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14 December, 2023 (UPDATE 17 May, 2024)
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The highly competitive world of online betting motivates bookmakers to offer more features and attractive bonuses to punters, both newcomers and regulars. They come in different forms and can be difficult to get or require little to no activity. The platforms also offer certain bonuses as promo codes.

One of the bonus features that is quite common but isn’t much talked about is the jackpot. You can easily find it on the majority of well-known betting websites, but it’s also easy to encounter it on smaller bookies. One of them is Helabet, a website that might not be exactly small, but it’s too early to call it well-established yet.

In our article, we will talk about how the jackpot works in Helabet, Kenya. We will explain what other bonuses are on the website, check the pros and cons of a jackpot, provide tutorials on how to use it, and answer the most common questions.

Helabet Bonus Overview

review-bonus Helabet Jackpot Bonus

Helabet might not be the largest platform out there, but it already has an international presence. It also works in Kenya, and that’s precisely the market we will focus on. The bookie offers quite a few features, and there are some interesting bonuses for the punters to check out.

Below is the list of those bonuses. We won’t go into great detail about them, simply listing the main ones instead:

  • First Deposit Offer
  • Welcome Package
  • VIP Cashback
  • Daily Offer
  • Bonus for a Series of Losing Bets.

If you want to learn more and get detailed information about each of the promotions, learn whether there’s a need to enter any Helabet bonus code, and understand the wagering requirements, then check out our article on the matter.

What Are Jackpot Bonuses at Helabet?

Now let’s move to the central aspect of our article: Jackpot bonuses on Helabet Kenya. What’s a Jackpot? It’s a feature that allows punters to place wagers on several selections chosen by the platform. If all of them turn out to be victorious, the player or players will receive quite a large sum. If one or two selections lose while the others win, there are consolation prizes for such cases. They are still quite sizable, although obviously much smaller than the main one.

Unfortunately, Helabet doesn’t offer such a feature at the moment. We would love to see one, but this is totally expected since not all betting platforms provide jackpots. The reasons vary: some platforms are simply way too new and don’t have many features, while others might think that adding Jackpots just isn’t worth it.

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Pros and Cons

The bonuses usually have to be attractive for a punter to want to get one, so there are usually little to no drawbacks. Nevertheless, in the table below, we will list the pros and cons of using the Jackpot promotion.

  • A possibility to win a substantial sum
  • Everything is already pre-selected
  • There are consolation prices
  • Low chances of winning
  • You have to correctly predict, if not all, then most of the selections

How to Get Jackpot Bonuses?

how-to-get Helabet Jackpot Bonus

Usually, you have to participate in placing bets on many pre-selected events and guess the outcomes correctly. But since Helabet currently doesn’t offer any jackpots, it’s impossible to get such bonuses at the moment.

Bonus Terms and Conditions

As is expected, there are certain rules to understand and follow if you want to use one of the Jackpot bonuses. Since Helabet doesn’t offer a jackpot bonus at the moment, we can only explain general rules that you can find on other platforms.

  • All of your selections must win in order for you to receive a maximum payout.
  • Consolation prizes usually exist for the punters who incorrectly guessed only one or two selections.

How to Use Jackpot Bonuses on HelaBet

Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t offer any jackpot bonuses at the moment. We hope that they will appear in the future since such a feature is very well-received on the majority of betting platforms it offers, despite certain risks.

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Offers for Regular Players

offers Helabet Jackpot Bonus

As we already mentioned in the “Helabet Bonuses Overview” section, the platform offers plenty of promotions that you can check out. Now, let’s focus on the ones that target existing customers instead of new players. 

Here are the bonuses for regulars:

  • Reward for a series of losing games. You can get a certain amount back if you lose some games in a row.
  • VIP Cashback.
  • Daily Promo.

Terms and Conditions for Helabet Jackpot Bonus

Usually, there are certain rules to follow if you want to get the reward and withdraw it quickly. Unfortunately, Helabet Kenya currently doesn’t offer any jackpot bonuses or features. So there’s nothing to mention.

HelaBet Customer Care

If you have some questions or run into any issues while wagering on Helabet, you can contact customer care service. It’s pretty reliable, and there are various ways to contact it. Here they are:

+254700633633 support-en@helabet.com HelaBetKe /HelaBetKen +254700633633


concl Helabet Jackpot Bonus

Having access to a variety of bonuses and interesting features is a great way to attract new customers and make loyal punters stay on the platform. This is beneficial for all parties; after all, it’s in the bookmaker’s interest to see a consistent flow of new players. 

Jackpots are among these promo features; they attract punters with the idea of getting a large payout. Sure, the risks are large, but nobody makes the players put in large stakes. In the end, the platform can receive quite a bit of money from the amounts the users bet on jackpots.

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How do I use my bonus amount on Helabet?
This depends entirely on the promotion.
What is the jackpot bonus for Helabet?
Unfortunately, the platform currently doesn’t offer any Jackpot bonuses.
How do I cash out my Helabet jackpot bonus?
There’s no way to do so since there’s no jackpot offer to speak of. If you want to withdraw the sums you received with other promotions, you can use M-Pesa.
How do I get a bet bonus?
Depends on the offer. First deposit and Welcome Pack don’t have strict requirements and target newcomers. The others can ask for more specific things, such as losing several bets in a row.

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15 December, 2023 (UPDATED 17 May, 2024)
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