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27 January, 2024 (UPDATE 20 June, 2024)
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We love sports for marvelous miracles and extraordinary emotional moments. Let’s take a look back at one of the craziest comebacks in the history of world football. 

2017, 1/8 of the Champions League, PSG outplayed Barcelona in the first match at the Park de Prens with a result of 4-0. In Paris, fans are already celebrating the promotion to the 1/4 finals of the Champions League. 

The teams came to Barcelona to play in the second game. The match was intense, with many scoring chances for both teams. By 88 minutes, the score is 3-1 in favor of Barcelona. And then the magic begins — on 88 minutes – Neymar’s goal, 90+1 minutes – another one. But despite the equal score on goals – PSG, with this record, goes forward. But on 90+5 minutes, Sergio Roberto scores, scoring 6-1 and securing Barcelona’s place in the 1/4 finals. 

The whole world is in shock — 3 goals in less than 10 minutes in an incredible ending. We imagine many punters have used the cashout in these moments. 

The сashout option allows the punter to receive the winnings without waiting for the match to end. In this article, we will explain the сashout option at MozzartBet in more detail. 

What Is MozzartBet Cashout?

what-is-mozzartbet-cashout_ Cash Out at MozzartBet

MozzartBet in Kenya knows how painful it can be for punters when they have placed a bet and things turn around in the end. That is why the cashout option was introduced to care for the punters.

A cashout is an insurance policy. When your wager is winning, you can take the winnings without waiting for the end of the match.

If you want to be relaxed at the end of the match or can’t wait until the finish, take cashout!

Unfortunately, the cashout option only applies to live betting tickets and cannot be applied to classic bets.

Most players place wagers exactly in live mode, as there is much more information about the match/game in this case.

How to Cash out With MozzartBet

You might think this website procedure’s specifics are complicated, but no! The Cashout option is not only exceptional but also extremely easy to use. Here are detailed and simple instructions on making a Cashout in 30 seconds. 

How to Cash out a Bet

Follow the short and detailed instructions and take a cashout if appropriate. Please note that cashout is only available for live betting.


Step 1

Log in to your MozzartBet account via the app or website.

Step 2

Go to the “My bets” section. Select the bet you want to place.

Step 3

Click on “Cash out”. You will receive a message about a successful cashout. 

Cashout requests may have a time delay, and payment may be denied if there is a change in the score or odds.

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Ways to Withdraw Money From MozzartBet 

In many betting companies, punters face all kinds of problems when trying to withdraw money: cancellation of winnings, restrictions on limits, and absence of convenient payment options.

If you have ever faced such problems, you will be interested in MozzartBet since the bookmaker has an excellent reputation in terms of payments. Read our article about how to withdraw money from MozzartBet if you want to know it all.

Cashout Terms and Conditions

There are several conditions for you to cashout. Firstly, you must be a registered MozzartBet user in Kenya. Second – The cashout option is only available for live bets. 

Unfortunately, bets placed before the match do not have this option yet. If you place a bet before the game – check the information carefully so you don’t have to make a cashout.


conclusion-61 Cash Out at MozzartBet

If you love betting, sports, big wins, and minimal risks – MozzartBet provides you with all the conditions. The new unique cashout promotion will add variety and security to your bets and funds.

Also, keep in mind that you should always bet cautiously. Double-check the data entered multiple times: match, result, odds, etc…

Go to the MozzartBet website and see the benefits of this service! We wish you tremendous luck!

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Do all betting sites in Kenya have cashout?
No, this is a unique and exclusive offer not every betting site offers.
Why is my cash-out unavailable?
Cashout is only available for live games.
How much money can I get with cash out?
The payout is calculated by the betting company, depending on the changes in the odds.
Can I cashout on my mobile phone?
Yes, in the MozzartBet app.
Can I cashout an accumulator bet?
Yes, if all parts of the express are in Live mode.

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