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Mobile technologies are a significant part of modern life. Over the course of the last decade, smartphones have become essential tools for nearly everybody. We do a lot of things online, and betting is no exception. Mobile betting allows punters to test their luck and skills nearly anywhere.

And this is why almost all large betting platforms offer smartphone applications and mobile-friendly versions of their websites. SportyBet, a popular bookmaker in Africa, is among them. Our article will be focused on the applications offered by SportyBet to its users in Kenya. We will check their features, explain how to download and install them, compare them to the mobile website, and list their advantages and disadvantages.

How to Download the Sportybet App in Kenya

How to Download the Sportybet App in Kenya

The procedures for getting the application on your device are pretty straightforward and require only a few steps that can be completed with ease within minutes. The processes are a bit different for iOS and Android, but you’re unlikely to run into issues with either. So let’s see how you can download SportyBet applications on those platforms.

How to Download the SportyBet App on an Android Phone

If you have an Android device and plan to download and install the platform’s application, do the following:

Visit the Website
Navigate to the SportyBet official website and locate the “App” button, then, click on it.
After being redirected tap on “Download Android for Free” or scan the QR code.
Wait for the .apk file to install and follow the given instructions.
  1. Visit the Website. Navigate to the SportyBet official website and locate the “App” button, then, click on it.
  2. Download. After being redirected tap on “Download Android for Free” or scan the QR code.
  3. Install. Wait for the .apk file to install and follow the given instructions.

You can easily install the SportyBet APK afterward by opening the file on your phone and allowing the installation of programs from unknown sources. After that, you’re fully ready to use the app.

How to Download the SportyBet App on iPhone

The procedure is a bit different compared to the Android one. Here are the steps:

  1. Navigate to the Site. Visit the bookie’s official website and find the “App” button in the menu, then click on it.
  2. Download. Locate the “Download for iOS for Free” button and tap on it.
  3. App Store. After being redirected to the App Store install the app by pressing on “GET.”

Alternatively, you can search for the app directly on the App Store by typing in “SportyBet.” The program might not be offered in all markets, so check whether your location in the Settings matches your actual one.

How to Download the SportyBet App for PC

There’s no dedicated PC version of the SportyBet app. But you can enjoy the desktop website with ease in any browser. It might have a relatively dated design, but it’s quite intuitive.

Main Features of the SportyBet Mobile Application

Designed from the ground up to be as functional as possible, SportyBet’s apps, offered for both iOS and Android, don’t compromise on the provided features. They offer the same capabilities that can be found on the desktop website. You can register or log in within a few taps, place your bets easily, access existing betting options, transfer your funds, and use the cashout and live betting features. Bonuses, promotions, and round-the-clock customer care services are also provided in the app.

Design and Interface

Not only is the application packed with features, but it also looks quite good. The same cannot be said about the desktop website, which looks a bit dated despite being generally intuitive and user-friendly. The app is straightforward to use and has an excellent design with quick access to all needed buttons and features.

Bonuses in the Mobile App

The mobile app’s users have access to all of the bonuses offered by the platform. The majority of them are pretty temporary but appear again after some time. They also differ from one market to another. Most of them come in the form of free bets or matched sums for first deposits. Free gifts are also occasionally offered to the regulars.

Supported Devices

Most modern Android and iOS devices will have no problem running the SportyBet app. The requirements are low, and it’s easy to install. It doesn’t take much disk space, either.

Nearly any new Android smartphone, as well as those released during the last few years, will run the application with ease, and the same can be said about iPhones, as long as they support iOS version 12 or later, which is far from new.

System Requirements

As mentioned, the system requirements are pretty for iOS and Android versions alike. Android devices need to use the 4.0.2 version of the system or higher. It’s over a decade old, so almost any smartphone released during the last few years runs even a newer release.

The iOS version requires the smartphone to operate under iOS 12.0 or higher. This system is around five years old now, and since iOS devices have extended support, you won’t have a problem installing the application on any modern iPhone.

SportyBet Mobile Version

SportyBet Mobile Version

The mobile version of the website can be used by those who won’t or can’t download the smartphone application for one reason or another. It’s a great, fully functional alternative to the apps and the desktop version.

Another thing to mention is that there’s no “SportyBet Lite” version. Sometimes such solutions can make it possible to run the website even on relatively old devices, but this bookmaker does not offer them.

The Differences between SportyBet Applications and the Mobile Version

So far, the app and the mobile version of the website look identical. They feature the same interface, and the number of offered features is pretty much the same. You can do the same things that are possible to do in the apps. So, if you don’t have the application, using the website on your smartphone won’t leave you wishing for more capabilities.

SportyBet App’s Pros and Cons

While both the app and platform have many strong points, there are also certain disadvantages. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Offers pretty much the same functions that are provided by the desktop version
  • Nice UI
  • Low system requirements
  • Can be used on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets
  • Lack of casino options, since none are offered at the platform
  • Can’t be downloaded from the Play Store

SportyBet Mobile Version’s Pros and Cons

Now let’s check the advantages and disadvantages of the mobile website to see how it can fare against the app.

  • Provides the same capabilities you can find on the desktop version and the mobile apps
  • Nice-looking and intuitive interface
  • No need to be installed or downloaded
  • Doesn’t take any disc space
  • Can be used on any mobile device with a browser
  • No need to update it to the latest version
  • Searching for and loading the website takes a bit more time compared to the apps
  • A lack of the “Lite” version that would make running the website easier for older devices.

Mobile App Betting Options

The same options are offered to mobile and desktop users. You can enjoy various betting markets on a sizable list of sports, including football, tennis, basketball, and eSports. The betting options consist of over/under, moneylines, and DNB (“Draw No Bet”), among others.

All Sportybet Apps

All Sportybet Apps

Apart from existing iOS and Android applications, there is no official software offered by the service. If someone claims that their program works for SportyBet, then it’s most likely to be a scam. When in doubt, send a message to the customer support team.


When it comes to betting on your smartphone, SportyBet can provide valuable and neat-looking applications for iOS and Android smartphones, as well as a fully functional mobile version of its website. Its applications are easy to install, have low system requirements, and offer a long list of capabilities.

Our article covered these functions in detail, provided guides on downloading and installing the applications, and looked at their pros and cons. We hope this information will be helpful for new and regular users and those who plan to join the platform. If you want to learn more about this platform, read our SportyBet Kenya review.


Sportybet FAQ
Why is SportyBet not working on my phone?
Any modern phone should have no problem running the apps, but if you experience any issues, you can try checking the mobile website. For further questions, contact customer support.
Is SportyBet app real?
Yes, the program is offered for both iOS and Android devices. The latter version is an APK file that you can download directly from the website.
Can you bet on sports on your phone?
Yes, betting on various disciplines can be done both in the app and on the mobile website. You can access all the betting markets provided by the sportsbook.
How do I activate my SportyBet account?
If you want to join the platform, then there’s no need to worry since the registration process is exceptionally straightforward. You just have to find the “Register” button, enter your phone number, and create a password. Remember that you might need to go through a validation procedure, but it’s also quite simple. Read the step-by-step guide in the article on how to open SportyBet account to get the idea.
Does SportyBet have an app for Android?
Yes, it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, but it is offered as an APK file.
Does SportyBet have a partnership program?
Yes, the SportyBet affiliate program exists and is free to join.
Can I deposit by using the app?
Yes, SportyBet deposit options work on the mobile app.
Can mobile users transfer their funds?
Yes, SportyBet withdrawal methods can be used both in the apps, as well as on the mobile website. You’ll find the instructions in the article on how to withdraw on SportyBet.
Are there any sure ways to become consistently successful at betting?
Obviously, there’s no quick solution that would work for all situations, but several specific rules can help you become better at betting. Read our separate article about SportyBet free prediction to know more.
Is SportyBet legal in Kenya?
Yes, the platform operates in Kenya under a locally issued license. It has met all of the requirements needed to acquire the registration.
Where was SportyBet founded?
The sportsbook was initially launched in Nigeria, and the company behind it is still headquartered in the country. The bookmaker offers its services in other countries of the African continent, including Kenya.

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