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BetWinner is an international bookmaker known to Kenyans for its high level of service, user-friendly interface, and excellent betting conditions. However, it can be difficult for a beginner to understand the terminology and general rules, which leads to frustration and loss of benefits. In this review, we will go into detail about the most essential concepts and basic rules for placing bets on the platform so that you can avoid annoying mistakes.

Basic Terms and Definitions

basic-terms-and-definitions BetWinner Rules and Terms

It is worth starting with an analysis of the basic concepts to understand the betting process fully. You must clearly understand what this or that word means on the BetWinner website to make informed decisions regarding bets.

What Are Bet, Outcome, and Bet Cancellation 

The most basic concept is the bet itself. In fact, this is an agreement between the user and the bookmaker that, with a particular result, the bookmaker pays the user a specified amount. At the same time, the terms of the agreement are established by the bookmaker, and the user can accept them or refuse to bet at their own discretion. When placing a bet, the user is fully aware of and accepts all risks associated with this agreement.

The next concept you need to understand is outcall events. In a general sense, this is the result you expect. It’s not necessarily the final score. For each market, the outcome means the final value of a particular indicator. It could be the difference in score, the number of penalty points, or, for example, the victory of a specific team.

Many novice bettors are confused by the term “Bet Cancellation.” Indeed, according to the rules, the user cannot cancel his decision after the system accepts the bet. But in this case, it’s not about that. Imagine that the match you bet on did not take place. In this case, your agreement with the bookmaker cannot be fulfilled, and the system will cancel the bet. You get back the amount you bet without losing or making a profit.

You can see the definition of basic terms and betting rules at any time in the Terms and Conditions on the official BetWinner website.

Types of Bets at BetWinner

types-of-bets-at-betwinner BetWinner Rules and Terms

Like all other bookmakers, BetWinner provides the opportunity to place different types of wagers to diversify betting and provide various opportunities. Let’s take a closer look at the available options and their differences.

Single Bet

It’s the simplest type of stake and is recommended for beginners. You predict one outcome of a specific event. Usually, the winnings from such bets are not very impressive, but they are the most reliable. Obviously, it is easier to predict the result of one match than several at once. It is very simple to calculate the potential winnings: multiply your wager by the odds available for the selected market.

Accumulator Bet

Switching to accumulator bets is worth it when you are well-versed in the platform’s functioning and have in-depth knowledge of the chosen sport. To place the accumulator, you combine several predictions for different events in one coupon. Basically, you are making a lot of single bets. The potential winnings in such wagers are much higher because the initial amount is multiplied by all odds. However, in the event of one wrong prediction, you lose everything.

Bet With Promo Code

A promo code bet is a free wager you can purchase using bonus points in the promo code store. In this case, you place a bet as usual: select an event, market, and odds. But instead of betting money from your balance, you enter the code into a special window. If you win, you will receive the amount minus the face value of the stake.

How to Place a Bet

how-to-place-a-bet-1 BetWinner Rules and Terms

Those who are not new to betting will probably skip this section, as the process of placing a bet is nearly the same as on other websites. But if you are a newbie, you will definitely want to know all about the base of betting – and, just in case, in this exact bookmaker. We got you! In our article on how to bet on Betwinner, you will find everything you need: guides, rules, and possible pitfalls.

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In the case of live betting, the bet is made right during the sporting event. Every year, live sports betting is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the development of technology and the spread of the mobile Internet. Players are attracted to this betting option for several reasons. Firstly, it allows you to feel involved in the event. Secondly, it adds emotions when watching the match. Thirdly, in this case, you won’t have to wait long for your bet to be calculated: the forecast result becomes known as quickly as possible, right within games.

Events Outcomes

events-outcomes BetWinner Rules and Terms

The available betting markets determine the outcome of an event you can wager on. The same event can have many outcomes, but the bookmaker opens bets on only some. More often than not, the variety of markets depends on the event’s popularity. For inconspicuous games, only 2 or 3 outcomes may be available.

Minimum Bet at BetWinner 

The minimum possible bet at Betwinner per event is 22 KES. The maximum stake depends on the odds and is calculated based on the maximum potential payout, which is 1,000,000 KES per bet.

Other Limits and Restrictions 

other-limits-and-restrictions BetWinner Rules and Terms

Before starting betting, be sure to read the terms and conditions to avoid annoying disappointments. BetWinner imposes certain restrictions on users, and you need to be aware of them. Here, we present only the main ones.

  • Only adult users can register on the platform and place a stake.
  • The user must fill out the account and confirm contact information to receive bonuses.
  • When assigning verification, the user must pass it. Otherwise, the account may be blocked.
  • If the user intentionally misled the platform (for example, provided incorrect information during registration), the system may cancel all bets placed.

Take these restrictions into account, and do not try to deceive the system. Then, everything will be fine with your account, and you will be able to make profitable bets.

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Customer Support

The user support service on the BetWinner platform is beyond praise. Specialists quickly solve the problems of users and promptly answer questions. You can contact support through several channels.

If you need a quick solution, write to the live chat so you will get an answer in a few minutes. You can also call:

0800211266 0800221368

If you want to give feedback on the service or your question is not urgent, use the contact form on the site. In this case, the answer will be sent to your email within 24 hours. In addition, the official website provides email addresses for communication on various issues:


BetWinner is an excellent bookmaker with a reliable reputation and an army of fans. If you understand the concepts and basics of betting from the very beginning, using the platform will be simple and convenient, and your bets will be profitable. In this review, we have covered the basic concepts, but we recommend that you read the full Terms and Conditions on the site.


How do you find out all the sports results? How to follow a live match?
You can always see the results of the events you wager on in the betslip. In addition, special platforms publish the results of games in the sport of your choice. Statistics of ongoing events are displayed in real time on the website and in the BetWinner application on the event page.
Can I bet on the 1×2 market in any football match?
It is a reasonably famous market, so it is present in many events. You can find exact information about the available markets on the specific game page that interests you.
Why should I choose the 1×2 market?
This market increases the likelihood of winning because you bet on two possible outcomes simultaneously. A simple calculation shows that your chances are 66%, meaning you are more likely to succeed.
What are the options for the 1×2 market?
Double chance allows you to bet on a win and a draw simultaneously. In both cases, you win.
What other markets are there to bet on besides the 1×2?
You can bet on the victory of a specific team, the difference in the score, and the market over/under. For some events, bets are available on handicaps, statistics, and other outcomes.

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