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In Kenya, anyone at least 18 years old can gamble today. You do not have to go to your neighborhood bookmaker to wager on your preferred sports team. You only need to sign up with an online bookie of your choice. We highly recommend 1xBet as your go-to betting destination. 1xBet is a substantial international betting and gambling service. In terms of what it provides, we can briefly sum it up: you name it. 1xBet offers features that cater to the requirements of all bettors and gamblers. There are many different sports available for betting, and there are many different betting markets as well. The sportsbook offers extra options, including cash out, multiple bets, and in-play wagering. The odds are excellent. You can try your luck with a selection of casino games as well. The provider also offers simple-to-download iOS and Android mobile solutions on AppStore and Google Play.

In this article, we will share some hacks on restoring your 1xBet password and ID, as well as where to locate them in the first place.

How to Enter Your 1xBet Account?

how-to-enter-your-1xbet-account_ 1xBet User ID and Password

First of all, you need to register with the bookie. 1xBet sign up can be processed in several ways:

  • One-click registration.
  • Via phone number.
  • Via email.
  • Through social media accounts.

You can select the method that fits you most. After registering your account, you can log in in a couple of steps. 

Alternatively, you can log in via the social media account you used while signing up.

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What Is 1xBet ID?

what-is-1xbet-id_ 1xBet User ID and Password

Each player who registers for a 1xBet account receives a particular customer ID of a ten-digit string of numbers. This ID is crucial since it is the player’s identification on the bookmaker’s website. The 1xBet ID has several important features, and you can use it to do the following:

  • Log into your account.
  • Contact customer care via chat or hotline.
  • Deposit your account.
  • Use it as your primary 1xBet ID in case of issues or disputes with the bookie.

What to Do If You Forgot Your 1xBet Login and ID?

If you forgot both the login and the ID, the best way is to contact the 1xBet support team via the live chat widget at the bottom of the page. However, think twice before panicking: your login is either your phone number or email address, so remembering them should not be a problem.

Steps to Retrieve Your 1xBet ID

steps-to-retrieve-your-1xbet-id 1xBet User ID and Password

If you only forgot your ID, it is not a problem to find it. You can discover your 1xBet customer ID by taking a couple of easy steps.

Open 1xBet
Launch the platform and log into your account.
Check Your Personal Details
Visit the “Personal details” area. There will be a ten-digit number on the “Account number” line. This is your ID. 
Save Your ID Number
We suggest that you write it down so that you always have it in case of emergency. However, you can recover your password as many times as you need as long as your phone number and email address are valid and active. 

How to Retrieve Password With No Access to Your Account

how-to-retrieve-password-with-no-access-to-your-account 1xBet User ID and Password

However, if you cannot access your account, you must contact customer service to retrieve your 1xBet ID. You can do that by calling the hotline, writing a message in a chat, or sending an email. We will explain how to locate your 1xBet ID below.

Via Email

You can write an email to the 1xBet support team. We suggest that you send an email to the security department at security-en@1xbet-team.com. In order to help the support service find the profile and verify the user’s identity, it is crucial to describe the ID issue in the email entirely. Attach all the documents that may speed up the process, including transfer receipts and passport details.

Via Phone

Alternatively, you can call the bookmaker’s hotline at 0-800-600-070. When speaking with an operator, describing the situation and sending any necessary paperwork to the specified postal address is crucial. Giving the operator further information he requests can also be handy to solve the issue.

Via Live Chat

Contacting the 1xBet team via live chat is a quick way to get assistance. Once again, explain your issue and provide all the documents that may help restore your 1xBet ID. If you’re using the desktop version, an “Ask a Question” window will be reflected in the lower right corner of the screen. Most questions can initially be answered using the option. Additionally, you can use the “Call Consultant” button to engage in live conversation.

How to Restore the Password to My 1xBet Account?

how-to-restore-the-password-to-my-1xbet-account_ 1xBet User ID and Password

Restoring your password on 1xBet is a quick and smooth process. We describe the algorithm in detail in the sections below. Bear with us.

What to Do if I Forgot My 1xBet Password?

Users frequently lose track of their passwords. For example, they may be logging in for the first time in a while. There is an easy way out. When selecting the logging-in option, you must click the “Forgot your password?” link. The platform will then email you a verification code so you can create a new password.

Steps to Restore My 1xBet Password

steps-to-restore-my-1xbet-password 1xBet User ID and Password

Do you frequently register on websites to remember your account password just to forget it moments later? Unfortunately, this practice is pretty common and can happen to anyone after signing up and while playing. You may have lost a sheet of paper with your login details or bought a new laptop instead of the one with the auto-saved details. But do not worry; we have got you covered. You can quickly restore your password with 1xBet. The website provides a phone number and email address as the two primary password restoration methods. In the sections below, we shall go into greater detail about each.

Via Phone

Here is how you restore your password through your phone number.

Open 1xBet
Launch the 1xBet website and navigate to the “Log In” tab at the top of the page.
Claim You Forgot Your Password
Click on the “Forgot Your Password?” link.
Choose Your Option
Choose to restore your password by phone from the two provided options. Wait for the confirmation code that will be sent to your phone number. 
Enter the Code
Enter the code in the relevant field and create a new password.

Via Email

Alternatively, you can restore your password via your email.

Launch 1xBet
Launch the 1xBet website and navigate to the “Log In” tab at the top of the page.
Claim You Forgot Your Password
Click on the “Forgot Your Password?” link.
Choose Your Option
Choose to restore your password by email from the two provided options. Type in your email address and wait for the confirmation code that will be sent immediately. 
Type in the Code
Enter the code you received and proceed with creating a new password.


conclusion-26 1xBet User ID and Password

1xBet is a secure bookmaker with smooth-running inner processes. If you do not breach the terms and conditions of the platform and your identity is real, you can retrieve your login credentials and continue your betting journey with this top-notch bookmaker. However, it may take some time. Be patient and bear with the customer team since 1xBet is one of Kenya’s best betting destinations. With fantastic betting markets and tempting odds, this massive sportsbook is blowing the minds of millions of gamblers. It also includes a slew of lucrative bonuses and promotions that might raise your chances of winning and allow you to test out new bets without risk. 

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Breaking into 1xBet: how can I make my profile safe?
Basically, your account is already secure with such a great bookmaker as 1xBet. However, it is better to be safe than sorry so you can take extra precautions. First, we do not advise using any third-party scripts or applications. Then, activate two-factor authentication. To achieve this, you must first access your personal cabinet’s “Security” section. Select “two-factor authentication” from the available options. The third rule is to avoid disclosing your information to outside parties. The bookmaker is not liable for third-party software or other services players use that allow fraudsters to access their accounts by giving them their login and password. Players can guarantee the security of their profile and minimize 1xBet hacking to absolute zero by adhering to the recommendations above.
Website security: how do I pass the captcha at 1xBet?
Copy all the digits and letters you see in the relevant field and confirm that you are not a robot.
How do I bet on 1xBet if I am under 18?
You cannot bet on 1xBet if you are underage. Do not even try to cheat the system.
How do I bet on football at 1xBet?
You have to create an account, verify it, and deposit some funds. Then, you can open the sportsbook and choose an event you want to put a wager on. Add all the details to your betslip and confirm your bet. You can follow up on your wager in your account. 1xBet has a user-friendly sports betting interface, so it’s easy to navigate between games, place wagers, and monitor game results.
Do I need to enter my 1xBet account number to make a withdrawal?
Usually, you process withdrawals via your 1xBet account when logged in. So, your account number will be detected automatically.

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