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15 July, 2023 (UPDATE 16 May, 2024)
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There are many things that can affect how a betting platform is perceived by its users. Many things contribute to its popularity: wagering options, deposit and withdrawal methods, the website’s usability, and high odds, among others. Mobile apps are another thing that is on the list. In this day and age, having the ability to easily access the service by using a dedicated app or a smartphone-optimized website will be welcomed by every punter.

This article aims to provide a detailed description of the app offered by Betwinner, a popular international betting platform. We will check the options provided for Kenyan users, explain the ways to install them, test if the mobile website is good enough, and analyze the differences between various versions.

How to Download the Betwinner App

As it was already mentioned, there are versions for iOS and Android. You can install both with ease, but keep in mind that the procedures are quite different. In the paragraphs below, we will describe how to get the apps.

How to Download and Install the App on Android

If you’re an Android user, here are the steps you should take in order to get the latest version of the app running on your smartphone:

Open the App Tab on the Site
Visit the official Betwinner website from your mobile device, and navigate to the “App” tab.
Download the .Apk File
On the “App” tab you will find the “Android” button. Click it and the file will automatically start downloading to your phone.
Install the App
Once the file is downloaded, make sure that your phone allows you to download and install files from unknown sources.
Get BetWinner Official App

How to Download and Install the App on iOS

The Betwinner iOS app is even easier to download; the process will be familiar to anyone owning an iPhone or iPad. Do the following:

  1. Open the App Tab on the Website. Visit the official BetWinner website from your iOS device. Make sure you are accessing from Kenya and open the Apps tab.
  2. Download the App. Click on the iOS icon and you will be taken to the App Store page with the BetWinner app. Click the “Get” button to start the download.
  3. Install the App. The iOS app will be installed automatically. Make sure you have enough memory on your phone.

How to Download and Install the PC App

There’s no application offered specifically for desktop users. If you’re visiting the platform from your PC, then the regular website is your main way to access it. This is to be expected since betting platforms usually don’t provide any dedicated programs for desktop users, so the websites should be good enough.

Betwinner Mobile App: Main Features

Betwinner has an application accessible for iOS and Android users alike. It was designed without compromises in functionality and to be full of features. Yes, you can easily place your bets, top up your balance, receive the funds, access the same bonuses offered for desktop users, and many other things.

Usability and Interface

iOS and Android have the same UI, which is quite nice, not overly bloated, and looks significantly better than the interface of the desktop website. It’s also quite intuitive. Combine that with the functionality listed in the paragraph above, and you’ll get a great way to access the service from the comfort of your phone.

Bonuses in the App

The same bonuses are offered for desktop and mobile users. Assessing them isn’t a problem on mobile devices. The first deposit bonus is among those: you can easily register on your phone, send money to your account without ever touching your PC, and easily get this Betwinner bonus.

Supported Devices

Both app versions have rather low system requirements, so even budget smartphones have no problem running them. We would say that any device released during the last few years will have no problem working with the app. Unfortunately, there’s no “lite” version of the application or mobile website, making the bookmaker accessible from very old smartphones.

System Requirements for iOS and Android

As was mentioned, the requirements are pretty lax. The Betwinner app for Android has one main requirement: the device must be running the system’s version 4.1 or newer. This version of the system was released over a decade ago, so the new devices run much fresher versions.

The Betwinner app for iPhone requires the device to run iOS 9 or newer. This version is far from new either, so the vast majority of modern smartphones have a more recent release. Only a small percentage of iPhones currently work with iOS 8 or older. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since iOS 16 is the latest version. You can also easily update the iOS on your relatively old device to its newest release.

The app takes just a bit more than 100 MB of disk space on either system. This isn’t much by modern standards but can be a problem to the owners with filled-up memory of their smartphones.

Betwinner Mobile Version

betwinner-mobile-version How to Download BetWinner App in Kenya?

If you can’t or won’t download and install the application on your device for any reason, then the mobile website can help you access the service. It’s a perfectly functional solution that can be a great replacement for the application. It looks the same as the mobile apps while providing all the features offered to desktop users.

The Difference Between the App and Mobile Version of the Website

differences-between-the-betwinner-app-and-the-mobile-version-of-the-site How to Download BetWinner App in Kenya?

The mobile website has an interface identical to the iOS and Android versions. The full set of offered functions is also the same. In fact, it seems that all of them were designed at the same time with the idea of having the same features and looks.

Pros and Cons of the Betwinner App

Let’s take a look at what the app offers and check its strong points, as well as its drawbacks.

  • Nice UI
  • Intuitive and easy to use and navigate
  • Long list of sports for betting and versatile markets
  • Can be used for withdrawing and depositing
  • Offered for both iOS and Android
  • Low system requirements
  • The Android version is only offered as an APK file and can’t be downloaded from the Google Play
  • Could take a bit less of disc space
  • To update the Android version you have to download the APK file again

Pros and Cons of the Mobile Website

While the mobile website is nearly identical to the application, we would still like to review its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s check them out.

  • Features the UI identical to the one offered in the mobile app
  • Easy to navigate
  • A long list of offered disciplines and casino options, as well as diverse casino games
  • Can be used for registration and transferring the funds
  • Can be accessed from any device
  • Doesn’t take any space on your smartphone
  • Can be a bit slower to run compared to the apps
  • Takes longer times to access

Mobile App Betting Options

mobile-app-betting-options How to Download BetWinner App in Kenya?

The application offers the same wagering options and functionality that can be found on the desktop website. It provides a long list of sports to put your wagers on, while the markets have the same diversity across all of the versions.

Other Betwinner Apps

other-apps How to Download BetWinner App in Kenya?

So far, there don’t seem to be any official apps offered by the platform apart from the one described in this article. If you see any developer claiming the application to be an official one for Betwinner or a download link for one, then it’s likely a scam.


Betwinner is a platform that is popular among punters from all over the world, including Kenya. Its mobile app is also impressive in its functionality, allowing the players to do everything on a smartphone that they normally would on a PC. The apps were designed without compromise in mind and also look quite nice. But if you don’t download one, you shouldn’t have issues either: there’s a perfectly functional mobile website that has the same set of functions.
Our article covered many things one would like to know about the Betwinner betting app. We hope that this information will be useful to those that consider joining the platform, as well as to regular players without mobile betting experience. If you still want to learn more about the bookmaker, we have other texts dedicated to various aspects of the platform, as well as the general review of Betwinner in Kenya.


How do I deposit money into Betwinner?
Betwinner deposit options in Kenya include a popular African mobile payment system called M-Pesa. You can read our other article dedicated to adding money to your balance on the platform.
Can I join the platform by using the app?
The Betwinner registration process is offered in the application, so mobile users willing to join the bookmaker should experience no issues.
Does the app cost money?
No, it’s totally free.
How do I use my Betwinner bonus?
This depends on the exact bonus you’ve received. While some of them have certain prerequisites and wagering requirements, those are usually easy to meet.
How do I place a bet?
The process is quite easy. The steps would involve finding an event, tapping on the odds, and filling in the betslip. The procedure is described in detail in our article covering how to bet on Betwinner.
How to use the Betwinner app?
This is easy. Just go through the Betwinner app download process, get the program installed using the guides we provided in the article, register or log in, and start using it. There are no hidden caveats and the chance of running into the issues is quite low.
What is the maximum winning on Betwinner?
The maximum possible payout on the platform is roughly around 9,000,000 KES.
How do I open Betwinner?
On your phone, you can simply download and install the app or stay with the mobile website. The Android version is offered as an APK file, while the Betwinner iPhone app can be found at the App Store.
Can I receive my funds by using the Betwinner application?
Yes, similarly to deposit methods, all of the Betwinner withdrawal options are provided to mobile users.
Can I gamble on the mobile version and in the app?
Yes, various Betwinner casino options are provided in the application. If you’re lucky enough to become a winner, you can also transfer the funds from the platform by using the program.
Can I contact customer support service by using the application?
Yes, Betwinner customer care is offered in the app. For example, you can access the live chat feature.
Can I become the bookmaker’s partner? Is there a program?
The service has a partnership program called Betwinner Affiliates. It’s entirely free to join. If you want to learn more about it, we have a separate article on the matter.
Can I download the APK file?
Yes, the Betwinner APK file can be downloaded and installed directly from the website.

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