MozzartBet Registration Guide in Kenya

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15 June, 2023 (UPDATE 17 May, 2024)
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When opening an account on a betting site, one of the main things you must consider is how fast the sign-up process is. Over the last few years, bookmakers have implemented a swift registration process on their platform to attract more customers. As a result, in Kenya, MozzartBet is regarded as one of the most popular bookmakers in the country, and you only need minutes to open an account on the platform. In this article, we will be analyzing the various methods of registration on the platform as well as how to manage your account on MozzartBet.

How to Join MozzartBet

how-to-join-mozzart-bet MozzartBet Registration Guide in Kenya

As stated earlier, joining MozzartBet Kenya is easy. You can register your account through the official website or download the official MozzartBet Kenya app. The app is accessible to both Android and iOS users, and it is free.

Mozzart Bet Online Registration

For those who prefer using the betting website, you can open your account by visiting the official home page on your web browser. Here are instructions on how to open a betting profile on MozzartBet Kenya.

Navigate to MozzartBet
Visit the MozzartBet website and click on the “Register” button.
Provide Your Info
Type in your telephone number and choose a password, then confirm it.
Confirm your age and agreement to the terms and conditions. Click on “Register” to finalize.
Start Betting with Mozzart
Sign Up

Mozzart Mobile Registration

You can also create an account using the app. Since the app is accessible to Android and iOS users, opening a betting account has never been easier. Here is how to register an account via the application.

Get The App
Start by downloading the mobile application via the sportsbook official website.
Enter your telephone number and invent a password.
Type in the verification code sent to you by SMS. Finalize the registration procedure.
Start Betting with Mozzart

Available Ways MozzartBet Registration in Kenya

Like any other betting site, the registration process on the platform is easy and fast. When you visit the platform, you can register your account using “Registration via SMS. This method is pretty standard among betting sites.

Note: Before opening an account, make sure you are 18 years old or older.

Mozzart Bet Registration via SMS

Opening a betting account using your telephone number is a standard method. First, enter your telephone number and a strong password. After receiving a code, you will be forwarded to your mobile phone for confirmation. Read the terms and conditions under the “Confirm Password” field before completing registration.

How to Log in to Your Account Through the Website

how-to-login MozzartBet Registration Guide in Kenya

You will want to sign in to your account as soon as you’ve finished opening your account. You can log in to your account by providing the entered credentials while registering. Here is how to log in to your account using the website.

Navigate to MozzartBet
Navigate to the bookie’s official website, and when on the homepage, locate and click on “Log In.”
Enter Your Information
Enter the information you provided during registration, including your telephone number and password.
Access your Account
Simply click on “OK” and wait for the page to load. Done!

In the event you forget your password. You can always use the “Forgot my Password” button to reset it.

How to Log Into Your Account via the Mobile App

If you want to log in to your account, follow the same steps as when you registered. The mobile app is decent software, making betting more straightforward. Check out how to complete your MozzartBet log-in via the mobile app.

Download The App
Get the MozzartBet mobile application via the bookie’s website and launch it.
Log In
Enter the data you provided when registering on the platform which is your telephone number and the password you invented.
Press “OK” and you’re done!
Start Betting with Mozzart
Sign In

What Are the Registration Requirements for MozzartBet Kenya?

what-are-the-registration-requirements-for-a-bookmaker-in-kenya MozzartBet Registration Guide in Kenya

Like any other bookmaker worldwide, specific rules and regulations must be met and adhered to for your registration to be complete. In the event you are not able to meet this agreement, your registration will not be completed. Let’s check out some of the sign-up requirements on the platform.

Age Requirements

As the law states in Kenya, you must be 18 or older to open an account on a betting site. In addition, during registration, you must submit a document proving you can place a bet online. If, for instance, you cannot provide this document, your account will be suspended indefinitely.

Confirmation of Personal Identity

Before confirming your registration to join the platform, the bookmaker also retains the right to request a document that proves you are who you say you are. The main objective of this policy is to increase safety and reduce impersonation on the platform. The document requested usually includes an international passport or an identity card.

MozzartBet Account Verification

bc-account-verification MozzartBet Registration Guide in Kenya

As soon as all these documents are uploaded to the bookmakers, the MozzartBet team will process your verification. The process usually doesn’t take long as long as all the documents you submit are valid.

MozzartBet Welcome Bonus

Unlike most bookmakers, MozzartBet doesn’t give you a welcome bonus once your account is verified. However, the numerous bonuses on the platform are available to new and existing customers. Some of the promotions include

  1. World’s biggest odds.
  2. Live casino drops and wins.
  3. Bonus 1000.
  4. Maximum payout.
  5. Aviator, and so many more.

Mozzart Bet Registration Problems

mozzart-bet-login-problems MozzartBet Registration Guide in Kenya

You might experience problems while trying to log in to your MozzartBet account, but do not panic since you aren’t the first person to be in such a situation. You can check out the help section under the “register” tab, or better yet. You can connect with the MozzartBet customer care line for assistance. The support team consists of highly skilled professionals who work around the clock to help and solve your complaints and queries. To avoid issues while signing in to your account, here are some key points you must avoid.

  • Poor internet connection
  • Incorrect personal data was entered
  • Problems with IP addresses and VPNs
  • Malfunction from the bookmaker’s side


Generally, the bookmaker has an easy registration process. All you need to do is provide your telephone number and password. Managing your account is easy, and you can sign in and out of your account whenever you want. The absence of a welcome bonus is disappointing. We hope this review of the MozzartBet sportsbetting platform will be helpful if you want a betting site to join.


faq-2 MozzartBet Registration Guide in Kenya
How do I register my MozzartBet via SMS?
You can register your account by entering your phone number and password.
How do I reactivate my MozzartBet account?
Once you deactivate your account, you can reactivate it by contacting the customer care center.
How to delete a MozzartBet account?
You can delete your MozzartBet account by sending a request to the customer care team.
Does MozzartBet give a bonus?
When you join the platform, you can access numerous bonus offers.
What is the maximum payout at MozzartBet?
The highest payout on MozzartBet is 10,000,000 Ksh.
How much can I bet with MozzartBet?
The lowest amount you can bet on the platform is 20 Ksh.
What is the minimum stake in Mozzart Bet?
The lowest amount that you can stake on the platform is 20 shillings.

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