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14 November, 2023 (UPDATE 19 April, 2024)
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Kenyans often wonder which betting companies charge tax on gambling activity. What and how much tax must paid, and to whom? And is it possible not to pay taxes?

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According to the law, the Kenya Revenue Authority is obliged to fill out a tax return. Most often, betting companies withhold a commission of 20% from winning transactions. 1xBet is the only betting company in Kenya that does not tax players’ winnings.

In this article, let’s look at the tax obligations in the betting world, the best betting sites today in Kenya, and tips and tricks to help you choose the best bookie. Let’s get started!

About 1xBet

About 1xBet

1xBet is, according to many experts, the best service for betting and casino games not only in Kenya but all over the world. The company has an official license and operates legally. Over the years, 1xBet has come out ahead of its competitors in many ways. Here are only some of the advantages of 1xBet, as it is hard to list them all:

High oddsThe site offers its players an advantage by providing the highest possible odds.
A variety of transaction methodsYou can deposit or withdraw your winnings in more than 40 different ways, including crypto wallets, payment systems, and cash payments.
High bonuses1xBet offers a welcome bonus on the first deposit of up to 20000 KES.
Support systemYou can get in touch and quickly solve any problem by contacting one of the many convenient ways to communicate.

Undoubtedly, 1xBet is a giant in the market of gambling services. Several advantages distinguish the betting company from the general background. Follow the link and learn more about how to deposit money 1xBet. Now, let’s pay closer attention to commissions and taxes.

Tax-free Betting Sites in Kenya

Only some sites in Kenya will withhold tax on your winnings – like 1xBet. If you win 1 million, you will be paid 1 million. Above all, this advantage undoubtedly sets the company apart from its competitors. 

All other licensed betting companies withhold 20% tax on your winnings. This fact means you must pay 20% of the amount you win. For example, if you win 100, your net winnings will be 80.

Is There a Way to Avoid Paying Tax on Sports Betting?

Unfortunately, at the moment, only one bookmaker company provides its players with tax avoidance – 1xBet. Playing on the site, you will receive your winnings in total, all 100%! 1xBet offers a unique opportunity, considering that the activity of the bookmaker company is legal.

Tips for Choosing Betting Sites Without Tax

1xbet Tips for Choosing Betting Sites Without Tax

If you need help choosing a site to place sports bets or play casino games, that’s normal. We always want to find the best option that gives us more opportunities and potential winnings. 

If you are facing difficulties, we will help you decide. Below, we will explain the fundamental tips to help you choose the best bookmaker. 

Please note that when choosing a betting company, you must consider several aspects of a complex. Individually, they could be more informative.


Another factor we recommend you pay attention to when choosing a place to make bets is its reputation. You should not choose a company that is involved in various courts or is involved in illegal activities. Study information about the bookmaker company you are interested in online before registering and depositing money.


First, betting on sports and casino games should be comfortable and pleasant. No one will want to play and use an inconvenient and incomprehensible site or application. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the interface of the betting company. 

On the market, there are many different sites with different capabilities. Choose the one that satisfies your comfort when using it.

Presence of Licences

Before placing wagers, check if the service has a license. If a betting company has no right, we do not recommend choosing it for playing. You risk losing all your money if you bet illegally. 

Sometimes, betting companies without a license offer big promotions and bonuses to their players – be careful!

Always be vigilant and check all information and details.

Transaction Options

The site section provides information about ways to deposit and withdraw money from your game account. If there are few methods for withdrawal and deposit, ensure that the site has a convenient way for you to make transactions.


Most bookmaker companies provide various bonuses upon registration and not only for their players. It is always worth paying attention to the factor of bonuses and promotions. Carefully study the rules and conditions of granting and withdrawing the prize. After comparing bonuses on different sites, ensure your chosen bonus suits you.

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1xbet Conclusion

You now know more about the fees and taxes that betting companies can withhold. We’ve also looked at some essential tips for choosing a guide to the world of large winnings. When analyzing betting companies, we recommend considering all factors together, not separately.

Although you can avoid paying taxes in rare exceptions such as 1xBet, most betting companies will charge a commission. This is a regular practice. Before you start playing, pay special attention to the withdrawal conditions in your country.

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