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31 July, 2023 (UPDATE 18 April, 2024)
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Betting is all luck, some might say. However, this is only partially true. Knowing tricks can make you a pro in sports betting and a severe threat to bookmakers. In this article, you’ll find free hints that will help you trick and dominate the betting industry. We will specifically discuss such tricks and how to apply them on SportyBet. A sports betting platform that offers its users fantastic chances to place bets on their preferred sports. 

Tips & Predictions for Sports

Tips and Predictions for Sports

Making sports predictions is a science since it involves specific techniques employed by experts analyzing sporting events for years. This isn’t rocket science, though. So following some simple pieces of advice can lead you to success. First, let’s observe the rules that generally apply to any sports you bet on, then deal with the specifics.

So if you want to be a winning sporty bettor, the best tips are:

  • Select only reputable websites. When selecting betting sites, evaluating the terms, events, and odds they offer is crucial, not to mention their legitimacy and reputation.   
  • Know the fundamentals. You should understand the ABCs of betting and the sport you are wagering. Otherwise, any prediction will turn into guesswork.
  • Don’t put all eggs in one basket. Investing all your efforts into one type of sport, bets, or prediction is pretty risky. And vice versa, trying different strategies is sure to raise your winning chances.

Football Betting Tips & Predictions

Football tops the list of the most popular sports to bet on in Africa, Kenya included. So if you’re a die-hard football fan who knows all ins and outs of the sport, make the best use of your knowledge. The best tips to make a sure soccer prediction are:

  • Keep up with the most recent news.
  • Avoid getting too focused on your favorites.
  • Check out the teams’ latest games.
  • Inspect trends, history, and statistics.

On the SportyBet site and app, you can find a whole lot of soccer matches taking place daily and belonging to various international and local leagues.

Basketball Betting Tips & Predictions

Basketball is the second most common sport for wagering in Kenya, and seasoned punters know that NBA is not the only choice available. There are many other prediction options, such as:

  • International Euroleague 
  • Spain Liga ACB
  • Greece A1
  • International Liga ABA
  • France Pro A
  • Brazil ABB
  • International United League

A nice and simple tip: if you’re a gambler who favors basketball, do not overlook lesser-known leagues, consider the context, and act soberly.

Cricket Betting Tips & Predictions

Professional cricket experts analyze vast data when making a sure betting prediction. Thus, they meticulously study the entire team’s performance and each player’s individually. Before placing cricket wagers, looking through previews from reliable sources is a good thing to do.  

SportyBet is home to a professional betting community where you can gain experience and succeed in wagering. 

Do Tips & Predictions Work?

Do Sportybet Tips and Predictions Work?

Even if you strictly follow all tips and predictions from the most eminent sporty tipsters, there is no 100% guarantee that your wager will be successful. Nevertheless, smart strategies, for sure, boost your chances of winning.

Considering numerous factors, proficient experts leverage diverse methods and tools to predict matches. When making a prediction, everything matters—the location of the match, the weather conditions, the physical and mental state of the players, the team rating, etc. Thus, prediction accuracy significantly improves with a thorough examination.

Aside from luck, most of the secret to success is an expert tip and a fact-based forecast. 

Win with SportyBet
30+ Sports Available

SportyBet Jackpot Predictions

SportyBet Jackpot Predictions

SportyBet Kenya gives a unique chance to its customers to win the Jackpot prize by predicting the outcomes of 12 matches selected weekly by the bookie. 

To participate in the 12 Jackpot Competition, you must sign up for the site and fund your account with at least KES 50.

SportyBet Kenya is a legal brand that offers a spectrum of daily competitions and incentives for participants to hone their betting skills and become ace bettors.  

SportyBet Jackpot Bonuses

You’ll win the Super Jackpot reward if you correctly anticipate the results of all 12 matches. In addition, SportyBet will distribute the prize pot among all players who made identical correct predictions.

What’s more, there are impressive rewards for those who correctly guessed the outcomes of 11 or 10 matches.

SportyBet has prepared heaps of amazing bonuses, including a welcome bonus and free bets, for sporty bettors and is eager to share them on the site.

Final Thoughts

Sportybet Final Thoughts

Any business needs good preparation if you don’t want to fail. That’s why successful punters do research and keep helpful hints in mind when placing their bets. Hopefully, the betting tips provided in this article will come in handy the next time you wager.


How do I register for SportyBet by SMS?
To register for SportyBet via SMS, you can text “signup,” “register,” or “accept” to 29123. SportyBet registration is free of charge.
How do I start playing on SportyBet?
You can start playing on SportyBet right after registering on the site, creating and verifying your profile, and finally, topping up your account.
How do I get my user ID on SportyBet?
You will be asked to enter your phone number and chosen password during the free registration. Your username will be your confirmed phone number.
How do I place a bet on SportyBet?
Here are the simple steps on how to stake on SportyBet:
  • First, you must be logged in and have enough funds in your account.
  • Then, choose a suitable sporting event and market for betting.
  • After that, add them to your bet slip and specify the wager amount.

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