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Whether you are an existing or newly registered customer on MozzartBet, one clear thing is that you will want to know the various payment options available on the platform. Furthermore, as a bettor, you want to join a betting site that offers a safe and convenient way to fund your betting account when needed. Fortunately, the bookmaker has implemented a very comfortable payment option on the platform, which can be helpful to everyone. In this article, we will be looking at the various means of making a payment on MozzartBet and how to go about it.

Payment Methods

payment-methods Mozzartbet Deposit Guide in Kenya

When you join the platform, you are granted access to a convenient payment method. These methods are familiar to Kenyans, so you won’t have difficulty funding your account. In addition, the bookmaker has two payment services available on the platform, and they can be used to deposit and withdraw from your account.

How to Deposit via MоzzаrtBеt Wеbsitе

Depositing MozzartBet is easy, just like on any other betting platform. You can fund your betting account through the mobile application or official website. Depositing on MozzartBet is easy, and no extra fees. Let’s take a look at how to deposit via the website.

  1. Open MozzartBet. Navigate to the MozzartBet official website and log into your personal profile.
  2. Deposit. Locate the deposit menu and pick the M-Pesa option. Enter the amount you wish to invest.
  3. Confirm. Finalize by entering your M-Pesa PIN and confirming the transfer. Now, enjoy!

How to Deposit Money From MPesa to MozzartBet

You can also recharge your account by using Mpesa directly. The steps to this process are similar to those stated above but a little broader. Here is how to fund your account using the payment service Mpesa.

  1. Launch M-Pesa. Open your M-Pesa mobile application or simply navigate to the payment option’s website.
  2. Enter The Code. Choose “Liра na M-Реsа” in the menu and pick the MozzartBet paybill option. Proceed by typing in the company’s code “290059” as the business number.
  3. Deposit. Select MozzartBet as the account number and enter the amount you would like to deposit into your account.
  4. Finalize. Verify that all the information you provided is accurate and type in your M-Pesa PIN. Finalize by confirming the transfer.
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How to Top up Your Account Through the App

Since the bookmaker has a mobile application accessible to both iOS and Android users, you can top up your account by processing your payment via the MozzartBet mobile app if your smartphone falls into one of these categories. Let’s look at how to recharge your MozzartBet account using the mobile app.

Open The App
Launch the MozzartBet mobile application; if you don’t have it yet, download it via the bookie’s website.
Access Your Account
Enter your account by logging in, and proceed by locating the deposit menu.
Select “M-Pesa” in the menu and enter the amount you wish to deposit. Finalize by entering your PIN code, and you’re done.

Terms and Conditions of Account Replenishment

terms-and-conditions-of-account-replenishment-1 Mozzartbet Deposit Guide in Kenya

The rules for depositing and withdrawing on MozzartBet are the same as those on other betting sites. To ensure understanding, it is essential to adhere to these rules whenever you transact on the platform. Now let’s look at some of the limitations.

Deposit Limits on MozzartBet

After carefully reviewing the information on the official MozzartBet website, there is no limit to how much you can fund your account. However, the least amount you can deposit into your account is 20 Ksh. You can always contact the customer service team if you have any further questions.

Mozzartbet Deposit Fees

Like every other bookmaker worldwide, when you deposit money into your MozzartBet account, the bookmaker doesn’t charge an extra fee for this transaction. However, during the process of making a withdrawal, an additional fee is usually assigned by the service provider.

How Long Does It Take to Make a Deposit to Your Account

As soon as you complete the deposit process on the platform, the amount will be reflected on your account balance. If the deposit isn’t reflected on your balance after a certain period, contact the customer service team for assistance.

Verification Before Depositing

Like on any other betting site, you must verify your betting account before placing a wager on the platform. Before topping up your MozzartBet account, you must verify your account by providing the necessary documents requested by the bookmaker. It is worth pointing out that in Kenya, bettors must be 18 or older to place a bet on a betting site. Some of the documents that the bookmaker might request include

  • International passport or identity card
  • Birth certificate
  • Utility bills

Account Management in MozzartBet

bank-account-management Mozzartbet Deposit Guide in Kenya

The bookmaker has given complete control to users when it comes to a personal account, so you can make any tweaks you like. You can monitor your betting history by viewing the different types of bets you have made since joining the platform and logging in and out whenever you want. You can also check your balance before making a deposit. Let’s check out how to view your account balance.

Note: When you sign out of your account, remember your information since you will need it if you want to return to the platform.

How to Check Your Mozzart Bet Wallet Balance

The process of checking your account balance on MozzartBet is quite similar to that on other betting sites. However, the procedure is relatively fast and doesn’t require any technical expertise for it to be done. Here are instructions on how to check your account balance on Mozzartbet.


You can also request to know your account balance by sending “B’ to the number 29990 on your mobile phone. Again, the process is free, and your request is answered almost instantly.

Via the Website

  1. Log In. Navigate to the MozzartBet website and access your account by logging in.
  2. Access Your Profile. Tap on your username at the top of the page and select “My account” in the menu.
  3. Check Your Balance. By accessing the “My Account” page, you will be able to see your balance.

How to Monitor Your Transactions

While you enjoy your betting journey and gaming adventure, you can also keep track of all the transactions you have made with your MozzartBet account. In addition, the bookmaker allows you to view the deposits and withdrawals you have made after winning.


As stated earlier, MozzartBet offers bettors an easy and convenient way to pay on the platform. These options can be used to fund your account or withdraw winnings. However, the possibilities are pretty limited, and it would be highly appreciated if the bookmaker provided more payment options in the future. We also recommend reading the Mozzart Bet Kenya review to get detailed information about the bookmaker and avoid annoying mistakes.

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faq-6 Mozzartbet Deposit Guide in Kenya
How do I deposit money from Mpesa to Mozzartbet?
Check out the “How to Deposit via Mpesa” column for more details.
How do I transfer money from MozzartBet to Mpesa?
You can transfer funds from MozzartBet to Mpesa by entering your Mpesa pay bill number.
Which country is MozzartBet?
The bookmaker operates in Kenya and Ghana.
Which bet can I fund with Airtel airtime?
Unfortunately, MozzartBet doesn’t have the Airtel money service on the platform.
Can I cancel a bet in MozzartBet?
Unfortunately, no. As soon as your bet is confirmed, it cannot be canceled.
Is there a refund when I lose a bet?
There is no MozzartBet refund available on the platform.

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