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22 September, 2023 (UPDATE 18 April, 2024)
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Some say: It is not about winning, it is about taking part. Well, that does not sound plausible, does it? Deep down, every gambler dreams of victory. Especially when it comes to enticing payouts, such as at 1xBet.

In this article, we will consider all possible tips and tricks to help you play and win on the top-ranked Kenyan betting platform.

Tips to Win at 1xBet

Tips to Win at 1xBet

The bookmaker’s website is an excellent place to while away the time by gambling. But it is even more suitable to challenge your analytical skills and get a well-deserved financial reward. 

If you wish not only to participate but to become a winner, you need to know and apply the 1xBet winning tricks. We will make it easy for you by outlining the main points.

Know What You Are Wagering on

Knowledge is power. And an in-depth knowledge of a particular sport can be the key to success. Selecting a discipline that is up your alley is really wise. If you are a rugby savant and understand it better than anything else, make the appropriate predictions, even if the rest of the world is betting on soccer.

Abide by the Bookmaker’s Rules

When on 1xBet, do as the rules dictate. In other words, before placing wagers on the site, scrutinize its T&C section. All its items are must-reads, including the general betting rules, the rules on sports, and bet types. The bookie also prescribes scenarios for potential disputes and their resolutions.

Look Into the Betting Fundamentals

Apart from the platform’s terms and conditions, you need to delve into the betting basics. For instance, it is vital to grasp the meaning of a specific market, the difference between in-play and pre-match wagers, and the concept of odds. Knowing what is behind the latter will help you calculate how profitable the bet is.   

Do a Detailed Analysis of the Event

Gather as much information about both rivals before predicting a win for either team. Study their rankings and statistics and find out the lineup and form of the contestants. It is crucial to learn where the match will take place and how each opponent’s win will affect their position in the standings.

Keep Your Feelings Under Control

Shrewd punters always keep emotions in check. It prevents rash bets, such as those associated with an overwhelming desire to support your favorite team. A successful strategy has nothing to do with personal liking; it is about analyzing the event’s outcome and real chances of winning.

Save Your Bankroll and Bet Sparingly

At 1xBet Kenya, you do not have to stake large sums unless you want to and have enough confidence. The bookie has set a minimum bet size affordable for every Kenyan player. Being a zealot of responsible gambling, the company encourages its customers to wager according to their financial capacity.

Keep Your Eyes and Ears Wide Open

Even if you are a professional bettor, not to mention a beginner, it is not unreasonable for you to listen to the opinions of your peers. There are tipsters and specialists both in Kenya and beyond who understand the ins and outs of sports predictions. Ratings and reviews will help you avoid getting scammed.    

Look out for Promos and Special Offers

You will not remain in the red if you actively leverage bonuses, which are plenty at 1xBet. In addition to granting promo codes and free bets, the bookmaker runs a broad spectrum of promotional campaigns. For example, you can get reimbursement for lost bets as well as cashback payments.           

Use the Site’s Features to Your Benefit

You can take advantage not only of the platform’s incentives but also of its functionality. 1xBet Kenya does not offer a cash-out feature, but it has a betslip sale option. Thus, you may sell your online ticket if you are unsure of your predictions, provided the bet is not insured and settled. 

Cheating on 1xBet 

Cheating on 1xBet 

Security is a key concern for 1xBet. And that is why the bookmaker does everything possible to protect the platform and customer data from any encroachments and vulnerabilities. 

The company has an array of security tools in its arsenal, including plugins, firewalls, encryption algorithms, and regular updates. 

Apart from technical means, the bookie uncompromisingly follows the principles of fair play. That means match-fixing and any other manipulations are excluded on the site.

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Considering all of the above, no cheats are possible at 1xBet. Even while there are unofficial sources that promise to help you win by hacking the system, you should never put your trust in them.

How Does 1xBet Work?

The operation of the Kenyan sportsbook is transparent and straightforward. You are offered a vast collection of events with betting markets and odds reflecting the likely outcome.

You do not need to pay for the services the betting operator provides, and you spend money on the site for the sole purpose of wagering.

Only registered users who are at least 18 years old and have enough funds on their balance are allowed to play.

In addition to the desktop and mobile versions of the website, 1xBet enables punters to gamble through Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS apps, as well as via Telegram bot.

How to Place Bets?

1xBet How to Place Bets?

So, to kick off, you need to create an account by confirming your Kenyan phone number and depositing funds with one of the accessible payment methods.

The sportsbook catalog has an abundance of tournaments and matches, among which you can opt for what tickles your fancy and what you are good at.

To place a wager, you need to make a prediction and specify your stake amount. If your guess is accurate, you will receive the winnings, which you can further withdraw from the platform in any way you like.

For you to delve deeper into the subject, we recommend an exhaustive guide on how to place a wager on 1xBet.

1xBet Accumulator Bets

The bookmaker features a whole range of bet types geared towards players with various proficiency levels and strategies. 

An accumulator is one such option that is widely favored. It allows you to make predictions of several events at once and insert them in a single wager.

This type of bet significantly increases the potential profit size; however, you need to predict all outcomes correctly to win. 

1xBet Community

1xBet Community

1xBet is a big-name brand in the Kenyan and international arena with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Why become part of this big family? By joining the community, you can get the opportunity to share experiences and access insights and invaluable information that you can then use to your advantage.

Find Other 1xBet Players

In the age of the ubiquitous internet, finding fellow gamblers is a piece of cake. You only need to spend a little time googling to search for relevant threads, channels, groups, forums, and chat rooms. You can hang around with your associates at the following resources:

  • Instagram;
  • Facebook;
  • WhatsApp;
  • Twitter;
  • YouTube;
  • Telegram;
  • Twitch;
  • Reddit.  

Sports Winning vs. Casino Games

1xBet Sports Winning vs. Casino Games

The path to winning at sports betting is certainly not a walk in the park. It requires a thorough understanding of basic notions, such as bets, odds, and markets, along with sports rules. Moreover, it takes a careful examination of the event.

Thus, wagering on sports needs much more preparation and effort to win than playing casinos. Especially if we talk about games of chance with a randomizer at their core, where you have no impact on the final result.

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It is true that some casino activities, like card games, call for specific abilities, without which it is better to avoid playing.

How to Improve at 1xBet Games?

If you are fond of online casinos and want to take a shot at this kind of gambling, 1xBet offers myriads of gaming products from first-grade vendors.

Following a few simple tips can help you perform better if you wish to play casino not just to participate but also to win: 

  • explore the game rules and nuances;
  • keep your spending inside your means;
  • do not chase losses and leave on time;
  • pick games with the lowest house edge;
  • never miss the chance to use bonuses.

1xBet vs. Other Operators

1xBet vs. Other Operators
Signup optionsBy phoneBy phoneBy phone
Payment methodsBank cards, e-wallets, mobile money, cryptoMobile moneyMobile money
Mobile appsiOS, AndroidiOS, AndroidAndroid
IncentivesPlenty of sports and casino bonusesLive Odds BoostA few sports bonuses
Support service24/724/724/7


1xBet Wrap-up

Winning with bookmakers is not an illusion, but a real thing. Particularly if the bookmaker is 1xBet. It does not mean the company hands a winning bet to you on a plate. It means the firm sets up all necessary conditions for fair play and rewards it appropriately.  

Your diligence and serious approach will pay off. So do not forget about the winning techniques described above and dare to fight for the title of Kenya’s most successful player.


How to win at 1xBet every time?
If you want a high chance of winning, do not rely on luck alone or take risks unless you are confident enough. Wager on what you feel at home with and prepare well, studying all aspects of the event.
Is it possible to earn money at 1xBet games?
It is possible if you stick to a proven strategy and utilize all possible winning tricks.
Are there tricks or tips I can use to win at 1xBet?
Of course. You can use general advice applicable to all bookmakers and leverage the platform’s features and perks.
Is winning at 1xBet games worth it?
By all means. The company has excellent odds, and in case you win, you can count on hefty payouts.
How to find 1xBet players to learn from them?
You can discover groups, discussions, and videos related to the bookmaker on various resources. Just go to popular social networks, forums, and video streaming services and type keywords into a search.
Is there a 1xBet community to learn sports betting?
The platform has a huge audience, so you can easily find players willing to share experiences and tricks. Communities exist on diverse online resources and can include written tips and video tutorials.
Does 1xBet offer info for possible gambling tricks?
There is no such information on the bookie’s site. But for successful gambling, you should definitely familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions as well as the promo section with some attractive offerings.

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