, contact customer care as soon as possible to resolve the issue.


conclusion-10 1xBet Codes and Their Meaning

If you don’t want to get lost in all of the offered betting codes, types of wagers, and odds, then having a detailed explanation of their meaning will be of great help. And that’s exactly what we aimed to achieve with this article: describe the most popular betting codes for wagering markets on 1xBet. We also touched on other things in this text, such as the service’s Terms and Conditions.

We hope that our article achieved its purpose and you got the codes explained. We mainly targeted newcomers, although experienced punters can find a lot of new information in the article as well. If you still want to learn more about 1xBet, check out our other texts, starting with the main 1xBet Kenya review.


How can the odds of teams in a 1xbet be shown?
There are different ways of how odds are shown. Decimal, US, UK, Hong Kong, and Malaysian ones.
What to do if the betting coefficient was changed?
Usually, the platform calculates the odds using the ones that you bet on unless you agree to them changing.
What is the win or over 2.5 option on 1xBet?
This is the Double Chance betting type that involves either predicting a winner or winning the “Over 2.5” wager on the platform.
What are the different types of bets on 1xBet?
1xBet allows for different types of wagers. There are single, multiple (parlay), system ones.
What is the meaning of 2 in 1xBet?
2 in the 1×2 or 2xDC market means the away team. It’s the one listed second.

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