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11 August, 2023 (UPDATE 18 April, 2024)
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If you are looking for a go-to betting platform in Kenya, Betika is your safe choice. This bookmaker can boast a solid track record and a great selection of betting options. Moreover, Betika customers can easily withdraw their winnings via several channels the bookie supports. In this article, we will share a detailed guide on how to withdraw your funds from your Betika account with no hassle.

Bonus on deposit
Up To 5 KES per day

Withdraw Money From Betika in Kenya via the Website/ Betika App

If you have some cash on your Betika balance, you can transfer it to your bank account in a couple of simple steps.

Launch the App or Open the Website
Visit Betika through the website or app, log in to your account and enter your profile.
Open the Withdrawal Section
Visit the profile and find the “Withdrawal” section. Click on it and select the payment method. Enter your bank details and the amount you wish to withdraw.
Confirm the Transaction
You will receive a notification from the system that your withdrawal has been initiated.

It’s that simple! Now, let’s get to the next one.

How to Withdraw via SMS

Betika Withdrawal SMS
  1. Compose a new text message in the following format: WITHDRAW#AMOUNT.
  2. Send this message to 29090.
  3. Wait for the confirmation message from your mobile operator (M-Pesa or Airtel, whichever you use).
  4. Your mobile wallet will be credited shortly.

How to Withdraw via USSD

  1. Use your phone to dial *644#.
  2. Once the Betika USSD menu appears on your screen, choose “Withdraw.”
  3. Type in your desired withdrawal amount.
  4. Confirm the transaction.
  5. Wait for the confirmation message from the system.
  6. Your funds will be credited to your mobile account shortly.

How to Withdraw From Betika to M-Pesa

Betika Withdrawal M-pesa
  1. Launch the Betika app or open its website.
  2. Log into your account.
  3. Open your account and tap “Withdraw.”
  4. Add the amount you want to withdraw and select “M-Pesa” as your payment method.
  5. Confirm the transaction.
  6. Wait for a confirmation message that confirms the transaction has been initiated.
  7. As a rule of thumb, your M-Pesa account shall be credited instantly.
  8. However, it may take a bit longer, so be patient.

You can also withdraw to your Airtel account using the same algorithm.

How to Withdraw at the Shop

  1. Open the Betika app and choose a nearby Betika shop.
  2. Take your ID and make sure you know your username and account number.
  3. Once you are at the shop, address the cashier and specify your purposes.
  4. After the cashier verifies your identity, he will initiate the withdrawal process.
  5. Get your funds in cash from the cashier.
  6. Wait for the confirmation message about your successful withdrawal.
Bonus on deposit
Up To 5 KES per day

Betika Cash-out

Betika cash-out

The cash-out function lets you accept an early payout on your bets before they are settled. Basically, you can receive your money back before the event is over. You can either profit or receive a portion of the initial bet back, depending on how your selection is performing when you cash it out.

How to Cash Out on Betika

  1. Visit the Betika website or launch the application.
  2. Log into your account.
  3. Check if a cash-out option is available for you. Your cash-out amount, which depends on the actual odds at the moment of your request, should be reflected in the “My Bets” section.
  4. Request your cash-out and confirm your choice. Your funds will be credited to a payment service provider of your choice.

Obviously, the amount on offer will never exceed the entire potential winning stated in the bet slip. Any promo or free bets do not qualify for a cash-out.

Betika Withdrawal in Kenya

Betika Withdrawal Kenya

The platform offers a number of secure and fast payment options. Read our guide below to know the sequences for all of them.

Betika Withdrawal Charges

The company does not charge its customers for withdrawal transactions. However, your payment method provider can levy some additional charges.

Check the terms and conditions of your desired payment operator to be fully aware of your possible expenses.

Minimum and Maximum Withdrawa

You can withdraw a minimum of KES 50 and a maximum of KES 70,000 daily from your account. Depending on your payment method provider, additional charges may apply. The maximum withdrawal limit available for you also depends on your payment option.

Transactions are usually instant but may take up to three days.

Let’s check all the withdrawal options the platform offers.


With a selection of withdrawal options the platform supports, you can definitely find the one that suits your needs. However, be aware of the withdrawal limits and possible charges. Always double-check the information with your payment method provider, and do not hesitate to contact Betika customer care if you have any withdrawal issues. We hope our guide will help you make the most of your wagering experience with this bookmaker. Have fun but don’t forget to gamble wisely!


Betika FAQ
What is Betika?
It is a well-liked and trusted online bookmaker in Kenya. To find more information about the platform, check our detailed Betika desktop version and app review.
How do I place a bet on Betika by SMS?
Open the bookmaker’s website and find the ID of a game you want to bet on. Then, create a new SMS with the following algorithm: Game ID#Prediction#Amount. Send this message to 29090. You will get a text with the bet confirmation. You can follow up on your bet online.
What is the minimum deposit amount on Betika?
The minimum deposit for this bookmaker is KES 10.
What is the USSD code for Betika?
The applicable USSD code is *664#. Type it on your phone to access the Betika menu.
How do I deposit cash remotely?
You can deposit money from your mobile wallet using M-Pesa or Airtel. Alternatively, you can top up your account with the USSD code.
What is the maximum withdrawal from Betika?
The maximum withdrawal amount depends on your payment option. Contact your payment service provider to know more.

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