How To Deposit to 22Bet via Airtel Money & Mpesa Paybill in Kenya

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27 November, 2023 (UPDATE 16 May, 2024)
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If you are new to betting, you should know that it is essential to top up your balance to start placing bets. Our mission today is to create a thorough review of how to do that on 22Bet. Not only will we describe to you how to deposit money via your mobile phone or PC, but we will also give a small review of this sportsbook and answer all the questions that might appear.

22Bet Review 

22bet-review-1 How To Deposit to 22Bet via Airtel Money & Mpesa Paybill in Kenya

22Bet is a trusted and legit sportsbook on the Kenyan online betting market. It was designed right for sports fans, as there are over 1,000 sports events each day. To provide good-quality betting, the crew at 22Bet designed apps for both Android and iOS devices. They are extremely convenient, client-oriented, and have a user-friendly interface that makes wagering easy and accessible for everyone. You can enjoy wagering on a large number of sports with the live betting option. 22Bet knows its customers, which is why there are over 30 types of bets, including singles, systems, accumulators, chains, bets on a handicap, on cards in a match, on the performance of the players, and so on. In general, punters have a great incentive to stick to this sportsbook, as the crew of the service has done a good job developing the platform.

Read more about all of that in our thorough review of 22Bet bookmaker.

How to Deposit Money in 22Bet

how-to-deposit-money-in-22bet How To Deposit to 22Bet via Airtel Money & Mpesa Paybill in Kenya

To deposit money to your account, you should follow the instructions written above about using Airtel Money and M-PESA on your webpage, as those are the only two ways of depositing money at the moment.

How to Recharge in the Application 

If you happen to deposit money using a mobile phone, you can easily do that, as 22Bet has apps both available on Android and iOS. We would like to provide you with instructions for topping up your balance on these operating systems. Simply follow the instructions, depending on the type of mobile device:


  1. Open the application on your iOS device.
  2. Click on the green “plus” button on the top right of the screen.
  3. Here, you can see your account number and available deposit options.
  4. Go to the “M-PESA” section.
  5. Choose the amount of money that you want to top up your account with.
  6. Click on the dark teal “Confirm” button, and then you may see the notification “Deposit request created successfully.”
  7. Enter your M-PESA pin.


  1. Open 22Bet on your Android phone.
  2. Go to the menu.
  3. Click on the green “Deposit” button.
  4. Pick the payment method of your choice.
  5. Choose the amount to deposit in your account.
  6. Click on the “Confirm” button.
  7. Verify the deposit by entering your payment method pin code.
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Account Management on 22Bet

22Bet ensures that fund control is very flexible and convenient. You can check your balance, deposit, withdraw, and do other activities. Via the 22Bet application and website, you can easily keep track of your bets and transactions. If you want to know your account number, you can open the main menu to see this information.

How to Change Bank Details?

What should you do if you want to change your bank details? In this case, you should click on your account and, in settings, find the required section. 22Bet allows its users to manipulate their financial information easily.

Existing Deposit Methods

existing-deposit-methods How To Deposit to 22Bet via Airtel Money & Mpesa Paybill in Kenya

When it comes to depositing the balance, punters have two payment methods: M-PESA and Airtel Money. Unfortunately, 22Bet Kenya does not have a lot of options. Nevertheless, it is very easy to top up your balance. Now, we would like to give you a detailed review of those systems and provide you with instructions on how to use them correctly.


M-PESA is a Kenyan payment service that was founded by Safaricom in 2007. This service was developed exactly for the Kenyan market. Due to this option, everyone can deposit Kenyan shillings into the sportsbook, send cash to relatives, and withdraw winning money. With M-PESA, people can easily make transactions via their mobile phones. However, now we want to describe to you how to deposit money to your 22Bet account with the help of the PC version of the website:

Click the “Deposit” Button
Open the official 22Bet webpage, navigate to the green “Deposit button, and click it. 
Choose Method and Fulfill the Info
Choose the M-PESA method and write down the amount of money you want to top up your balance.
Finish the Process
Click on the “Confirm” button and reload the webpage. Funds will be credited to your account.

Airtel Money

Airtel is an Indian payment bank with headquarters in New Delhi. Despite the fact that this payment method is not local, this option has won the hearts of Kenyan punters with its convenience and fast speed of transactions. The provider is expanding its business and growing its Kenyan customer base. If you have chosen this operator to deposit money, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to 22Bet.
  2. Click on the “Deposit” element.
  3. Among the recommended methods, click on the “Airtel” icon.
  4. Choose an amount of money to replenish your balance.
  5. Confirm the transaction.
  6. After reloading the page, you will see that your balance has been increased.
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Terms and Conditions of Depositing on 22Bet  

terms-and-conditions-of-depositing-on-22bet- How To Deposit to 22Bet via Airtel Money & Mpesa Paybill in Kenya

To deposit money, punters should be very responsible and attentive to the transactions. However, there are certain rules that must be followed, as financial activities are well monitored and verified. 

To successfully deposit money, you should be of legal betting age and provide correct personal information as you create your account. If the information you provide is incorrect, the sportsbook reserves the right to suspend your account. The same situation applies to the money laundering activities, as they are well supervised by the 22Bet crew. 

Limits of Depositing on 22Bet

22Bet payment methods have limits. To prevent money laundering and other fraud activities, the bookmaker has a maximum amount limit for balance replenishment.

Payment methodMinimum amount Maximum amount 
M-PESA100 KES150,000 KES
Airtel Money100 KES62,000 KES

Commissions for Replenishment 

Luckily, 22Bet does not have commissions for translation activities. However, the payment operator can potentially charge your deposit with fees. That is why you should scrutinize all the information in your transaction to avoid unwanted expenses.

Duration of Account’s Replenishment 

As a matter of fact, depositing takes a few seconds. In case your account balance does not change, click on the circle arrow button on the left of “Main Account” to reload the webpage. Even after reloading, your account balance is still in the same state. Wait a few more minutes; there may be a chance of technical issues with the service. After all, you can always contact customer service.

Account Verification Before Replenishment

22Bet can potentially verify your personal information to confirm that you are not engaged in suspicious financial activities. The crew may check your ID or age to protect itself against fraud and money laundering. The fact that you have debts can also be an obstacle to cooperation.

Customer Service 22Bet

customer-service-22bet How To Deposit to 22Bet via Airtel Money & Mpesa Paybill in Kenya

22Bet is well known for its advanced customer support service. It is not a surprise for anyone that mistakes may occur, and in the case of depositing money, the problems should be solved as fast as possible; otherwise, the sportsbook may lose a good client. We managed to find all the information required for you to contact the 22Bet team. 

How to contact 22Bet?

Available +254 (0) 713146047 @22bet_ke 22betke +254 (0) 713146047


conclusion-44 How To Deposit to 22Bet via Airtel Money & Mpesa Paybill in Kenya

22Bet is a great sportsbook when it comes to the range of betting options. There is a huge range of sports available, along with casino games. Nevertheless, the payment methods for deposition are scarce in Kenya. M-PESA and Airtel Money are the only two available methods of topping up the balance. However, those ones are at their peak of performance because they make transactions fast and convenient. As with any online betting platform, there is a certain limit on depositing money. You should also be attentive when entering your personal information, as there is a chance that your account will be re-examined. If you stumble upon any questions concerning the deposit, you can easily contact 22Bet customer service and solve the problem.


How much is the 22Bet Kenya minimum deposit?
The minimum deposit amount is 100 KES.
What is the 22Bet deposit fee in Kenya?
Fortunately, there is no fee for depositing money at 22Bet.
What is the difference between M-Pesa and Safaricom?
M-Pesa is a payment method, whereas Safaricom is a communication company that holds it. 
What is the 22Bet Kenya phone number if something goes wrong?
In case you have any problems, get in touch with the crew of 22Bet. Look up the “Customer Service 22Bet” section of this article.

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