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Betwinner Cashback

The world of betting bonuses offers various promotions that punters, both newcomers and regulars, can use at their preferred bookmakers. Usually, the rule is that the more developed a betting website is, the bigger the number of bonuses will be, although there are always exceptions.

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Cashbacks are usually the types of bonuses that allow you to get back some or all of your spending. They come in various shapes and sizes; in some cases, such bonuses will fully refund your lost bet; in other situations, it will be a certain percentage, while in the rest of the cases, it will be an average number of some value. For example, consider your stake in the lost bets.

About BetWinner Bonuses

About BetWinner Bonuses

The variety of bonuses that BetWinner Kenya offers is rich, to say the least. Sure, the list of options isn’t seemingly endless as it’s on some competing websites, but there are plenty of promotions to enjoy, and they’re quite varied in their nature. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • First Deposit Offer.
  • Thursday Deposit Offer.
  • Accumulator of the Day Offer.
  • Lucky 9.
  • Bonus for a series of losing bets.
  • Sports Cashback.

Moreover, you can also get points during your wagering process and exchange them for free bets in the promo code store.

If you want to read more about the BetWinner bonus Terms and Conditions and get more general information about the platform’s promotions, check out our article that thoroughly covers the matter.

Terms and Conditions

If you’re planning to use BetWinner and its bonuses, then you have to be aware of specific rules of the platform. Let’s start with the essentials:

  • You must be over 18 years old to make an account on the platform. Please provide correct information about your age. Otherwise, this can get you quickly banned.
  • Enter correct financial information. Similarly to your age and identity, this piece of information might become subject to verification procedures.
  • You can’t bet on the events that you can directly influence. If you’re an athlete, coach, or referee, you mustn’t place wagers on the events you participate in.
  • You can’t make an account on the platform if you represent any other bookmaker.

Now that we’ve explained the rather obvious main rules of the platform, it’s time to move to the Terms and Conditions of the bonuses. We won’t get into specifics for each of them, instead listing the main ones that you can apply to all of the bonuses on the platform:

  • You can’t combine any promotion with another. This is pretty much self-explanatory and is a common rule on many betting platforms: you can’t use multiple bonuses at once.
  • You can’t withdraw a promo before you meet its wagering conditions. Of course, until the platform states the opposite or lists the exceptions.

How to Get the Cashback 

How to Get the Betwinner Cashback 

If you want to get the sports cashback bonus, here is what you must do: Simply place wagers daily, and at the end of the week, the platform will refund 3% of the total sum that you’ve lost, up to 148,955 KES. 149 KES is the minimum payout. You will get the refunds on Tuesday.

Welcome Bonus
Up To 15,000 KES
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Bonus Requirements

Now, let’s check the exact requirements you have to meet to receive the bonus. They’re not difficult to meet but are worth looking into:

  • The system doesn’t count bets on totals and handicaps. The same is true for sold, canceled, and unsettled wagers.
  • The markets for losing bets have to have odds higher than 1.5.
  • The bets must be settled by the time the calculations happen.
  • You shouldn’t breach anything in the general Terms and Conditions.
  • Your profile must include your full name, activated phone number, email, and the country you’re residing in.

As you can see, the rules aren’t strict at all, and it’s easy to fulfill the requirements. We can confidently say that the sports cashback bonus is among those that are easiest to receive on the platform, although the payout will be rather small if you haven’t lost much money during betting.

How to Use the Cashback Bonus?

How to Use the Betwinner Cashback Bonus?

This one is actually pretty simple. You will just get money credited to your account, and you can withdraw it or use it to place more wagers on the platform. Only you can decide what to do with the funds.

BetWinner Customer Care

Sometimes, certain things about the bonuses might not be as apparent as we would love them to be. Or you can just run into issues that you didn’t expect. Technical problems and unclear things are also present in some instances. You can try to solve your problems by contacting customer care in all the situations we listed. The table below provides the ways to contact BetWinner Kenya.

0800211266 0800221368 info@betwinner.ke @BetwinnerKenya /BetwinnerKenya254


Betwinner Conclusion

The BetWinner cashback bonus is a neat and straightforward one. You simply get compensated for your losses partially or entirely, and the requirements are usually lax. Or at least that’s how it works on BetWinner Kenya.

Welcome Bonus
Up To 15,000 KES
Get bonus


What are the wagering requirements to redeem the BetWinner bonus?
If you want to get the bonus, remember that only settled bets count, except those placed on totals and handicaps. The system only counts the bets with the odds higher than 1.5. You must also keep in mind that your profile must include such information as your activated phone number, full name, country of residence, and email.
Can I claim the BetWinner bonus using Skrill or PayPal?
You can withdraw the bonus using Skrill. Unfortunately, the same is not true for PayPal since the platform doesn’t support this payment system.
Should I use a BetWinner bonus code to get a bonus?
The sports cashback bonus doesn’t seem to be available via a promo code on the platform. It’s one of the bonuses that require direct participation in all cases.

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