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3 March, 2024 (UPDATE 18 April, 2024)
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The gambling industry has shifted primarily online, as has happened with many other business sectors. In every town and city in Kenya, there are still actual bookies with physical stores. However, most punters now wager exclusively online.

Even the best sportsbooks have to provide strong customer service now that they’re online. Customer service is essential because many newbies to betting may find it confusing. Therefore, efficient client support is a definite must.

In this article, we will review the customer care service offered by HelaBet in Kenya.

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About HelaBet

About HelaBet

Let us start with the question: what is HelaBet? HelaBet is a well-known online bookmaker in Kenya with a BCLB license. The bookmaker offers a wide range of sporting events, such as basketball, tennis, cricket, football, cycling, and golf. We found the platform’s incredible bonuses and promotions to be particularly noteworthy. Helabet provides you with bonuses for your first deposit, daily incentives, accumulator bet, casino, and rebate bonuses. On their website, the rewards are clearly marked, so you know what’s up for grabs. The website has simple, easy-to-navigate buttons and is neat and clean. For most Kenyans, the low minimum deposit amounts HelaBet offers are a major pro.

HelaBet Communication Channels

Like the majority of online sportsbooks, HelaBet has a 24/7 customer support line. Any queries you may have about a range of topics, including problems completing financial transactions or general worries about your experience using the website, can be directed to the platform’s support staff. You are always welcome to ask questions, and the HelaBet support staff is available around the clock to help you find answers.

You can currently email client service at support-en@helabet.com to get in touch with them. Alternatively, there is a live chat widget; however, the response rate is not immediate.

Customer Support Matters?

Prompt client service is crucial as the sole point of contact between the punter and the bookmaker.

Depending on how well or poorly it is delivered, customer service has the power to make or break a bookmaker and its clientele.

A bookmaker’s revenue will decrease due to lost punters as a result of poor customer service. But offering top-notch customer support can truly have an impact. Because they will feel valued, current customers might spread the word about the bookmaker to their friends and family. It is not always necessary for someone to go above and beyond. It can be very beneficial to just listen to customers’ struggles and concerns and then respond in a way that is reasonable and supportive. 


Since we previously stated that HelaBet is well-known for being a safe bookie, you might be interested in learning more about the platform’s security measures and licensing status. HelaBet is a sports betting website that is approved and governed by the Kenyan Betting Control and Licensing Board. This license verifies the company’s legal ability to operate in the nation and acts as proof of its legitimacy. 

HelaBet will secure all of your online financial transactions and your personal information, so you do not have to worry about any security issues.


Helabet Conclusion

Clients appreciate being heard, and they feel even better when they think you are supporting them. Thus, if a bookmaker does this well, it could be a great selling point. 

If you are unsure about where to locate these trustworthy bookmakers who appreciate their clients, search online reviews. Examine reviews written by real customers rather than by bloggers with experience. In this read, we reviewed HelaBet and its customer support. Long story short, HelaBet is a secure and trustworthy bookmaker with a decent client care department. Hopefully, you will enjoy betting with this bookie.

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24 August, 2023 (UPDATED 17 April, 2024)
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