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Helabet Promotion Code

If you have taken part in sports betting activities long enough, you have undoubtedly heard of promotional codes. Since more convenient and profitable types of offers are actively entering the market, these promotions are beginning to slowly fade away. Bonuses and other forms of promotional offers are taking the place of promo codes as we know them, but that does not mean they do not still exist. Despite not offering promo codes, the Helabet betting website still has a wide variety of promotions that have largely replaced these more old-school kinds of deals. Let’s analyze the current promotions that are being offered!  

100% Welcome Bonus
Up To 15,000 KES
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Helabet Review

Helabet Review

The Helabet Kenya website is known for being one of the most interesting and coolest betting sites on the local market. Kenyans value it greatly because it is a locally established platform that offers a ton of alluring offers and betting features and is regarded as trustworthy and reliable.  The majority of betting options on the site are fairly traditional but still crucial to a powerful betting platform, which is what Helabet aims to become in the near future. The website was introduced by the company in 2015, which means there is a chance that it will eventually grow even more. Obviously, the Helabet betting platform is accessible via mobile and other devices running Android 4.4 or later. Hopefully, the organization will release an iOS app soon. If you wish to find out more about the website’s main features, here they are. 

  • High odds on the most popular sports 
  • Virtual and live sports betting 
  • Casino games and slot machines
  • Multiple promotional offers
  • Great customer support
  • A large number of payment options

What Are Promo Codes?

What Are Helabet Promo Codes?

Since we are talking about promo codes, allow us to explain what they are and their function. A promo code is essentially the same as a promotional offer or bonus, with the exception that it appears as a digital combination that must be entered on a website in order to be used. Free bet offers, privileged bonuses, and special promotions can usually be accessed with the use of promo codes, just like with classic bonuses.  

Unfortunately, not all websites use this kind of promotion anymore, and the majority of online bookmakers stopped using it a while ago because it is a rather outdated and ineffective strategy at the moment. Although bookmakers no longer provide bonuses in the form of codes, this does not mean that they are not still accessible online. It all depends on the website you are registered with. Most promotional codes you can find online, though, will send you to the sportsbook’s official website if they are even relevant. 

How to Get Them

Helabet: How to Get Them

Claiming a promo code will not require much knowledge since all you will need to do is enter the code into your personal account. Even though we would have liked to, Helabet does not accept such promotions, so we are unable to provide you with a step-by-step tutorial. Learn more by visiting the websites of your other bookmakers; you will undoubtedly discover a promo code gap in your profile. That’s where you can enter the code and obtain your bonus.

You can find promotional codes both online and on the website of your sportsbook.

Promo Code Types

Helabet Promo Code Types

Promo codes are all unique, which is undoubtedly intriguing, and this is what makes these deals so diverse. Each promotional code offers a variety of bonuses and gifts with different terms and conditions depending on their type. Given the wide range of offers available, we advise you to look at the three most common categories of promotional codes used by online bettors in Kenya.

Welcome Code

Welcome codes are similar to welcome bonuses, except that they take the form of a digital code that must be entered before receiving your gift. While most sports betting websites, such as Helabet, simply give you cash after making your first deposit, some platforms require you to first provide a promotional code in order to validate your offer and receive the reward.

No-Deposit Bonus

The no-deposit bonus promo code is similar to the welcome offer and the welcome promo code, except that it does not require you to invest your money in order to benefit from the gift. To obtain the offered bonus, simply enter the promotional code in the corresponding field in your profile, and the gift will be automatically transferred to your balance.


Referrals are a very common type of promotion offered in the form of a code; it is likely the most relevant way to receive gifts from a promo code today, and it will probably stay relevant for the foreseeable future. You may receive referral codes from a friend, or you may give them to a friend of yours who wants to sign up for a betting platform. You can take advantage of special deals and discounts by entering the promotional code on a betting site, just like your friend can.  

Offers for Existing Customers

Helabet Offers for Existing Customers

Now that you know what a promo code is, let us look at the deals that are currently being offered on the Helabet website. Although there are no promo codes available on the platform, both new and regular customers can still take advantage of other exclusive promotions. These promotions are freely available to view in the promotions section of the company’s website; feel free to explore them after checking the most popular ones below.  

Daily Bonus

As you have probably guessed, the daily bonus offer is a promotion that is offered every day. The only real difference between it and the welcome bonus is that you can use it every day to your advantage, even if you’re a regular customer. If you choose to use the daily bonus, you can get up to 25% of your deposit back as long as you invest at least KES 450 into your account. Otherwise, the bonus will simply not be delivered to you. Additionally, in order to withdraw your winnings, you must wager this bonus at least five times in accumulators with odds of 1.50 or higher.

Bonus for a Series of Losing Bets

This one is a huge favorite among local bettors! You can receive payment for bets you lose thanks to this promotional offer, which is unquestionably very intriguing. The platform will provide you with some kind of refund or compensation, depending on how many times you have lost. The most money you can win by placing 20 unsuccessful bets is KES 70,500.00.  Naturally, the amount you will receive depends on how many unsuccessful bets you placed and how much you wagered. Here are the conditions displayed on the website.

  • Bets from 2$ – 100$ bonus
  • Bets from 5$ – 250$ bonus
  • Bets from 10$ – 500$ bonus

Top-up Your Account

The top-up your account offer is very appealing; it is similar to the first deposit bonus, but it is a complete package. By depositing at least KES 1535 on the website, you will be eligible for various types of boxes containing gifts, depending on the amount you invest and the number of deposits you make. For your fourth deposit, you will receive a bonus of up to 25% on your investment as well as 45 free spins to use in the casino. 

Accumulator of the Day

The accumulator of the day promotion is an ongoing offer that simply offers you the possibility to profit from an accumulator daily. If your day’s accumulator wins, the platform will increase the odds by 10%, which is undoubtedly incredible. This promotion is valid for all sports on the platform. 

Terms and Conditions

Helabet Terms and Conditions

Naturally, you must adhere to all company rules and requirements in order to take advantage of the various promotions offered on the Helabet website. In the event that you violate the site’s policies and regulations, it should go without saying that the company has the right to refuse to provide you with any services. Let us present you with some of the most important things to remember. 

  • You may have observed that certain promotions require a specific minimum investment before you have the chance to receive a gift. Do not worry; this is entirely normal, and you will encounter these types of requirements throughout your betting experience. Most minimum amounts established regarding bonuses and deposits, in general, are made to manage the money transfers on the website.
  • Furthermore, keep in mind that the legal gambling age in Kenya is 18, so no one under that age is permitted to use the company’s services or take part in money games. Avoid attempting to trick the platform; it will undoubtedly fail since the company may require your personal information, including documents.
  • The majority of promotional offers have specific guidelines that must be followed, such as the requirement that you must wager the bonus amount at least five times before you can withdraw it. Consider that you will not be able to withdraw your winnings before using the given funds on the platform; be prepared to profit from them on the website for some time.

Customer Care

Helabet Customer Care

You can always get in touch with the website’s support staff if you are unsure of yourself or are experiencing issues with the platform, your account, your transactions, or your betting activity in general. Please feel free to get in touch with the customer care service set up by Helabet at any time. It is incredibly quick and effective at solving issues. You can contact the team at support-en@helabet.com by sending an email to this address. 


Helabet Conclusion

In conclusion, we can say with certainty that Helabet still has a wide range of offers that are unquestionably very profitable, even though it does not currently offer any services for promo codes. Some of the offers available on the website are more convenient than others; some require a deposit, while others do not; however, given the platform’s abundance of bonuses, we are confident that you will find something that suits you. To avoid finding yourself in awkward circumstances, always be careful to fulfill all the requirements and follow the website’s rules. We covered the majority of the information about Helabet promo codes and bonuses in this article, but if you have any questions, please see the FAQ section below.


Do I need a promo code for Helabet bonuses?
No, the website doesn’t provide promo code services.
Can I get free bets on this site?
Yes, you totally can, especially if you are a newcomer.
Can I claim a free spin promotion?
Yes, there are numerous promotions that give away free spins.
What can I win if I use the Helabet promo code?
Unfortunately, Helabet doesn’t allow its users to profit from promo codes at the moment.
What action do I need to take if I don’t receive my bonus?
The first thing you will have to do is get in touch with the customer care service.
Are there any casino promotions?
Obviously, take a look at the promotions page.

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