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6 February, 2024 (UPDATE 17 May, 2024)
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Affiliate programs make up an essential aspect of any reputable bookmaker’s policy. They are an efficient way to bring more members to a community while promoting safe and reliable gambling. Let’s discuss the affiliate program of Helabet, a popular sportsbook in Kenya.


about-1 HelaBet Affiliate Program

Helabet is a reputable online sports betting and casino platform. The site is known to many African punters for its wide range of wagering options and gambling games. The company is officially licensed and operated by ProgressPlay Limited in Malta. Helabet’s functioning policy and safety regulations create a secure betting environment for users of any level. Explore the site’s incredible list of bonuses and promotions to begin your journey risk-free. You can learn more about Helabet Kenya in an accurate and detailed review.

Continue reading the article if you are interested in learning more about Helabet’s affiliate program.

How to Become a Partner

how-1 HelaBet Affiliate Program

Helabet is always open to exciting collaborations with other open companies. Here is a simple guide to becoming the bookmaker’s partner. 

  1. Visit the website of Helabet’s affiliate signup page.
  2. Fill out the affiliate program application form. This usually involves providing information about your website, traffic sources, promotional methods, and more. 
  3. The affiliate program may need some time to review your information after you submit your application. After approval, you will be granted access to affiliate resources and special tracking links. 
  4. Create unique affiliate links for the products or services you want to promote. These links are used to track your referrals and commissions.
  5. Once you have generated sales or referrals, the system will pay you according to the company’s payment schedule.

Partner Link

An affiliate link is a URL with the affiliate’s unique ID. The partner company receives payment when customers use this link to complete a purchase or any other transaction. Since this is how the affiliate system tracks and rewards affiliates for referrals, it is crucial that members use their special links attentively. 

Generating the link involves selecting a specific promotional target and clicking on the desired option. The link will be created and can then be further customized or used directly. 

Become a Partner

Affiliate Commission

com HelaBet Affiliate Program

HelaBet Partners offers a standard commission structure based on your referrals’ net gaming revenue. Your monthly commission rate will be based on how many players you can bring on board for the brand. Generally, the company promises a 30% commission for successful promotion, but the percentage can be increased up to 50%. 

Payout Conditions

The general case regarding payments depends entirely on the number of new users brought in by the company’s partners. 

  • At least three people must join to receive the minimal payout. 
  • The minimal threshold is $30. 
  • All transactions take place at the beginning of each month.


ad HelaBet Affiliate Program

The partnership with Helabet has many advantages:

  • Fast processing of payments: Over 10 different online payment methods are available for the quickest transactions.
  • High commission: The program suggests a relatively high commission for new users, ranging from 30% to 50%.
  • Low financial risk: The signup is free, and the end profit depends entirely on the referral productivity. 
  • Reliable collaboration: The bookmaker is a trustworthy platform valued by many other reputable organizations. You can find helpful reviews on its affiliate page.
  • Support and resources: Helabet ensures proper communication with all of the site’s partners by providing all the necessary contact information.
  • Basic requirements: Becoming an official member includes a quick signup process and a simple referral procedure.

Terms and Conditions

The minimal requirements of becoming an affiliate partner include:

  • Have a valid Helabet account.
  • Have a website or advertising page.
  • Create high-quality advertisements using the tools provided by the company.

That is all! As you can see, the process is quite simple and ideal for respectable companies prioritizing high quality and efficiency.

Become a Partner

Final Words

Helabet offers a unique opportunity to familiarize yourself with the platform while also benefiting from its resources. You can follow the simple guide on joining the site’s affiliate program to instantly promote its services and profit!


What is the minimum threshold of Helabet Partners?
The minimum threshold for Helabet partners is $30. 
Do Helabet Partners have sub-affiliate commissions?
Yes, the sub-affiliate commission is available. 
Do Helabet Partners offer CPA or Hybrid deals?
Yes, both CPA and Hybrid deals are available upon request.

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