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21 September, 2023 (UPDATE 16 May, 2024)
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User-friendly gaming platforms aim at everyone, whether you bet big or small. 1xBet Kenya can definitely be called such a platform, judging by the allowed stake amounts. If you wonder about the exact sums, keep on reading this post.

1xBet Betting Highlights

h2-1xbet-betting-highlights Maximum & Minimum Stakes on 1xBet

The first step towards betting on the Kenyan platform is to register. A player account is created and verified through a mobile phone number.

Once the signup is completed, you can access your profile menu, where you can manage your account settings and leverage all 1xBet features. Here, you can also top off your balance.

You can submit your wager by filling out an online ticket. But before you do that, you need to decide on your pickings.

You can add diverse selections to your bet slip from scheduled and live games with an array of bet types. Here is a read to clue you in on the betting options and peculiarities: 1xBet Kenya: Betting Rules, Codes, and Their Meanings.

What the Minimum Stake Is

If you are a gambling novice, or for the first time on 1xBet, or just a cautious player, you can start your journey on the site with the tiniest wager possible. And what is it exactly?

At present, the 1xBet minimum stake equals 22 Kenyan shillings. And in this case, the number and level of events are irrelevant. The lower limit will be the same whether 1 or 10 games are in a bet slip.

Even if you forget this value, the bookie will show a hint and will not accept the stake if it is less than the predetermined amount.

Minimum Bet Terms and Conditions

The minimum amount the sportsbook accepts as a stake is indicated in the bet slip as a hint. You will see it as soon as you enter your sum. If the value is lower than the set one, you will not be allowed to proceed further.

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What the Maximum Stake Is

As for the upper limit, it is not that clear-cut. The wager’s cap is defined for each event independently, and there is no one-size-fits-all value.

But no worries. If you are a committed high-roller and like to play big, there is everything necessary on the site. So, for example, you can stake up to 8,300,000 KES on 1 game and 2,600,000 on 5 matches in a ticket.

Once you add your predictions to the bet slip, you will see a prompt below the amount field with the maximum sum for your specific selections.   

Maximum Bet Terms and Conditions

The maximum stake is set individually. The game and the sport in question determine its size. In case an accumulator includes events with various maximum limits, the lowest value applies.

What About the Payout?

When it comes to money, punters are greatly interested not only in the amounts they can stake but also in the funds they can get if they win.

So, the minimum payout you can claim depends on the size of your wager and the odds set for your selections. Multiplying the former by the latter will give you potential earnings.

The largest possible payout has a particular value, amounting to 72.5 million KES. That is the maximum winning sum you can get if all the predictions on your ticket are correct.

Bottom Line

h2-bottom-line-1 Maximum & Minimum Stakes on 1xBet

1xBet welcomes Kenyan punters of all incomes, skills, and wagering strategies. You can spend from two dozen to two million shillings on the platform, satisfying your needs and ambitions. And the multi-digit payouts will come as a worthy reward.

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