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2 July, 2023 (UPDATE 17 April, 2024)
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Moving your funds onto betting platforms is a crucial aspect of the wagering process. While withdrawing money can be considered a goal of every punter, it’s important to remember that you can’t bet without adding money to your account first. The websites offer a variety of ways to increase the balance in your wallet, ranging from simple bank transfers to cryptocurrencies and rare payment systems.

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The article below will center on deposit methods provided by SportyBet in Kenya. This bookmaker is a Nigeria-based platform popular across Africa. It offers a serviceable list of sports to bet on, a helpful interface, and well-designed mobile apps, among other benefits. Let’s see how you can add money to this bookmaker’s account in Kenya.

Payment Methods

Sportybet Payment Methods

The platform offers several solutions for depositing. They differ from one country to another according to local realities and the availability of systems. Below, we will describe what you can use in Kenya.

SportyBet Kenya M-Pesa Paybill Number

M-Pesa is one of the most commonly used payment systems in Africa. It’s prevalent in Kenya, so it’s no surprise that SportyBet would support working with it. The pay bill number of the system is 202202.

Here’s what you should do to add money to your account with the help of M-Pesa:

  1. Open M-Pesa. Open your M-Pesa menu and navigate to “Payment Services.” Click on “Paybill” and enter the 202202 number.
  2. Deposit. Type in “SPORTYBET” as the account number and enter your PIN code.
  3. Confirm. Wait for the confirmation message and then enjoy.

How to Deposit Money to SportyBet Using Airtel Paybill

Unfortunately, despite its popularity, Airtel doesn’t seem to be supported for depositing on the platform in Kenya. There’s a chance that such an option will be offered in the future. But for now, M-Pesa is your only method.

How to Recharge a SportyBet Account Via SMS

You can add money to your account with the help of M-Pesa by using SMS. Here are your steps:

  1. Send the SMS. Send a message to the 29123 number with the following text: “deposit#(your amount).”
  2. Proceed. Proceed by following the given instructions.
  3. Confirm. Wait for the confirmation message and profit from your deposit.

How to Deposit to a SportyBet Account via Wеbsitе

If you want to add money to the SportyBet account, do the following:

Go to SportyBet
Navigate to the SportyBet official website and log into your personal account.
Locate and click on the “My Account” button, then tap on “Deposit.” Enter the amount you would like to invest.
Tap on “Top up now” and enter the confirmation code, finalize by clicking on “Completed.”

How to Send Money to SportyBet by Using the Mobile App

If you want to increase your account balance by using the mobile version of the website or the app, then the steps you have to follow would be similar. Here they are:

Open the App
Open your SportyBet mobile application and access your account. Then, click on “My account.”
Tap on the “Deposit” button and enter the amount you wish to deposit into your balance.
Click on “Top up now,” then proceed by entering the confirmation code. When done, tap on “Completed.

The Rules and Conditions of Adding Money to a Wallet

Sportybet The Rules and Conditions of Adding Money to a Wallet

As is expected, there are certain things to remember if you’re planning to transfer the funds into your account on the platform. First, you should meet all of the requirements for registration. For example, you must be of legal betting age and provide correct personal information during the signup procedure. The sportsbook also reserves the right to verify everything you’ve provided. In the paragraphs below, we will look at some of the conditions for depositing.

SportyBet Minimum Deposit

The lowest sum you can add to your account balance is 50 KES, which makes the process quite accessible even to users who don’t have a lot of money. The maximum amount isn’t specified anywhere on the website, but if we try to convert it from the sums mentioned in other markets, it would be more than 2,500,000 KES.

There are withdrawal limits as well. You can’t move more than 70,000 KES per transaction from your account. The minimum sum isn’t specified.

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SportyBet Deposit Charges

Depositing small sums through M-Pesa involves a service fee of 1 KES. However, depositing is entirely free if you move an amount larger than 250 KES. SportyBet will take care of any charges required by the service. It makes depositing much more accessible since users won’t worry about additional charges. Especially those players who don’t want to spend more than planned.

Deposit Time

Everything must be processed instantly. If your account balance doesn’t change, wait a few minutes. You can check your transaction status by visiting the “Transactions” menu after clicking your balance button. If the issues persist, contact customer care.

Verification Before Depositing

The company may automatically check your financial information with credit card agencies to ensure that you don’t have any debts and are not engaging in any nefarious activity. In addition, other checks can be put in place, such as ID validation or checking your age.

How to Control Your Funds at SportyBet

How to Control Your Funds at SportyBet

The bookmaker grants you some flexibility in the ways to control your funds. Apart from depositing and withdrawing, you can check your balance, change the account details, and do other operations. 

How to Check Your SportyBet Bet Wallet Balance

You can quickly check how much money you have left in your account since it’s an essential feature. Below, we will describe some methods to do so on the platform.


There’s an option to check your balance by sending an SMS message. It must contain the word “Balance” and should be sent to the 29123 number. You will receive the amount you have on your account in KES.

Via Website

You can check the balance by using the website or a mobile application. The steps would be these:

  1. Log In. Navigate to the SportyBet official website and log into your personal account.
  2. Locate. Locate your balance; it will be shown at the top of the main page.
  3. Take a Closer Look. Click on your balance and check the different options.

How to Monitor Your Transactions

The steps are pretty easy:

  1. Open SportyBet. Navigate to the SportyBet website and log into your account on the platform. Then, tap on the button with your balance
  2. Check Transfers. Click on “Transactions” to see your money transfers on the site.
  3. Monitor. Monitor the status of your transactions and other information.


As with any international betting platform, the options offered for deposit will vary depending on your location. In Kenya, this sportsbook only allows you to use M-Pesa. Thankfully, it’s a prevalent mobile payment system so the solution will satisfy the majority of punters living in the country. Moreover, the bookmakers offer several approaches on how to move your funds by using M-Pesa.

We hope that our article was helpful. If you’re considering joining the platform, our text can help you decide. It can also provide some information to those who are already bookmaker’s clients. You can also read our other articles to learn more about SportyBet.

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Sportybet FAQ
How to transfer money from one SportyBet account to another?
While you can’t have two accounts, you can send funds to your friend’s account. If you have a withdrawable sum on your balance and everything is verified, then the steps are as follows:
  1. Visit the SportyBet website and log into your account.
  2. Click or tap on your wallet’s balance, seen in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Select “Withdraw.”
  4. Go to the “Transfer to Friend” option.
  5. Enter the amount.
  6. Click “Withdraw.”
Is there an affiliate program?
Yes, you can quickly become a SportyBet partner. You can read our separate article on the matter.
What is the Paybill of SportyBet?
The M-Pesa pay bill number for the bookmaker in Kenya is 202202. Type it in during the deposit process.
How do I register with the bookmaker?
The SportyBet sign up process is straightforward. Everything can be done within a minute:
  1. Go to the website.
  2. Locate the “Register” button on the top right corner of the page.
  3. Enter your valid phone number.
  4. Come up with a password.
  5. Click the “Create New Account” button if you’re over 18 and agree with the T&C.
  6. Confirm by entering the code.
  7. All done.
Which app can I use to fund my SportyBet account?
The official app is offered for both iOS and Android. You can also use the mobile website from your phone. Read the article about Sporty Bet download to learn the detailed instructions and get a step-by-step guide.
Why can’t I deposit funds to my account?
If your account is verified, the sum you’re trying to move is within limits, and you’re using a supported payment method, try to contact SportyBet customer care service.
How much can I deposit in my SportyBet account?
The upper deposit method for Kenyan users isn’t specified by the platform, but some evidence suggests that it’s more than 2,000,000 KES.
How much does SportyBet charge for deposits?
The bookmaker won’t charge you for anything, but M-Pesa would. The service fee is 1 KES, but the bookmaker will take care of your charges if you deposit more than 250 KES.
How do I transfer money from M-Pesa to SportyBet?
There are several ways to do so, and all of them are covered in this article. You can add money by using M-Pesa with the help of the service menu, SMS messaging, and the desktop and mobile applications of the bookmaker.
What bank does SportyBet use?
Direct bank transfers aren’t offered for depositing to this platform in Kenya yet. You can only use the M-Pesa payment system. Thankfully, this mobile money provider is quite popular across the country, and the majority of local punters likely already have accounts on M-Pesa.
Are there bonuses?
Yes, there are SportyBet bonuses for both newcomers and regulars. They depend on the market, and we have another article covering them.
How can I improve my success rate of betting?
No one can be 100% perfect at predictions, but there are ways to improve your knowledge, skills, and discipline. We have a separate article focusing entirely on SportyBet daily tips.

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