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PariPesa is a great betting platform, and it is not surprising that you might want to join it to try it out. Registration is usually a simple process, no matter what betting website you select, although, on some platforms, it usually takes longer than on others and involves entering more information.

Our article plans to look closer at the sign-up process at PariPesa Kenya. We will provide detailed tutorials covering how exactly you can join the platform, the requirements, possible welcome bonuses, and things related to verification.

About PariPesa

about-2 Paripesa Registration

PariPesa is a relatively new player in the betting market. It emerged in 2019 and, since then, has become much more popular. The platform offers many features and things to enjoy, from betting capabilities to casino options.

First, the platform offers several sports to check your luck and betting skills. You can place wagers on football, basketball, and less common games such as badminton or cricket. The casino options will not disappoint you either; various games exist, including simple slots and complicated card games.

Obviously, the platform offers much more, but if you want to check it out, we recommend getting familiar with our PariPesa Kenya review, which covers everything about the platform. Read the article and learn more about what the bookmaker can offer, including payment methods, betting features, and mobile options.

How to Register on PariPesa Kenya

how-to-register Paripesa Registration

Explaining how everything works in theory and what the platform can offer is great, but it allows us to move on to practical tutorials. We have already listed the registration methods, so now it is time to guide you through each step.

Online Registration via the Website

Many users prefer to bet on the desktop version of the website. While this method has notable downsides, such as the total lack of mobility, it remains a default option for many punters. It can offer quick access to odds and additional information. Let us take a look at how exactly you can go through the PariPesa registration process on the desktop website.

  1. Go to PariPesa Kenya.
  2. Find the “Registration” button and click on it.
  3. Enter your active and valid Kenyan phone number and confirm it via SMS.
  4. Select the currency.
  5. Enter your full name.
  6. Input your date of birth.
  7. Provide an email address.
  8. Come up with a password and confirm it.
  9. Type in a promo code if you have any. Select a bonus.
  10. Finish the process by clicking the “Register” button, this also means that you agree to the platform’s T&C and are of legal betting age.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult about the process, you can easily complete all of the steps within a couple of minutes.

Mobile Registration

While the desktop version is fairly popular, using the mobile options has its own advantages and might be even more common in 2024. However, we do not have statistical information. PariPesa offers applications for iOS and Android users, with each app packed with features and offering the same set of capabilities as the desktop website. And users who do not want to install anything can simply enjoy a smartphone-optimized version of the website. 

Let us take a look at the steps one has to go through to register on PariPesa from their smartphone:

  1. Run the app or visit the mobile version of the website.
  2. Tap the “Registration” button on the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. There are two registration options: “by phone” and the full one. Pick the one you like.
  4. If you select the full version, the steps will look like what we described in the desktop section. If you go with the “By phone” option, then you will have to fill out fewer fields.
  5. Enter your phone number and confirm it via SMS.
  6. Select the currency.
  7. Enter a promo code and pick a bonus.
  8. Agree to the platform’s T&C and tick the box confirming being over 18 years old.
  9. Tap “Register.” All done.

Ultimately, the platform will generate a login and password that you can use. It is possible to change the password quickly, although the default one is relatively strong. In the next section, we plan to cover how to use these credentials to log into the platform.

Welcome bonus
of 11,800 KES for sports!

Registration Methods

Similarly to the vast majority of existing bookmakers, PariPesa offers two main ways to create a new account: you can join the platform via desktop or mobile. Both methods are similar in nature, although the mobile one allows you to fill out fewer fields to register. Some platforms also offer the ability to register just by using SMS, which is great if one does not have an Internet connection, but unfortunately, PariPesa is not among them.

How to Log In

how-login-1 Paripesa Registration

Once you have successfully registered, you receive a login and password to use. And, of course, they must sign into the website each time they plan to start betting or gambling. Here is how you can do so on the desktop website:

  1. Visit PariPesa.
  2. Find the “Log in” button on the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Hit it.
  4. Enter your login.
  5. Type in your password.
  6. Click “Log in”.
  7. All done.

You can also recover your password if you lost access to it, but still use the phone number you registered with.

Logging Into the Account via Mobile Apps

Now, it is time to take a look at how you can sign into your account by using either smartphone apps or a mobile-optimized version of the betting site. The steps are similar and as simple as on the desktop version. Here is what you have to do for the PariPesa login process on mobile:

  1. Run the app or visit the mobile website.
  2. Find the “Log in” button on the top part of the screen and press it.
  3. Enter your email address or log in.
  4. Type in your password.
  5. Finish the process by tapping the “log in” button.
  6. All done.

PariPesa Kenya Registration Requirements

Of course, certain conditions exist to meet if you want to join the platform. Some are obvious, while others are less so, but nothing is surprising about it since the websites cannot simply allow anyone to join. But there is nothing strict about these requirements. Let us check them out in greater detail in the next sections.


Wagering is regulated, and there is usually a minimum age to participate in it. The exact number depends on local laws. In Kenya, the betting age is similar to most of the world: it is 18. Do not lie about your age, it will get you banned anywhere. The platform features a verification procedure. More about it in the next section.

Confirming Your Personal Information

While you do not have to confirm anything apart from your phone number during the registration process, there is still a verification stage that you might have to go through before depositing and registering. It involves sending some papers to confirm your identity. 

How to Verify Your PariPesa Account

verif Paripesa Registration

When you successfully registered, you only confirmed your phone number and entered your age without any additional validation. We recommend you enter all of your required information if you want to make your operations with money more streamlined in the future. Below are the steps you have to follow if you want to validate your account:

  1. Go to the website and log in. Alternatively, run the app.
  2. Go to the profile menu by clicking the profile button.
  3. Find the “Fill in personal data” option at the top of the list.
  4. Hit it, and you will see a long list of many fields that you can fill in with the information.
  5. It will include your full name, residence, the number of your identity document, its series, and the time it was issued. A document can be a national ID card or a driver’s license.
  6. Fill in all the required information, provided you have the needed documents.
  7. Moreover, enter your email and confirm it.
  8. We also recommend checking your email.
  9. The system might ask you to send the documents with all of the information you entered above before withdrawal, or if it has any doubts about your identity, be ready for it.

While the process of entering and confirming the information might sound complicated, it actually is not. There is plenty of information to provide, but if you have all of the needed documents available, the procedure will not take longer than a few minutes.

How to Activate Your Phone Number on PariPesa

If you have already signed up on the website, you can consider your phone number confirmed. If you have not done so yet, you have to know there is no way to avoid this process during registration. You will simply enter your phone number and receive an SMS with a code. After entering this code during the sign-up stage, you can consider your phone number activated and verified and start using the platform, provided you have entered all of the necessary information during the registration process.

What Welcome Bonus Can New Players Expect to See After the Registration?

If you just joined PariPesa, there are some bonuses that you can quickly receive. Moreover, the options might get even more diverse if you use a promo code during the registration. But, below, we will list the regular ones aimed at the newcomers:

  • First Deposit. Transfer up to 11,800 KES into your account and get that sum 100% matched.
  • Welcome Package. Get your first four deposits partially matched and receive some free spins for the casino games.
Welcome bonus
of 11,800 KES for sports!

How to Log Out of the PariPesa Account

If you want to log out of the account for any reason, there are not many steps to go through. Simply find the “Exit” button on the top part of your screen if you are using a desktop version. For the mobile one, start by clicking on the profile button and finding this option on the list.


concl-5 Paripesa Registration

The ability to join the platform you like is essential, and the registration process does not take much time anywhere. Even though some platforms complicate things needlessly, these cases are rare. And, gladly, PariPesa is not one of them. If you want to join this bookmaker, there are only a few fields to fulfill. They include entering your phone number and using SMS to confirm it, selecting the currency, providing your birthday and full name, and creating a password. If you are a mobile user, you have the “by phone” option available, which streamlines the process even further.


How to get a PariPesa sportsbook freebet?
You can either receive it via a bonus (some of which offer free bets and spins) or get one at the promo code store.
Is PariPesa a legal betting website?
Yes, the platform is legit and has a license.
What are the different betting options available on the PariPesa betting website?
Apart from 1×2 and over/unders, you can place wagers on handicaps, totals, Both Teams to Score, and some of the other markets.

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