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3 June, 2024 (UPDATE 7 June, 2024)
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Exploring your ability to move money into any bookmaker is one of the steps you usually go through when researching possible platforms to join. After all, depositing is the first thing you usually do after registering because it is often impossible to start betting without adding some money.

The platforms provide different methods to move the funds into accounts. In our article, we will focus on how one can transfer money into one’s account on Stake, a betting website that is growing in popularity in Kenya. We will provide basic information about the platform, cover Stake deposit options, explain terms and conditions, and check out existing limits.

If you want to learn even more about Stake sports betting company, you can always check out our dedicated review. Read it and get a clearer understanding of what the platform can offer.

How to Deposit Money Into Stake

And now, it is time to get practical. If you want to get a detailed tutorial on transferring your funds directly into your Stake account, then this section is for you. The process is straightforward and does not have anything that might complicate it.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Stake.
  2. Sign in to your account
  3. You can find a large “Wallet” button on the top part of the screen, hit it.
  4. It will open another window that will allow you to work with payments.
  5. The “Deposit” tab is selected by default.
  6. Pick a currency.
  7. Select a blockchain network.
  8. The system will show the deposit address of a wallet where you have to send your money.
  9. Transfer the funds from your crypto wallet into the one shown before.
  10. All done.

How to Deposit Funds via Mobile

While Stake does not feature mobile applications, the platform offers a mobile version of its website. It includes all of the features one might need to get a complete betting and gambling experience: registration, playing games, and placing wagers. And, of course, you can interact with your money using this website version.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Visit Stake from your mobile device.
  2. Log in.
  3. Tap a button with an icon of a wallet.
  4. It will take you to the page with payment options. 
  5. The platform selected the “Deposit” tab by default.
  6. Select a currency and a blockchain if it supports several.
  7. You will see an address to send crypto to.
  8. Transfer the funds from your wallet by either using a private wallet app or your account on any cryptocurrency exchange.
  9. All done.

Stake Deposit Methods

payment-methods-9 How to Deposit Money to Stake

Now, we will quickly move to the central part of our article: the exact methods available on the platform for depositing. And this is where the platform will surprise you the most: it is entirely cryptocurrency-oriented. Let us find out more.

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Cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming more popular as a way to transfer funds into or out of wagering platforms. They are quick, do not have borders, although their legal status in a particular country will matter a lot, and are not as difficult to use as some make them out to be. In all fairness, working with cryptocurrency has become more streamlined over the last few years.

As we already mentioned, Stake focuses entirely on crypto as its main payment method. So, cryptocurrencies are the only way to deposit money into the platform. And there are plenty of them available. In fact, more than twenty. The list of them includes:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Doge
  • XRP
  • USDT
  • TRX
  • BNB

And that is far from a complete list. The platform actually offers many of them, so you will likely find your token of choice among the currencies.

Terms and Conditions for Deposit

rules-5 How to Deposit Money to Stake

You would expect a platform to have certain requirements and conditions for depositing money into it. And you would be correct in doing so: most betting websites put them in place, and Stake is not an exception. There are certain things to consider before transferring money to the platform. Let us explore them in deeper detail in the paragraphs below.

Deposit Limits in Stake

Usually, upper and lower limits are put on both deposits and withdrawals by the platforms. The deposit limits allow the platforms to control the incoming flow of money in a more streamlined manner. Since Stake does not process the deposits independently, instead allowing the blockchains and networks to do all the work about moving the funds, the minimum and maximum amounts can differ significantly, depending on the method.

Deposit Fees

Sometimes, certain betting platforms set deposit charges for their users. Thankfully, this practice is rare, and Stake is not among these platforms. There are no deposit fees that you have to pay. But in some cases, cryptocurrency networks may include their own charges. Stake will not cover those, so be smart about choosing your exact method.

Deposit Time

Cryptocurrencies are known for being instant, or at least quite fast. So, we can safely expect Stake to be quick at it. And yes, the platform states that all of the transactions are near-instantaneous.

Verification Before Depositing

The platform does not involve any account validation process you must go through before depositing money into your account. That does not mean there is no verification at all; the system reserves the right to ask for pictures of your documents to confirm your identity. And, of course, you need to confirm your phone number to use Stake.

Controlling Your Wallet in Stake

Stake allows you to edit your account data if needed. To do so, you have to hit the “Settings” button and find the parameters you want to change. The options are pretty versatile.

How to Change Your Financial Details

There is no need to enter your financial information before interacting with money. If you are depositing something, the platform will only provide you with the address to send the funds. Withdrawal will require entering your wallet’s address, but you can provide it during the process.

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concl-12 How to Deposit Money to Stake

If you are planning to transfer money into Stake, the platform will surprise you first. After all, it is one of few websites focusing entirely on cryptocurrencies for payment methods. So, having an account is better if you plan on depositing the funds into Stake.

Explaining how to do so was the central part of this article. There are many cryptocurrencies to choose from, and the process of transferring money into them is as straightforward as it gets: the bookmaker will provide an address where you have to send your money, and you can do so by using any method you want.


Can I change the currency in my account?
Yes, you can use any available cryptocurrency token to deposit your funds.
Can I deposit with cryptocurrency?
Yes, it is the main way to move money into your account on Stake.
Can I use different options for deposit & withdrawal?
No, the platform requires using the same cryptocurrency for deposit and withdrawal purposes unless it states otherwise or cannot use only one for both purposes for some reason.
Can deposit and withdrawal limits be changed?
You can not change the limits since the platform puts them there. Of course, the bookmaker itself can change them.

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