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23 September, 2023 (UPDATE 16 May, 2024)
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1xBet needs no introduction. It is a giant of the gambling industry renowned in every corner of the world where people place bets. But how well do Kenyan punters know the bookmaker? This article will help fill the gaps, if any.

1xBet Basic Concepts and Terms

h2-1xbet-basic-concepts-and-terms Rules and Regulations of 1xBet

If you are no stranger to betting, the basic concepts and terms should be familiar. But even for a seasoned player, checking 1xBet terms and conditions, rules, and terminology is instrumental in making the big time on the platform.

Let us dwell on the fundamentals so your play goes as smoothly as possible. 

Explaining Bet, Outcome, and Bet Cancelation

The bookie gives the following definitions of the basic concepts:

BetA deal for a possible win between the player and the bookie, aiming at an event with an unknown outcome and resting on the bookie’s rules.
OutcomeThe upshot of the event, which was wagered on.
Bet cancellationThe result without bet settlement and payout, where the deal between the player and the bookmaker falls through, and the bet is reimbursed.

Types of Bets at 1xBet

h2-types-of-bets-at-1xbet Rules and Regulations of 1xBet

The 1xBet sportsbook caters to both gambling neophytes and veterans. Thus, there are simple singles on which you can cut your teeth in betting and patent bets for those who know multiples inside out.

Within this article, we will look at the 3 main types of wagers that the bookmaking company offers.

Single Bet

As the name implies, a single wager involves one event and a bet on its specific outcome. To calculate your winnings, you need to multiply the stake size by the suggested odds.

Accumulator Bet

An accumulator is a wager that covers multiple events at once. This bet succeeds if the outcomes of all games are predicted correctly. To determine wins, you need to multiply the stake by the odds provided for all events included in the bet.

Promo Code Bet

A promo code bet is the bookie’s incentive to encourage a particular customer. Before applying the bonus, it is essential to read its terms and conditions in the “Promo Code Check” section.   

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How to Place Bets?

h2-how-to-place-bets_-1 Rules and Regulations of 1xBet

1xBet creates a comfortable environment for Kenyan punters to place wagers from their preferred gadgets. Whether you use a Windows PC, MacBook, Android, or iOS phone, the bookmaker’s website and app are at your service.

The first and foremost thing you need to do to start playing is to complete the registration. It will be a breeze if you have a mobile phone with a valid Kenyan number.

Top-up is the next critical step that you cannot do without. You can fund your brand new 1xBet account with a plethora of payment methods—from a bank card to cryptocurrency.

Finally, you can pick a game and stake on a team. Here, you will find over 1,000 matches in soccer, basketball, tennis, cricket, and many other sports. 

Once you decide on the selection, you need to fill out the bet slip. You can learn how to accomplish this in the comprehensive guide on how to bet using 1xBet.

LIVE Betting

The platform’s “LIVE” category is always full of events with numerous markets and streaming options. 

By arriving at the site at any time of the day or night, you can watch thrilling broadcasts and place wagers with great odds. Among the bet types proposed for live games are

  • 1X2;
  • Total;
  • Handicap;
  • Correct Score;
  • Double Chance;
  • Corners;
  • Even/Odd;
  • Next Goal;
  • Yellow Cards;
  • Penalty Awarded.

Event Outcomes

The outcome is one of the key notions in betting. How an event ends determines the fate of the gamblers, whether they win or lose.

Pure guesswork is unlikely to guarantee sustained success. Therefore, any prediction and wager must be preceded by an analysis of the upcoming event. 

The analysis encompasses reviewing data about the contestants and their performance. This information may comprise goals scored and other stats, motivation, physical and mental state, the game venue, and expert opinions.

The more facts and titbits you have on hand, the higher the chances that your wager will come through.

Minimum & Maximum Stake at 1xBet

h2-minimum-maximum-stake-at-1xbet Rules and Regulations of 1xBet

Each bookmaking company sets the lower and upper limits of the stake amount. In this way, businesses regulate financial flows and promote responsible gambling.

In its general betting rules, 1xBet also spells out these concepts along with their terms and conditions. With its limits, the bookie allows punters either to play for fun without much risk or to wager large sums and earn big money.

In this piece, we will only scratch the surface, and there is an excellent article for the details concerning the 1xBet Kenya minimum stake and its ceiling.

Other Limitations and Restrictions

1xBet Kenya opens its doors to all adult players who are not interested parties. It means you cannot gamble on the platform if you are an athlete, referee, coach, or other participant in a sporting event who can affect it.

In addition, punters working for another betting firm or legally suspended are not allowed to play. 

Needless to say, the bookie discourages unfair play, and any attempts to cheat will lead to voiding the account. That also involves account manipulations. 

Apart from the general rules and restrictions, 1xBet has clear regulations for bet settlement and dispute resolution specified in the T&C section. Here are some excerpts:

  • Pre-match bets are annulled if the game is postponed for over 48 hours.
  • Live wagers are settled at odds 1 if the match is interrupted for over 5 hours.
  • If the bookie admits an error in the odds output, payouts are made at odds of 1.
  • In case of a finished game revision, all bets are paid based on the original result. 

Customer Service

1xBet Kenya support service is on call 24 hours a day, solving any customer issues. The company employs diverse communication channels so that you can seek help in a way that suits you best. Here is how you can contact the sportsbook staff.

Live Chat 0-800-600-070 +254 702 400 200

A Summary

h2-a-summary Rules and Regulations of 1xBet

Although adhering to the basic gambling principles, each Kenyan sportsbook has nuances. Exploring the concepts, rules, requirements, and policies of 1xBet will do you a world of good; that is, it will help you bet profitably on the platform. 


What are 1xBet general terms and conditions?
The bookie accepts wagers only from players of legal age with verified accounts. You can read all the terms and conditions on the website.
Who can use 1xBet?
Kenyan punters who have come of age and complied with the relevant country’s laws and company’s regulations.
Who cannot use 1xBet?
Underage people, players who cannot use it due to official prohibitions, and punters directly related to specific events.
Under what circumstances are bets canceled by 1xBet?
Wagers may be annulled due to the delay or cancellation of the event itself or due to suspected fraudulent activity.

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