BetWinner Contacts: How to Get Help

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21 October, 2023 (UPDATE 7 May, 2024)
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Many modern betting platforms, maybe apart from new and not yet well-established ones, usually feature good designs and make things as accessible for users as possible. But some issues might still appear. That’s perfectly normal since no system can function perfectly all the time. The problems can appear either on the user’s side or be related solely to the platform. Sometimes, the issues involve third-party services like payment companies or gambling providers. Anyway, to fix the issues, you might sometimes need help. For such purposes, the platforms usually offer a customer care service. Access to it might differ, and the service might work at certain hours or around the clock.

In the text below, we will cover how customer care works on BetWinner. This platform operates internationally, but we will check precisely the Kenyan market. The article will include basic information about the platform, a list of how to contact its customer support service and the issues the workers can help fix.

About BetWinner

about-betwinner BetWinner Contacts: How to Get Help

As was mentioned earlier, BetWinner is a large international company that operates in many places. The platform focuses mainly on betting, offering plenty of disciplines to choose from. The list of them is quite large; it includes popular games like football and volleyball and less common choices like chess, floorball, and motorsports. The number of betting options you can explore is also impressive. You can see it yourself in our BetWinner Kenya review.

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How to Contact BetWinner Customer Care

Let’s quickly get to the main point of this article: covering possible ways to contact the platform’s customer care service. BetWinner offers many channels to do so, and we will review each of them in the next few sections. The methods include a BetWinner contact number, email, and some other options.

By Phone

The method of contacting customer support service via phone call might seem outdated for some users, while others prefer speaking with their voice to explain the issues. Betwinner Kenya offers two contact numbers you can use to communicate with customer care: 0800211266, 0800221368.

By Email

Email is among the most straightforward ways to contact customer care support. Simply send a message and wait for the team to respond. Here’s the address: If you suspect safety-related issues, you can try this one:

Via Messengers

The year is 2023, so messaging services are as popular as ever. They actually have been for quite some time, but in this day and age, nearly everyone uses them both on desktop and mobile. Speaking of BetWinner, the website’s contact page doesn’t list a specific WhatsApp number. You can try those listed in the “By Phone” section.

The Issues the Customer Support Service Can Help Solving

the-issues-the-customer-support-service-can-help-solving BetWinner Contacts: How to Get Help

So, what are exactly the problems that might take you to customer care? Sure, it’s difficult to predict all of them, and that’s actually one of the reasons they exist. But we can look at some of the most common issues you can’t fix alone. Let’s check them out.

Deposit Doesn’t Come Through

One of the most frequent problems that you might encounter during betting is that the deposit does not transfer to your account. The reasons might vary, but they usually happen on the payment system’s side. In many cases, contacting them alone would be difficult, so speaking with the betting platform’s customer care can help you reach the payment system or become aware of possible technical malfunctions.

Login Issues

Sometimes, you may experience problems during the login process. Those are perfectly normal, and in many cases, it’s easy to fix them. We recommend first checking whether you have issues with the Internet connection. The same goes for VPNs. If the website doesn’t state it is on maintenance, you can contact customer care about the issue.


conclusion-20 BetWinner Contacts: How to Get Help

Being able to receive help with the possible issues you might encounter while betting on any platform is very important. Most bookmakers offer customer support, although the quality and number of communication methods may vary significantly.

Our article covered everything one might need to know about customer care at BetWinner Kenya. We listed how to contact it, including its phone number and email. You can also try using WhatsApp. We also covered the exact issues the service might help you with. We hope that such information will help if you ever run into problems. It can also play an important role in deciding whether you want to join the platform since you can access a good customer support service that operates around the clock.


Can I use English when contacting the support team?
Yes, that’s the main language the BetWinner support works with.
Can I call the support team from my country?
Yes, there’s an international helpline.
Can I contact BetWinner via WhatsApp?
If you want to chat with the customer care agents by using WhatsApp, you should know that the platform doesn’t mention this method specifically. But you can try regular phone numbers to try to access them via the website: 0800211266, 0800221368.
Is there a live chat?
So far, it doesn’t seem that BetWinner Kenya offers a live chat feature. But you can use the contact form to leave the ways to communicate with you.

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