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1 August, 2023 (UPDATE 18 April, 2024)
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Every player fantasizes about winning the big one, and MozzartBet provides that possibility. All you have to do is predict the outcomes of football matches. In this article, you’ll discover details about participating in the MozzartBet Super Jackpot competition.

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MozzartBet Games

A few words about the bookie before we get to the game’s rules.

What immediately strikes you when you visit the MozzartBet betting website is the diversity of gaming possibilities: it has everything for those who want to quench their gambling thirst.

Want some gambling? Go to the casino tab and amaze yourself with the extensive assortment of video slots.

MozzartBet is constantly expanding its gaming selection and adding new options. For example, the latest new categories are “Virtuals” and “Casino quest.”

How to Play MozzartBet Jackpot

How to Play MozzartBet Jackpot

The main goal of the Mozzart Super Grand Jackpot competition, or weekly JP, is to forecast the outcomes of 20 football matches pre-selected by the website. The game rules are as follows.

  1. Players must pay for tickets before the soccer match starts. The ticket has a minimum and maximum of 20 pairs.
  2. The fixed stake is set at 50 KES per combination. Participants can place bets on a few combinations, paying 50 KES extra per each combination.
  3. The winner takes it all, namely 200 million KES, or the prize will be divided equally among the winners if there are several.
  4. Punters who correctly guess 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 pairs will share a cash award.

Finally, winners must come to the Mozzart office in Kenya for identity verification before the payout may be made.

How to Play MozzartBet Daily Jackpot via SMS

The MozzartBet Daily JP, also known as Super Jackpot, is another remarkable competition on the website. The rules are the same as for the weekly jackpot, the only difference is in the numbers: in this case, the ticket has 16 pairs; the stake is 20 KES per combination, and the JP prize is 20 million KES.

MozzartBet’s one-of-a-kind feature is the opportunity to play daily JP via SMS. To get the games, you only need to text “JP” to 29990.

To place a jackpot bet, send JP13#1X22112X2211X to 29990.

What Happens if One or More Games Are Postponed?

MozzartBet will determine the odds of 1.00 if one, two, or three games are postponed or canceled. The bookie may terminate the jackpot and return the money if four or more games are postponed.

How to Use MozzartBet Jackpot on Live Betting

How to Use MozzartBet Jackpot on Live Betting

The Jackpot draw is open to players in Kenya who wager on a live betting event designated as “JACKPOT.” The prize pool is not predetermined; whatever the stake, all bettors have equal chances of winning.

Whether the wager is successful or not, the draw is open to everyone who places a live bet on the designated match; however, the winner must be the only one.

MozzartBet Jackpot Prediction Bonuses

You may find the MozzartBet jackpot bonus payment chart below. 

Number of matches Winning amount
1310 million KES
12100,000 KES
1110,000 KES
101,000 KES
9500 KES
850 KES
01,000 KES

Final Thoughts

MozzartBet has prepared a really tempting offer for Kenyan bettors. Super Jackpot competitions have simple rules and high winning chances. So, if you like soccer and like to bet, why not earn a hefty sum?

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How do I register for MozzartBet online?
To sign up online, go to the registration page on the official website.
How do I register for MozzartBet via SMS?
Text the word WIN to 29990 to register. Your password and secret PIN code will be sent to you, and you must use them to log in.
How do I join MozzartBet?
You can join MozzartBet via SMS by texting “WIN” to 29990. You’ll get your password and secret PIN code that are necessary for login. Another option is to play using the Android app.
How do I get the Mozzart bet app?
You can get the Mozzart bet app for Android on the official website.

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