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BetWinner Review in Kenya

Margin 4-6%
Cashout Yes
Live streaming Yes
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Payment options
15,000 KES
Welcome Bonus

Betwinner Pros and Cons

  • Decently designed website
  • Mobile apps for both iOS and Android
  • A long list of sports to bet on, including even not-so-popular games and eSports
  • Has a betting license in Kenya
  • The Android app is only offered as an APK file
  • The list of betting markets for eSports can be longer
  • No casino options in Kenya

Betwinner Score


Founded in 2007 and operating online since 2016, Betwinner is a famous and popular international bookmaker. Being an all-in-one platform, it has a lot going for it. Our article will cover all aspects of the website and what it can offer to the residents of Kenya, from the list of disciplines to bonuses, from various betting options to apps. We will even take a look at the official information about the platform and analyze its strong points as well as its drawbacks.

Key Features and Benefits

Betwinner Key Features and Benefits

As mentioned, Betwinner is a versatile bookmaker offering various features to its players. The website’s UI is rather good, but there’s nothing overly special about it. The list of offered sports is quite extensive, even including those far from popular. There are also apps for both iOS and Android.

Legality and Safety

Betwinner Legality and Safety

The bookmaker is reliable, operating in various countries under local permits. Kenya isn’t an exception. The platform has acquired a license in the country. It means that it’s a legit platform that can be trusted, and you must meet specific requirements to be registered.

Betwinner Mobile Application’s Main Features

Betwinner Mobile Application’s Main Features

Betwinner mobile apps are offered for iOS and Android devices. The apps are easy to download and install and provide a broad set of features. So let’s take a closer look at them.

How to Download

Getting the application on your device is quite simple, although the procedures differ for iOS and Android. Below, we will provide detailed information on how to do so.

How to Download and Install for Android

Here are the steps Android users have to take in order to get the app:

Start the Process
First, go to the Betwinner website. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click the “Android” button under the “App” tab.
Tap the Command
You will be taken to another page. Click the “Android devices: download the app” button. The APK file will be immediately downloaded.
Complete the Installation
Open the app. Allow the installation from an unknown source in the phone settings. Unpack APK and Install it. All done.

How to Download and Install for iOS

If you plan to install the app on an iPhone, the steps would be different but even more straightforward:

  1. Open Phone Settings. Ensure that your App Store location is set to the country where Betwinner operates legally and isn’t banned. For example, Kenya.
  2. Visit App Store. Open the App Store. Type in “Betwinner.” You will be taken to the app’s page. Install it.
  3. Finalize Your Operation. Tap on the app to open it. Now, you can enjoy the application on your iOS device.

Comparison With the Desktop Version

The applications and the mobile website look much better than the desktop version, which, despite looking quite good, isn’t exactly intuitive and sometimes looks a bit dated. The apps don’t have such a problem, with the design being quite good. They also offer a complete set of features that are provided for desktop users. The apps don’t compromise functionality, offering the players a complete betting experience.

So far, the apps or the mobile version would be better than the desktop website. Their fresh and intuitive UI is much more enjoyable to use.

Registration and Signing In

Betwinner Registration and Signing In

Joining the platform, as well as signing into an existing account, are two related but, at the same time, different processes. Let’s see how to do both. Thankfully, each procedure is effortless.

How to Join

There are a few possible approaches that can be taken for registration. Below, we will describe the “By phone” option. If you want to sign up with this method, do the following:

  1. Go to the BetWinner Site. Locate the “Registration” button on the top right part of the page. Click on it. There are several ways to approach the process. Let’s check the “By phone” tab.
  2. Start the Sign Up Process. Select your currency. Enter your phone number after choosing the country’s code. Type in a promo code if you have any. Click the “Send SMS” button located on the right of the phone number field.
  3. Accomplish Your Operation. Confirm the code. Click “Register.” All done.

There are three other alternative ways of joining the platform: the “One-click” solution, “By email,” and “Social network and messengers.” The one-click method is identical to the “By phone” one listed above but doesn’t require providing the phone number during the initial stage. The “By email” method features a lot of fields one has to fill in, including the city where you’re located, your email, phone number, as well as a full name. The “Social network” one is quite simple: just select your country and currency, as well as the third-party network or service you will use to log in.

How to Login

If you already have an account with the bookmaker, then you’re unlikely to run into any issues during the sign-in process. Just do the following:

  1. Open the Betwinner Site. Locate the “Log In” button in the top right corner. Click or tap it.
  2. Indicate Your Data. Type in your email address or phone number, depending on the method you used during registration. Enter the password.
  3. Confirm Your Action. Click “Log in.” Now you’ve successfully signed in.

Bonuses and Promotions

Betwinner Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses are used by betting platforms to attract new players and make the existing ones stay. They come in various shapes: as free bets, as additional sums on the account, as boosted winnings, or as free casino spins. They might target newcomers or be focused on regular, experienced players. Let’s see what Betwinner offers.

First Deposit Bonus

This Betwinner bonus is matched with the first deposit made by a new player. It’s 100% but cannot exceed 14,500 KES. There are also specific wagering requirements that must be met before one can withdraw it. Here are some:

  • It must be wagered at least five times in accumulator bets.
  • The bets should have odds higher than 1.4.
  • The bonus is considered wagered after the bets are settled.
  • Must be used within 30 days.

Sports Cashback

Also called “3% weekly cashback”, this offer works as expected, returning 3 percent of your losses in the games with odds higher than 1.5. Totals and handicaps are not included, and the calculation involves only the bets that have been settled. Unlike the Welcome Pack and the First Deposit Bonus, the offer is for regular players and isn’t aimed at newcomers.

Accepted Currencies

Betwinner Accepted Currencies

Being an international platform, the bookmaker supports many currencies, including popular ones such as the Euro, U.S. dollar, and Russian ruble. Kenyan Shilling (KES) is also offered. The platform asks you to select your preferred currency during the registration process.

Sportsbook Review

Betwinner Sportsbook Review

While many of the features described in the article are pretty important, the sports betting process is crucial for every bookmaker. One will not care about well-designed applications or excellent customer care if the list of offered games is relatively short or the wagering markets don’t look attractive.

The Betwinner odds are pretty good. Of course, you can find better ones on certain events if you look into the market hard enough, but the ones offered on the platform certainly match the average and, in some cases, are even better than what the competition offers.

Offered Sports

The bookmaker features a rather extensive list of disciplines to bet on. It includes popular games such as football, volleyball, ice hockey, and tennis. Less popular offers include biathlon, bicycle racing, chess, and water polo. Martial arts are offered for betting. You can place your wagers on UFC games, Muay Thai, and boxing. Moreover, you can bet on eSports. The list includes Dota 2, CS:GO, Valorant, StarCraft II, etc.

Betting Markets

Now it’s time to see what kinds of bets you can handle by playing at the bookmaker. It’s an essential aspect of every sportsbook, so it must be taken seriously. So far, Betwinner has a good selection of decently versatile wagering options. In our opinion, the only thing that can be improved is the number of variants for eSports. They allow for more flexible wagering options than regular games since the rules are much more complex.


The most popular and seemingly simplest betting type there is. It’s pretty straightforward: the only thing one has to predict is the winner or a draw. It can be applied to any game, and there’s nothing complex about how it works, but that doesn’t mean the predictions will be easy.


Another popular kind of bet It’s also quite simple and offered on any platform: you just have to predict whether the total score will go over or under a certain point. It can be applied to any score-based game, both team-based and individual. In this type of betting, you don’t have to guess a winner.

Double Chance

This market is also widespread. It involves making predictions about two or even more possible outcomes. For example, you can wager on a draw, and the home team wins. It significantly increases your chances of winning and reduces the risks compared to standard betting on one result.
Double chance can be applied to any sport, although they are more common in football and basketball, likely due to the popularity of these games.

Yellow Cards

This football market allows the punters to guess the number of yellow cards the referee shows during the game. In football, they act as a way to caution the players. On Betwinner, this market is combined with various types of bets. For example, with over/under, you will have to guess how many cards will be in a game and whether their number exceeds a certain point.

How to Bet

The betting process on the platform is quite simple. Here’s how to do so:

  1. Visit the Betwinner Resource. Go to the Betwinner website or open the application. Log into your account.
  2. Start Choosing a Game. Select the “Sports” or “Live” tab. The screen will be filled with the events you can place your wager on. Click on the odds next to one. The bet slip window will appear on the right.
  3. Place Your Stake. Enter the sum of your stake. Type in the promo code. Select whether you want the platform to continue accepting your bet when the odds change automatically. Place the bet. All done.

Prediction Tips

If you want to become consistently good at betting, there might be some ways to improve. Unfortunately, there’s no solution to becoming perfect at prediction, and no punter can be right 100% of the time, but the good news is that betting isn’t only based on luck. It also involves a great deal of skill. And you can improve it by following some rules and tips.

Let’s check out the ways to get better at wagering. These instructions can be applied to any sport and every platform:

  • Learn how betting works. Understanding how the odds are calculated and learning more about various wagering markets can benefit any player.
  • Get familiar with the history and rules of the sports you bet on. The more you know about the game, the easier it is to get the right picture in your head. If you don’t know how it works, your predictions will be purely based on a guess.
  • Keep up with recent events. While some games are more prone to rapid changes than others, you shouldn’t expect any team or player to perform as well as they did in the last season or championship. Things change, and not always for the better. So unless you follow the team, players, or recent games, you’re not genuinely familiar with what can be expected.
  • Set a budget for betting. This activity can quickly grow expensive, especially if you’re bad at handling money or have an addictive personality. In these cases, it’s better not to participate in wagering. But even if everything is fine, preventing overspending is always beneficial.
  • Listen to the experts. As was already mentioned, betting involves a lot of skills. So it’s a good idea to follow those with experience in the activity. They might share some knowledge and provide suitable recommendations.
  • Avoid gambling addiction. As we already mentioned, betting isn’t for people with addictive personalities. But getting it is still possible. Thankfully, the majority of platforms, Betwinner included, have precautions in place. They will notify you if they notice any unhealthy behavior. You should contact customer care if you notice any addictive patterns. Ask the workers to close your account, even temporarily, and contact the specialists.
  • Track your betting activity. Analyzing your successes and losses is beneficial for any player. It can help you understand your spending and determine your strengths and weaknesses.

As you can see, some discipline and learning new things will go a long way in betting. We hope that the tips we provided will be beneficial. You must also remember that you can’t always be correct and don’t get emotional over your losses. It’s counter-productive. Either way, betting can become a fun activity or a significant additional source of income.

How to Deposit Funds

Betwinner How to Deposit Funds

In this section we will provide a short guide on deposit options available with the bookmaker. For your information, we have a separate review on Betwinner deposit methods and some secret hacks that will help you to process deposits hassle-free.

The methods to add money to one’s account on the platform differ significantly from country to country. It is expected due to licensing and availability issues that might emerge. Since our article is focused on Betwinner’s features in Kenya, let’s see what’s offered for this country.

Existing Deposit Methods

You can use M-Pesa to move the funds onto your account on the platform. It’s a mobile payment system prevalent in many African countries, including Kenya. So far, this is the only way to deposit money into your Betwinner account in Kenya.

First Deposit Bonus

The platform offers a first deposit bonus to its new users. It is reflected on the balance as 100% of the sum they add to their account for the first time. It must be wagered five times in the accumulators.

Minimum Deposit

The smallest sum you can deposit in your account is just 1 KES. It’s astonishingly low, allowing the users to try betting without significant spending, making the activity quite accessible.

Deposit Code

You can add money to your account by using M-Pesa. During the depositing process, you must provide the Betwinner paybill number. It’s 7011780. So far, this is the only code you must use during the procedure.

How to Withdraw Funds

Betwinner How to Withdraw Funds

Similar to deposit solutions, several ways to receive your funds from the platform are offered. They also differ depending on the market, and the same methods are used for depositing and withdrawing in one country. Let’s see if that’s the case in Kenya.

Withdrawal Methods

The offered ways to receive your funds from Betwinner in Kenya feature the same solution you use for depositing: M-Pesa. Since this payment system is incredibly popular across Kenya, most of its residents will have no issues withdrawing their funds from the platform.

Casino Review

Betwinner Casino Review

Unfortunately, Betwinner doesn’t offer any casino options in Kenya. It is surprising since many of them are accessible in other markets. But the players can test their luck by trying the “Aviator” game designed by Spribe. The rules are simple: you place a bet and see the plane take off. The longer it’s visible, the bigger the winnings. The goal is to cash out before it disappears from view.

Supported Countries

Betwinner Supported Countries

The platform is an international one and offers its services in the majority of countries across the world. It includes the African continent and places such as Nigeria and Kenya. The bookmaker is, however, restricted in some countries since they have banned online wagering. Some of these include France, China, Turkey, and Indonesia.

Customer Care Service and Contacts

Betwinner Customer Care Service and Contacts

The platform offers customer support that works around the clock. Let’s check the ways to contact it and see if there are dedicated support channels for the residents of Kenya.

24/7 +254 800221368 info@betwinner.ke @BetwinnerKenya /BetwinnerKenya254 +254 711951164

Official Information About Betwinner

Official Information About Betwinner

The brand has been on the market for quite some time. A lot of information about the company behind it and its history is open and transparent. Although these things can still be improved since not everything is clear.

Net Worth

Unfortunately, there’s no available information covering the company’s revenue and market capitalization. There’s no information on the SEO’s net worth, but we can only guess that the sums are large since the platform is quite popular.


Roberto Carlos, a former Brazilian football player who is still quite famous, is the company’s ambassador in Latin America and the world. So far, the sportsbook doesn’t seem to have a brand ambassador in Kenya, but things might change.


Betwinner proves itself to be a very versatile wagering platform with an impressive selection of sports, betting markets, and options. It’s also full of other features, including a big list of nice bonuses both for wagering and gambling, mobile applications for iOS and Android, and several deposit and withdrawal methods that will differ depending on the market. The offered ways to transfer your funds are the most common in Kenya.

All in all, the bookmaker looks to be a reliable solution that can meet the demands of even experienced punters and gamblers. Our article described and analyzed what the platform can offer Kenyan players. We hope that the text will be useful to those thinking of joining the service as well as to the regulars. While the former can clear their doubts and decide whether the bookmaker offers enough for them, the latter category of players can get new information even if they’ve been the sportsbook’s customers for a while.

If you want to learn more about the platform, we have several other Betwinner reviews covering its different aspects. Read them to get more information about the way the service operates.

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Is Betwinner fake or real?
The platform is real and legit. It’s safe to use and not a scam. The service holds several local and international licenses, including a Kenyan one. It has been on the market for several years and has a reputation good enough to be trusted, as well as many clients. You can also always contact Betwinner customer care service, with experts willing to help you in solving the issues.
Is there an app?
Yes, the Betwinner app is offered for both iOS and Android. You can download the latter as an APK file directly from the website, while the iOS version can be installed directly from the App Store. Don’t download the APK files from third-party websites since there’s a chance that you can run into a scam. The one offered on the official website is a safe one.
Can I run into issues when joining the platform?
Making an account on the platform is quite simple, so it’s unlikely to experience problems. It can be completed in just a few steps, and we already described those for the “By phone” method in our text. If you want to know more about the procedure, get detailed guides for other methods, and check if there can be any issues, you can read our separate article on the topic of Betwinner registration.
How do I use my Betwinner bonuses?
This depends entirely on the bonus. The majority of them don’t have strict prerequisites, but you often have to wager them before withdrawing.
How do you get free money on Betwinner?
You can’t get money for free, that’s not the point of wagering, and it isn’t offered on the platform. Some bonuses are provided to the users, with many of them offering free bets, but it’s not the “money for free” case.
What is the maximum winning on Betwinner?
The maximum possible payout at the platform is roughly around 9,000,000 KES.
Which app can I use to bet for free?
You can’t bet completely for free and the app, neither the Android one nor the iOS version, doesn’t offer such a capability.
How can I transfer my funds?
Betwinner withdrawal and deposit options in Kenya include only M-Pesa, a popular mobile payment system.
How do I place a bet?
If you ever find yourself wondering how to bet on Betwinner, then you can read about the necessary steps in this article. The process is as easy as it gets, but if you want to know more, you can read our separate piece on the matter.
Is there a partnership program?
Yes, it’s called Betwinner Affiliates. Among our other reviews of the platform, you can find a text-focused solely on this program.

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