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22 December, 2023 (UPDATE 21 June, 2024)
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GGBet Pros and Cons

  • 20+ eSports disciplines. 
  • Exclusive tournaments and competitions. 
  • Big list of unique promotions. 
  • Casino section with titles for all tastes. 
  • User-friendly website.
  • Apps for iOS and Android
  • User rating could be higher. 
  • Casino enthusiasts might need more games.
  • Not all payment methods are available.

GGBet Score


The betting industry has invented a whole range of entertainment besides regular sports betting. Now, the bookmaker is no longer a place where you can bet on sports. It is a place where you can meet like-minded people, compete in various tournaments, win extremely generous prizes, and even play casino titles in video and live formats. Today, we are going to talk about such a platform that combines various entertainment activities, offers quite favorable sports odds, a huge number of betting tools, and bonuses that not only look interesting but literally give benefits. Welcome to the GGBet review. Here, we will tell the truth, give an honest opinion about each site, and evaluate its reliability according to specific criteria.

Key Features and Benefits

key-features-and-benefits-6 GGBet Kenya Review

GGBet is a quite favorable betting environment and an experienced bookie that has thousands of active users. There are three main reasons to join GGbet: it not only complies with trends, but it sets these trends itself, the information about the brand is transparent, and the security is on top. Let us take a closer look at what GGBet is offering to us and what features stand out this bookmaker among others. 

  • eSports-oriented features. With all the major markets available for eSports, different categories of games, and betting types, GGBet is appreciated by sports enthusiasts. People who love the thrill of cyber sports matches will get the best experience as the number of themed events is the largest.  
  • Ability to place live bets and watch live streams. As long as the bookmaker focuses on sports, there are live betting options that allow betting on games that are in progress. In other words, the game may be half over, but new opportunities and betting markets will appear that will allow you to place your bets until the game is over. 
  • Exclusive contests and tournaments for players. As we have already mentioned, GGBet is a place where you feel accepted and loved and where you can not only bet on sports but also participate in competitions and win valuable prizes. One of these tournaments is called the “Jinx Competition,” with a prize pool of EUR 5000. 
  • Get some sweets. If you want to sweeten your life, do not pass by the promo page. GGBet offers excellent deposit bonuses, free bets, tasty cashback, and other incentives. However, before claiming them, consider your betting style and choose the offer that suits your needs.

Legality and Safety

All modern bookmakers must comply with the laws of the country in which they offer betting services. It is crucial to be registered in the jurisdiction where sports betting and gambling are legal. In terms of security, GGBet follows the latest security measures, regularly updating its site logs and SSL encryption. Fortunately, all users can safely register, provide personal information, and make deposits without a second thought. In case of any problems with the bookmaker or if you have made a mistake, be sure to contact the managers and support representatives for future assistance. 

GGBet Mobile Application Features 

app GGBet Kenya Review

Nowadays, the trend of moving to mobile betting is becoming increasingly widespread. Both well-known bookmakers that have been on the market for years and new entrants are developing mobile apps for convenient use of betting options. If it sounds interesting, read the article about the GGBet app to download, install, and start betting with your iOS or Android phone.

Mobile gambling has become more and more accessible, and almost all modern mobile phones support high-quality mobile apps where you can place bets and play casino games. Let us highlight the main features of mobile phones and give reasons why you should try them too. 

  • Top quality mobile sports betting and gaming. A decade ago, it was hard to imagine playing casino games, betting on sports, and winning real money on your smartphone. But now, it is available to anyone with a smartphone running iOS or Android. 
  • The ability to bet from wherever it is convenient for you. Yes, you are no longer tied to your computer or bookmakers. Now, as long as you have Internet access and a smartphone, you can download the app and enjoy betting. 
  • Casino games with enhanced graphics. Modern titles developed for mobile apps are known for their beautiful graphics and smooth animations. All casino games come with 3D, surround sound and beautiful soundtracks.

GGBet Registration and Login 

If the benefits of GGBet appeal to you, learn how to create an account and become a member. Registration may seem complicated, but it is easy if you follow the steps below. Be sure to read about the registration requirements and what to look for when filling out the fields. 


Step 1

Visit the official website. Go to the GGBet website and browse through the available options. Click on the “Sign Up” button. 

Step 2

Enter your registration details or sign up via social media. Once you open the tab, enter details in fields such as email address or phone number and create a password. Or simply select the perfect social media and connect without registering again. 

Step 3

Log in to your account. If you signed up using traditional email/phone number logins, click “Sign in” and enter your email, phone number, or username and password.

Every bookmaker has terms and conditions, and you must follow them once you have an account ready. You can read and confirm them before you finish the registration. Among the most strict points are the minimum age of 18, no gambling addiction, and no financial problems. To learn more about the main requirements, read the article on GGBet registration and start your own successful journey. 

Promotions at GGBet

bonus GGBet Kenya Review

Betting sites today offer more promo solutions than you think. GGbet focuses on different kinds of incentives to attract new players and keep the old ones. That is why there are welcome offers, deposit bonuses, loyalty rewards, and cashback. Explore the GGBet offers in your detailed review of all the features of promos. 

Promotions play an extremely important role in 2023, and no one would choose a site that does not offer any rewards. Today, having a number of promotions is a trend that shows the trustworthiness of this or that website. Let us go deeper and highlight the top 3 promos at GGBet and discuss what benefits they really offer. 

  • Deposit bonus. The mechanics of deposit bonuses at GGBet differ, offering different sums and different dates. The current offer is 100% of up to 15,000 KES. A few months later, you will be able to get 250% off up to 60,000 KES. The catchy thing is that you need to follow the current options and pick the best time. 
  • Sweet Freebet. Here, you can make smaller deposits and get smaller bonuses. For example, a deposit of 2300 KES will bring around 1500 KES in free bets. But it also has a second half of the offer when you receive insurance on your bets. And if you missed your guess, the insurance will cover the losses. 
  • Cashback. The size of a cashback depends on the size of your deposit, and it only applies to CS matches. To earn 20% cashback, the minimum deposit must be 15,000 KES. Only Counter-Strike matches with 1.7 odds are counted to receive cashback. 

Supported Currencies 

Before registering with GGBet, you should familiarize yourself with the available currencies for making transactions. Choosing the most convenient currency for you will result in easier payments, lower fees, and favorable exchange rates. Some bookmakers only offer local currency, but GGBet is available in several countries, so there are several currencies to use. 

  • EUR 
  • USD
  • AUD
  • BRL
  • BYN
  • CAD
  • CLP 
  • mBTC + 10 others. 

GGBet requires its users to select their preferred currency in the registration tab at the beginning of a journey. Be sure to select the currency before entering the site and completing the registration process. 

Sportsbook Review

sportsbook-review- GGBet Kenya Review

We are moving to the most exciting part of the bookmaker, its heart and place where people spend the most amount of time. Let us review the sportsbook, taking into account its betting types, markets, and available sports disciplines, and discuss the process of how to place bets. 

Available Sports 

We all visit sportsbooks to try our luck at predicting sporting events and possibly win money. But that is only possible if the sportsbook offers sports you love. Even though GGBet is a place that focuses on eSports (you can check out the related article on GGBet eSports Betting), there are numerous other sports. Check out the list: 

  • eSports (CS, Dota 2, Valoran, LoL, Mobile Legends, Rainbow Six, Fortnite, and others). 
  • Football (Soccer).
  • Basketball.
  • Volleyball.
  • Tennis.
  • Basketball eSports. 
  • Cricket. 
  • Formula and 20+ others. 

Check the full list on the GGBet website. Press “Bets,” and the list of all sports will be displayed in the left column. You can click on each sport and get the latest tournament information, check outrights, and choose the country where the match will start. 

Betting Markets 

All sportsbooks feature various markets that determine the outcome of your bet. A market refers to the outcome you choose and predict to occur in a match. Winning the bet happens when the outcome you predicted comes true. Explore the wide selection of markets offered by GGBet and learn which markets are recommended for betting and which ones are not. 


The classic of all classics, based on the game’s outcome. 1×2 has three possible outcomes that you can bet on.   The first is for the home team to win (1).The second is a win for the away team (2), and the third is a draw or no win for either team.Basically, you look at the odds and try to predict which team will win. 

DC (Double Chance)

It refers to the same 1×2, but DC allows you to pick two outcomes at the same time. Instead of picking 1, x, or 2, you can pick both, like 12, 1x, and 2x, and if one of the two outcomes happens, you win the bet. But the tricky part is that the odds are lower, so the payouts are not big. But the odds are good for beginners.


To diversify your betting experience, you can predict the score. Over/Under is a score-based market that lets you predict the total score at the end of the game or during a particular half. It is not just about football. Over/Under can be applied to eSports matches, where you try to guess the number of rounds, kills, assists, and more. The variety of markets with OV/UN variables is large. 

Total Score or Correct Score

The ability to predict the total score requires a lot of knowledge and luck. With totals, you have to guess the score very accurately. Yes, it is harder than other markets, but the payouts are extreme.

First Blood or First Person to Score

This refers to your knowledge of the players and your ability to predict who will draw first blood or score first. You choose from top players who not only have top skills but are also known to be top scorers.

Types of Bets 

The rapid growth of online betting is creating new ways to place bets. As a result, new types of bets are appearing in modern sportsbooks, allowing players to create unique betting strategies and try different approaches. Some types allow you to balance risk and payoffs in both directions. If you want to risk more and win more, read about the most common types below. 

In-Play Betting

Today, there are almost no bookmakers without live betting options. Live betting is a quick way to place a bet and win some money. In general, you place bets on events that are in progress, and the beauty of it is their excellent ability to bet at any time of the game. Just open the “Betting” section and look at the list of sports. There will be a “Live” label if there are games in progress. 

Pre-match Betting

Nobody loves the randomness of live events, and sometimes, it is easier to place an upcoming game, and the odds are higher. That is because the closer you get to the game, the bigger the difference in odds. The benefits of this type are that you can bet before the game, you can analyze the statistics, learn about the previous results, and compare the odds.

Accumulator Bets 

When a single game and its odds no longer suit you, it is time to try your luck with accumulators. In general, accumulators are an option that allows you to pick multiple selections, creating a chain of events in one bet. Instead of picking just one game, you can pick up to 50 events and significantly increase your odds. The tricky part is that if one game loses, you lose the entire bet. So, with each new selection you make, your winning probability goes down. 

How to Place Bets 

Now, you are aware of all betting types, markets, and available sports and can place your first bets. In fact, it is not that complicated to launch your first bet. However, some steps are crucial, and you can not miss it. Check what you need to proceed to launch your first bet at GGBet. 

  1. Log in to your account. Go to the website and click “Login. Enter your login details and access your account. 
  2. Go to the Sportsbook and browse through the options available. There are many live and upcoming events.
  3. Select the sports. In the Sportsbook, you will need to click on your preferred sport and then find the match you want to bet on.  
  4. Set the betting markets and add the selection to the bet slip. Click on the market, take into account the odds, and add the match to the betslip. If you want to add more, click on more markets.  
  5. Specify the amount to bet. Once you have added all your selections, you will need to set the stake in the tab on the right. Enter the amount, check the possible payouts, and press “Bet.”

Tips and Tricks for Successful Predictions 

tips-1 GGBet Kenya Review

Newcomers visit bookmakers with the clear idea of having a good time and making some money. But your experience at the bookmaker in terms of having money and winning money depends on your knowledge and practice of placing bets. Of course, you can just place a bet on your favorite team to give your sports experience a spark. However, if you want to learn how to pick games, analyze odds, and apply techniques, stay tuned. 

  • Master the rules of your favorite sports and basic betting tools. Placing a bet is easy, but betting is not about that. Betting is about analytics, apple techniques, and knowing everything about the particular sport, the game, the whole season, and all the players. Always try to be an expert, read forums, follow social media, and compare statistics of teams and players. Learn how to evaluate underdogs and favorites. And try to avoid random bets that are not supported by facts.
  • Learn how to manage your money. The key to successful betting lies not only in the ability to make correct predictions but also in the ability to control your budget, accurately determine your steaks, and know when to stop. This includes the mental ability to control yourself, prevent making rash decisions, and know the basics of money management. For example, setting your budget for a future session and stopping betting when the money’s gone is a great strategy. Because, as soon as you decide to win money back, you lose. 

How to Deposit 

pay GGBet Kenya Review

GGBet offers multiple options to fund your account, including banking cards, eWallets, prepaid cards, and cryptocurrency. When you register an account, you need to determine the currency that you will use and then deposit using this currency. Pick the preferred method and do the following. To find the full registration guide, visit our comprehensive review of all GG Bet deposit methods. 

How to Withdrawal 

Modern tendency concerning long withdrawals has nothing to do with GGBet. This bookmaker has a multiplier way to get your winnings out. Some payment options take longer to proceed with a withdrawal, and some have wider limits, but at GGBet, most methods have no fees and wide maximum and minimum limits. However, it is not enough to just pick the right payment method. It is also crucial to follow the terms and conditions. In order to get acquainted with GG bet withdrawal specifics, head to the following article. 

Casino Review

conc-1 GGBet Kenya Review

Modern betting sites are different and offer many alternative betting options, such as casino games. If you are more inclined to try other activities than sports betting, go to GGBet’s casino section and enjoy the wide range of slots, table and crash games, live casino, and take part in tournaments. GGBet cooperates with several software developers that offer Gates of Olympus, Hell Hot 100, Joker Stocker, Fruity Candy, and hundreds of others. In addition, there is a large selection of live casino games broadcast on special channels and hosted by real people. This provides an immersive experience. All non-live games are powered by the latest RNG engines, ensuring 100% fairness of all outcomes. If casino games are what you are looking for, check the dedicated article on GGBet casino and find out more about available titles, latest releases, and more. 

Supported Countries 

countries-1 GGBet Kenya Review

If the bookmaker is accepted in the country, it either has a license from that jurisdiction, or the country allows online betting on offshore betting sites. Below is a list of where you can legally open the bookmaker without any services. 

  • Australia,
  • Cyprus,
  • Curacao, 
  • France, 
  • Great Britain,
  • Malta, 
  • Portugal, 
  • Uganda, 
  • United States of America, 
  • Turkey, and others. 

GGBet Customer Support 

One of the main principles of many bookmakers today is to have a good relationship with their players. To do this, they have extensive contact sections with several different methods, such as phone numbers, social media accounts, emails, live chats, and more. Let us find out which communication methods are used at GGBet. 

Yes +44 (203) 769-19-62 @ggbet_en @ggbet_en

Official Information about GGBet

of-inf GGBet Kenya Review

GGBet is a registered bookmaker with all the necessary licenses and certifications to operate legally. However, GGBet is not available worldwide, and only some countries support the platform for their citizens. The key indicator of any bookmaker is its transparency and honest approach to users. So, let us find out what GGBet looks like from a legal perspective. 

Affiliate Program 

Become a partner of the GGBet affiliate program by reading the detailed guide to this affiliate program. Join a group of like-minded people with a common desire to promote the bookmaker and attract new customers. Only those who truly believe in the success of GGBet can truly benefit from this program and the CPA or Revenue Share plans.

GGBet Owner and Country of Registration 

GGbet is a leading bookmaker that has its roots in Eastern Europe but registered the brand in the Republic of Cyprus. This bookmaker is regulated by Brivio Limited, which has its headquarters in Limassol, 3075 Cyprus. In addition, it is licensed in Curacao, a legal gambling jurisdiction, allowing numerous offshore legal betting countries to easily access and play without legal issues.


GGBet is a solid bookmaker with an exceptional variety of opportunities, starting from a legal approach to players to an excellent selection of sports, top security measures, and generous promos. GGBet stands out among other betting sites for the number of eSports events, as the bookmaker has focused on cybersports since its inception. With its commitment to providing live streams and betting on live events, the bookmaker remains one of the best and is definitely worth your time. 

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Is the best bookmakers for Esports Betting?
GGBet is definitely one of the best that has a strong emphasis on eSports. It offers several tournaments on eSports betting and offers exclusive bonuses for eSports enthusiasts. 
Does offer bonuses or promotions?
Yes, there are freebets, cashback, insurance bonuses, and other perks. 
Are there welcome bonuses for GGBet?
There are several deposit bonuses for newly registered players that we recommend you take advantage of for a quick boost. 
Does GGBet have an operating license?
The bookmaker has received approval documents from the Curacao licensor.
Can I deposit with cryptocurrency at GGBet?
Cryptocurrency payments are supported by GGBet, so you can send some coins to the GGBet account and exchange them for any conventional currency. 

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