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25 November, 2023 (UPDATE 16 May, 2024)
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An affiliate program is a way for third-party websites and bloggers to make a profit from the customers who follow the link and start to gamble on the sportsbook. It is a great option to convert website traffic into a way of increasing income. And 22Bet offers great options for that. In this article, we’re going to give you a brief review of this betting company and explain in detail why you should consider this company as your potential business partner. 

What Is 22Bet?

what-is-22bet_ 22Bet Affiliate Program

22Bet stands out from other sportsbooks. This betting company has proven itself by providing great-quality wagering products to its clients. But why do we say so? First of all, this sportsbook has a variety of betting methods. You can use a single bet if you are a novice to betting, or an accumulator bet, a system bet, a chain bet, and a multibet if you’re an advanced punter. For the convenience of its clients, 22Bet has apps available for Android and iOS. You can bet anytime and anywhere, and the live betting option takes gambling to the next level. Clients adore this sportsbook for the huge number of sports that they can place a wager on. It is also worth noting that the sportsbook has a lot of payment methods — over 200! Due to that, everyone can top up the balance and easily withdraw the winning money. Even if you get in trouble with using the service, you can get in touch with the support team, which gives reliable feedback 24/7. 

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Who Can Become a Partner

who-can-become-a-partner 22Bet Affiliate Program

22Bet does not limit the possibilities for bloggers and companies to participate in their program. Nevertheless, if they prove themselves, they will get all the benefits of these mutually beneficial conditions, and later, we will shed light on them.

How to Create a Link

If you want to become a partner in 22Bet’s affiliate program, you should register with the system. To make the process easier for you, we will provide you with all the information required.

Visit 22Bet and Click the “Affiliate Program”
Go to the official website or run the app. Scroll down the webpage and find the “Affiliate Program” text. Press it.
Provide Your Personal Information
In the “Account Information” section, enter your affiliate or business name and email. Confirm the last one by duplicating it in the “Confirm email” box. Add more details in the “Address information” section: country dial code, contact number, and country.
Create Login and Password
After you confirm your passcode, click on the checkbox to verify that you have read the Terms and Conditions. Click on the “Submit” button.
Become a Partner

Now, after registering in the 22Bet Partners system, you can log in by entering your username and password. If you want, you may click on the “Remember Me” icon to always be logged in to your account.

As you log into your account, you may see the menu. Here, you can find the sections “Dashboard”, “Campaigns”, “Media”, “Rewards”, “Payment reports”, “Reports”, “My favorite reports”, “News”, “Settings”, “Feedback,” and “Help”. Depending on your needs, you may find any data here.

According to the terms and conditions, participants in the program will be provided with visual promotional materials. However, in those materials, you should write down the text. Affiliates are allowed to use the website information in a variety of ways.

By adding these materials and the link generated by the system, you will be able to start using the program’s benefits.

22Bet Partner Commission

As you engage in this offer, you will be able to get a certain percentage of the revenue of those who have clicked on your link and started to use the betting and casino products of 22Bet. It means that the affiliate’s earnings are not fixed. They depend on the revenue produced for the wagering company from the users who created an account on the website after following the link. We inform you that it is required that the user top up their 22Bet account at least with $1. Commission fees, bonuses, and the total turnover of the player brought to the site by the affiliate do not affect the affiliate’s earnings, which constitute 20% of the betting company’s profit. 

However, the participants in this offer should be aware that if, in 6 months, no new clients are referred, the revenue share will be reduced to 15%. The same practice will be applied in the case of not getting new users; the revenue will consist of 5% of the income gathered by 22Bet.

Payment Conditions 

The affiliate is able to get his commission feed once a month. If the amount is less than 100$, the withdrawal will be denied and postponed to the next month or other time until the necessary sum is accumulated. 22Bet Affiliate Program may delay payments to the partners for a period of up to 2 months in case of technical failures and when it is demanded to investigate the affiliate data and his or her information. 

Benefits of the Program

As we mentioned earlier, 22Bet is a good-quality sportsbook, and it always provides its users with great betting and casino options. This wagering platform’s good features make it appealing to the client. It means that as you become a 22Bet affiliate partner, you will be guaranteed a high income. On their official website, the service crew stresses the many ways to bet, live betting, and great customer engagement. 22Bet has obtained the Curacao license, which is proof of the reliability of the sportsbook company. 22Bet is really versatile, as the service has over 200 payment options.

The icing on the cake would be the fact that the service accepts casino traffic. And 22Bet offers a wide choice of slots, roulette games, blackjacks, etc. 

22Bet knows how to build reliable partnerships with its affiliates, and it gives its partners access to detailed statistics and promotional materials. This sportsbook offers a profitable participant-company percentage rate. Having compared the available market, we understand that this affiliate program is one of the best. 

22Bet guarantees their potential affiliates that they have very reliable feedback. And if you want to access them, you can write directly to their email: support@22betparters.com

Requirements for Affiliates

To become a partner of 22Bet, you should meet the following requirements of the service:

  • The participants in the offer must be older than 18 years old.
  • Affiliates can use the website information in any way they find convenient for the promotion of the referral links.
  • Partners of 22Bet are not permitted to use unsolicited spam. Affiliates are forbidden to use contextual advertising containing the 22Brand name.
  • The use of “cookie stuffing” is prohibited.
  • Only one registration per customer is allowed.
  • An affiliate is prohibited from creating an account with the betting company via their own affiliate link.


conclusion-42 22Bet Affiliate Program

To start with, 22Bet is a great sportsbook and really stands out among the others in the Kenyan betting market. Using the Affiliate program is a great booster both for affiliate partners and users who follow the link. Punters will be pleased with the remarkable betting experience and a wide range of casino and betting options. Affiliates will also take advantage of this partnership. As it offers its clients advantageous opportunities for getting profit. Compared to other sportsbooks and their affiliate programs, 22Bet offers high percentages to their partners, well-designed material, and reliable feedback.

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What is the 22Bet Partners affiliate program?
The 22Bet Partners affiliate program is a mutually beneficial partnership in which an affiliate gets 20% of the income from the service if only clients come to the sportsbook following the link. 
What revenue share does 22Bet Partners casino affiliate offer?
20% to the affiliate partner and 80% to 22Bet. Depending on the traffic percentage, it can be reduced. 
What casino brands are associated with 22Bet Partners?
22Bet offers not only online wagering but casino games, too.
What software does the 22Bet Partners affiliate program use?
To attract customers to the sportsbook affiliate partner, use the generated link.
What payment methods are accepted by the 22Bet Partners?
22Bet has over 200 payment methods, which makes this wagering platform very versatile and convenient.

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