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22 August, 2023 (UPDATE 21 June, 2024)
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Helabet Pros and Cons

  • Multitude of betting options
  • Interesting promos
  • Trustworthy and reliable platform
  • Simple to use
  • Mobile application is available for all users
  • Lots of payment methods
  • No cash out feature available
  • No live streaming service
  • Only one support team channel

Helabet Score


Kenyan sports bettors value reliability, quality, and great opportunities. As a result, local gamblers have come to regard the HelaBet betting platform as one of their favorites. The company provides everything sports bettors love, including a huge selection of sports, intriguing promotional offers, and a mobile app that makes accessing the platform easier. It is obvious that they could not pass up a platform like that, given the popularity of mobile betting and online sports wagering among local bettors! Without further ado, we encourage you to read our HelaBet review to learn more about this website.

Key Features and Benefits

key-features-and-benefits-3 Helabet Kenya Review

HelaBet is well known in the sports betting industry for offering top-notch services, but let us look at some of the company’s standout features and benefits. You can determine whether or not this platform meets your needs by being aware of these characteristics.

  • Mobile application that gives the opportunity to profit from mobile betting.
  • Quick sign-up and login processes make it possible to access the website in a matter of seconds.
  • Casino section and slot machines for those who are keen on online gambling
  • Large number of payment methods, including most popular ones
  • Live betting is available for most popular sports disciplines
  • Abounds in promotional offers and bonuses 
  • Simple enough for newcomers to understand and start off
  • Attractive welcome bonus that will boost your experience as a beginner
  • The most popular sports, including football, can be bet on virtually
  • Quick method of betting that will not consume much of your time

Legality and Safety

legality-and-safety-3 Helabet Kenya Review

You may be curious about the platform’s safety features and whether or not HelaBet is a licensed platform since we mentioned that it is renowned for being reliable previously. 

Since secure financial transactions are necessary for bettors to feel confident in their investments, and it would be improper to engage in illegal activity, safety is obviously an important aspect when it comes to online betting platforms.

Thankfully, the Kenyan Betting Control and Licensing Board has authorized and regulated HelaBet as a sports betting website. This license serves as evidence of the business’ legitimacy and confirms that it is legally permitted to conduct business in the country. 

You do not need to worry anymore because HelaBet is keeping your personal information and all of your online financial transactions secure. 

Mobile App Features

mobile-app-features Helabet Kenya Review

Let us move on to the section that is undoubtedly very interesting for bettors who prefer to wager on their mobile devices. As you are aware, HelaBet created an application that enables online betting; it is usable on Android devices, making it a tool that anyone can use to profit from mobile sports wagering wherever they wish. This application allows you to place bets while you are out shopping or traveling, which is exciting and will surely appeal to younger generations. Not to mention the possibility of receiving alerts on a regular basis informing you of upcoming events and the status of your previous bets. You can always keep track of your betting history using the HelaBet app, and you will always be prepared to make new bets no matter where you are. 

You should keep in mind that every mobile app has specific system requirements, so before installing an app, make sure your device is compatible with it.

App vs. Desktop

A thorough comparison between the mobile and desktop versions never hurt anyone. It goes without saying that the majority of traditional bettors prefer using their personal computers to access the website and place their wagers. The only real differences between the two bookie versions are a few minor technical details. Let us compare the differences so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Regular notifications and alertsDoesn’t require any installation
Requires a mobile deviceNo updates need to be made
Frequent updatesClassic and reliable
Adapted to all types of gadgetsNot adapted for mobile devices

Registration and Login

registration-and-login Helabet Kenya Review

Every bettor is aware that registering on a sports betting platform is the first step that must be taken before engaging in sports betting activities. You will not have to worry about spending all day providing documents, IDs, and a ton of personal information because the HelaBet website makes this process very simple and quick. The verification process is rapid and straightforward, so have fun. To register on HelaBet Kenya and access your account for the first time, simply follow the steps outlined below. 

Open the Registration Form
Navigate to the bookie’s official website or open the application. Locate and tap on “REGISTRATION.” You will have the possibility to register either via email or telephone; we recommend doing it by phone.
Fill In the Form
Enter your telephone number. Click on “Send SMS.” Confirm that you are not a robot and enter the code received in the corresponding field. Think of a password. Click on “REGISTER.”
Enter Your Account
Now, tap on “LOG IN.” Enter the number you provided during registration and your password. Click on “LOG IN.

To avoid problems, make sure to always provide accurate information when registering.  Your phone number is used to confirm your identity, so it should be genuine.

Bonuses and Promotions

bonuses-and-promotions-1 Helabet Kenya Review

One of the best ways to improve your sports betting experience and benefit from special offers is, surely, through bonuses and promotions. With the help of promotional offers, you can raise your chances of hitting the jackpot on your wagers and even get some free money to spend on the platform. 

The HelaBet welcome bonus is obviously the most popular offer among local bettors; it provides a wide range of opportunities because it can be used to grow a budget on the website for free. However, let us not forget about other bonuses and look at the top three deals currently available on HelaBet. 

Welcome Bonus

Beginners are welcomed and thanked for registering on the website with a gift called the welcome bonus. In most cases, this kind of gift comes in the form of free bets or just plain cash that can be used on the website. The “100% BONUS ON THE FIRST DEPOSIT UP TO 10000 KES” promotion is the most generous welcome offer currently available on HelaBet. To claim this bonus, you must first make a deposit on the website; the minimum deposit amount is KES 100, making the offer extremely profitable. 

Daily Bonus

The HelaBet daily bonus is very similar to the welcome bonus, except that you can claim it every day. Basically, by participating in the offer, you will have the opportunity to earn up to 25% of your deposit; however, keep in mind that in order to receive the bonus, you must invest at least KES 450, and you will not be able to withdraw your funds unless you first use them on the website. You will need to wager your bonus at least five times in accumulator bets with odds of 1.50 or higher if you wish to take it out. 


Have you ever wished you could get paid for losing bets? With this HelaBet offer, it is entirely possible. If you have a losing streak during your sports betting experience, HelaBet will compensate you. You can potentially earn a bonus of up to $500 for placing a series of 20 unsuccessful bets, depending on the amounts you place. Here are the conditions.

  • Bets from 2$ – 100$ bonus
  • Bets from 5$ – 250$ bonus
  • Bets from 10$ – 500$ bonus

HelaBet Sportsbook

helabet-sportsbook Helabet Kenya Review

We advise looking into the sports that the HelaBet company provides its members in order to delve a little deeper into the subject. Knowing the size of the sports library on the website you are registering on will help you decide if it is diverse enough for you. HelaBet offers a variety of sports and betting options, of course; otherwise, it would not be regarded as a top sportsbook. Let’s take a look at them.

Sports Library

The sports library available on the HelaBet website is unquestionably very intriguing because it includes both mainstream sports and more specialized ones that will interest sports fans who value variety. Along with traditional sports, the platform also offers esports betting, which is undoubtedly very intriguing. We believe that this betting website will satisfy all types of bettors, but in the meantime, let us look at the most popular options among locals.

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Volleyball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Badminton
  • Table tennis 

Most of these sports are also available for live betting, which means you can bet on your favorite matches and events as they happen.

Betting Markets

Betting markets are well-known among bettors for providing them with the opportunity to diversify their experience and increase the profitability of their selection. Betting markets, in our opinion, are essentially tools that can be used to modify your bets in a more profitable way for you. Most of the popular betting markets available on HelaBet are well-liked by all types of bettors worldwide; here are a few examples.

Double Chance

The double chance betting market is popular among novices because it is easy to understand and offers the chance to profit from either outcome. You can use the double chance to bet on the home team to win or draw, the away team to win or draw, or either team to win the match, giving you a lot of options. When selecting this market, keep in mind the odds that may affect your bet.

Correct Score

Correct score is a very tricky betting market that is mainly used by professionals. The goal of this betting option is to predict the final score of a game. If you make the right guess, you win; if not, you lose. The likelihood of winning a wager of this kind is not very high, so you must be confident in your decisions and possess the necessary skills to make such wagers. However, the most challenging betting markets typically offer the highest payouts, so choosing such options can be tempting. 

Bet Types

You can place wagers on HelaBet using a variety of bet types, and the type of bet you use will affect both your betting strategy and the result of your wager. All bet types are distinct and can be chosen for a variety of reasons, strategies, and objectives; it all depends on how you perceive your chances of success and how you want your experience to go. Here are the two most common types of bets local bettors go for. 


Single bets are the most popular and simple type of wager you can use; since they do not call for any special knowledge or abilities, beginners tend to favor them. When you make a single bet, all you are doing is making a guess about one possible outcome of an event; if it turns out to be accurate, you win. 


Multiple bets, on the other hand, are a series of connected single bets. In essence, it is a wager that includes multiple choices; it is frequently used to increase the odds on a bet slip when the majority of choices are offered at low odds.  By placing a series of small bets, you can increase your payout.

How to Bet

We appreciate HelaBet for making the betting process quick and easy, but even though it is very simple to understand, we would enjoy walking you through it. Even the simplest things can easily confuse newcomers, who frequently make foolish errors due to their lack of experience. 

When you are ready to make your first wager, you must log into your account using the information you provided when you registered. Then, just select a sport on the website’s or app’s home page that you want to bet on. Choose an event, look over the odds, select your markets and bet types, and then add everything to your bet slip. Now, enter the amount you want to bet and click “BET.” That’s as simple as that.

Prediction Tips

prediction-tips Helabet Kenya Review

Prediction tips are always useful, whether you are a seasoned or inexperienced bettor. Getting some expert advice will help you get started and will help you remember some important points if you have forgotten them. That is why our professional team created a short guide of tips and tricks for you to improve your experience. Here it is. 

Inform yourselfTake every opportunity to learn as much as you can about the event you are betting on. Making predictions will be much easier if you are familiar with the teams, the event, and other details related to the game. As we always say, knowledge is the key to success, and being informed will save you some time while analyzing the match itself.
AnalyzeMaking sure your analytical abilities are strong is probably one of the best things you can do to make sure your predictions are correct. When betting on a game, try to consider the players’ behavior, previous performances, and overall skills. You will be able to pick up on some details from the game that could be useful for your predictions as you analyze the players’ strategies and come up with your own tactics. 
Get in touchContacting other experts is an excellent way to learn new betting strategies and exchange advice. Sports betting experts frequently share their personal strategies online, and you can contact them through a variety of channels, such as their personal blogs or forums. You might be able to learn something from professional bettors that will help you predict your games more accurately.

How to Deposit

how-to-deposit Helabet Kenya Review

Everyone who wagers on sports or takes part in casino activities online is aware that you cannot partake in either activity without depositing money into your account first. The only steps involved in making a deposit on HelaBet are selecting a payment method or dialing the HelaBet paybill number on your telephone and entering the desired investment amount, which is quite rapid and convenient.  Let’s get a better understanding of this procedure by looking at the various payment options and deposit conditions.

Payment Methods

HelaBet made a variety of payment options accessible on its website so that users could quickly invest their money in accordance with their preferences. Every single one of them is reliable and well-liked by other bettors. Here they are.

  • Astropay
  • Perfect Money
  • PhonePe
  • Pay Do Wallet
  • Crypto
  • Jeton Cash
  • Jeton Wallet
  • M-Pesa

First Deposit Bonus

We already mentioned the website’s first deposit bonus, which is primarily given to new users since it is regarded as a welcome gift. You will be able to take advantage of up to 10,000 KES and receive a bonus of up to 100% on your initial deposit with this offer. You must deposit at least KES 100 into your account in order to profit from it.

Minimum Deposit

Each online sportsbook has its own requirements for deposits. If you are ready to deposit your first funds into your HelaBet account, you must deposit at least KES 100. Otherwise, the platform will simply not allow you to finish your transaction. 

Deposit Code

Some betting sites offer deposit codes that can be applied in a variety of ways to top off your account there. If you thought there was a HelaBet promo code available for deposits, you were mistaken. HelaBet does not offer such services, but you can still take advantage of the numerous payment options available to you.

How to Withdraw

how-to-withdraw Helabet Kenya Review

After successfully depositing funds into your account, you most likely began your betting experience and earned some cash on the platform. You will surely want to withdraw them as soon as possible, and we will walk you through the process. Basically, all you have to do is sign into your account and go to your profile to access the settings page. Now, simply click “Withdraw,” choose a payment option, enter the amount you want to withdraw, and then click “Confirm.” The only thing left to do is wait for the transaction to complete; this usually does not take more than a few minutes. 

Payment Methods

As you might have guessed, there are basically the same payment methods available for both deposits and withdrawals, which makes it very convenient that neither procedure is lacking in options. To be certain that you are aware of the choices available, let us list them again. 

  • Astropay
  • Perfect Money
  • PhonePe
  • Pay Do Wallet
  • Crypto
  • Jeton Cash
  • Jeton Wallet
  • M-Pesa

Casino Review

casino-review-2 Helabet Kenya Review

And here comes the fun part! HelaBet is a fantastic sports betting website that has also been able to incorporate other forms of entertainment into its platform, including slot machines and casino games. We are aware that among sports bettors, there are frequent users who enjoy partaking in both sports betting and casino activities. HelaBet has made every effort to ensure that its members have access to everything they need to feel satisfied, which is why it makes available different types of games and slots. Let’s discover the casino section’s most popular offers.

Of course, within the framework of this review we cannot talk about all the features of this service, so we recommend that you read a separate article about HelaBet casino. There you can find out all about the games and entertainment available, as well as the possibilities for winning and withdrawing funds.

Slot Machines

Slot machines are by far the most popular activities on the casino section of the website because it is primarily visited by younger people who enjoy playing colorful and vibrant real money games. They are popular among HelaBet users, but they have evolved into a completely new trend among online gamblers in general as well. The most popular slots on the website are listed below.

Treasure Bowl

The Treasure Bowl slot machine is well-liked for its stunningly vivid design and its intriguingly themed Asian aesthetic. This five-reel slot machine is said to have 243 different ways to win. The paytable in this slot game contains eleven basic symbols; to win, players must make combinations of three or more identical symbols on adjacent reels.

Money Grows on Trees

Given that this game is set in a magical forest, you will find the setting fascinating. Money Grows on Trees works in the same way that any other slot machine does; all you need to do to win is make a combination of identical symbols. There are 20 paylines in this game, and if you get a lucky spin, it will cause multipliers to fall from the trees in the background. 

Jewel Mania

Jewel Mania has a high RTP, making it popular among HelaBet users. Since it also has a layout with 5 reels and up to 243 paylines, this game is quite similar to Treasure Bowl, with the exception that the game’s symbols are primarily jewels like diamonds and crystals. Making a combination of the same kind of jewels is necessary if you want to win a significant sum of money playing this slot machine. 

For your own benefit, keep in mind that the higher the RTP, the greater your chances of winning.


countries Helabet Kenya Review

If you believed that HelaBet only operates in Kenya, you would be greatly mistaken. This online sports betting platform offers fantastic opportunities, which is why it has grown significantly over the years and has a lot of potential to advance. HelaBet can currently be accessed via multiple African countries, and here they are. 

  • Nigeria
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania

We sincerely hope the organization manages to expand its services beyond the African continent as well.

Currencies Accepted

currencies-accepted Helabet Kenya Review

HelaBet is accessible in many nations, so it makes sense that users can top up their accounts on the website using a variety of currencies. However, it all depends on the country from which you are accessing the platform; for example, if you are a Kenyan user, you can only use the Kenyan Shilling as a currency and cannot change it.

Affiliate Program

You can earn money on this platform not only by betting but also by attracting new users. Therefore, if you have your own resource, you can monetize it by becoming a partner of the bookmaker. You will find a detailed description of the program and registration instructions in the HelaBet affiliate offer review.  Read and take advantage of this opportunity to start mutually beneficial cooperation.

Support Team

support-team Helabet Kenya Review

HelaBet, like most online sportsbooks, has a customer service department that is open at all times. You can contact the platform’s support team with any questions you may have regarding a variety of issues, such as difficulties with financial transactions or general concerns about your experience using the website. Your questions are always welcome, and HelaBet’s support team is here to assist you 24/24 in finding solutions. At the moment, you can contact customer service via email at support-en@HelaBet.com.  

We also recommend checking our article about HelaBet customer care number. After reading, you will have no questions about how to contact support.

Official Information

official-information Helabet Kenya Review

Let us wrap up our fantastic review by providing you with some background information on the HelaBet business and its founders. Knowing the organization you are joining will boost your self-assurance and enable you to feel more at ease while engaging in your betting activity. It is always good to know who you are dealing with, right?

Owner and Country of Origin

You may be wondering why HelaBet is so well-liked in Kenya; the reason is actually quite simple: HelaBet is a locally founded business. Propus Holding B.V. owns the company, which has its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. HelaBet was introduced in 2015, and the Kenyan Betting Control and Licensing Board has obviously granted it a license. 

If you still have questions and are interested in learning more about those who are at the head of this betting platform, read a separate article about who owns HelaBet. In it, we provide detailed information that may be of interest to you.

Other Information

HelaBet is a very rapidly expanding business that has not stopped growing since 2015. It has already surpassed many other local companies and will surely continue to grow significantly in the years to come. The company currently employs between 51 and 200 people, all of whom regularly contribute to the organization’s evolution.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with any additional information due to the company’s strict confidentiality policies regarding all official information.


conclusion-1 Helabet Kenya Review

As a conclusion to this incredibly lengthy and detailed review, we can surely state that HelaBet is a very intriguing platform with a ton of betting features and great potential. Even though the business was only recently founded, it has already developed into one of the most popular betting websites in Kenya and even the entire African continent.  

HelaBet provides profitable betting services such as a large sports library, a casino section, a plethora of promotional offers, and all of the necessary betting options that bettors look for. It is safe, user-friendly, and will certainly please beginners since it is very well-designed and easy to use. Not to mention that the platform is also available via mobile devices. We gathered the majority of the information about the HelaBet platform in this article, but if you want to learn more, please take a look at the FAQ below.

helabet_100x50 Helabet Kenya Review 10,000 KES Yes No Link
22bet_100x50 Helabet Kenya Review 20,000 KES Yes Yes Link
2-1xbet Helabet Kenya Review 20,000 KES Yes Yes Link
betwinner_100x50 Helabet Kenya Review 15,000 KES Yes Yes Link
melbet_100x50 Helabet Kenya Review 26,280 KES Yes Yes Link


Can I withdraw the sign up bonus?
Only after using it on the website at least five times.
How can I get the Sign Up offer at HelaBet?
Register on the platform, navigate to the promotions section, and take a look at the conditions. Usually, the welcome offer is given to you instantly after you make your first deposit.
Is it possible to live bet on HelaBet?
Yes, this option is available on the platform. 
Can I close my HelaBet Account Whenever I want?
Yes, but you will need to reach out to customer service first.
Does HelaBet have a license for Kenya?
Yes, HelaBet is approved by the government and licensed by the BCLB. 
Can I deposit using the Kenyan shilling?
If you are a Kenyan user, then totally. 
Can I send deposits using M-Pesa?
Yes, you can.
Can I bet on local Kenyan leagues at HelaBet?
Yep, feel free to bet on local leagues and enjoy!

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