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29 August, 2023 (UPDATE 16 May, 2024)
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Modern betting platforms, especially large and well-established ones, are usually quite polished, so there’s nothing difficult about using them. The features just work, and even if some things look complicated, there are plenty of tutorials that you may find online. But the issues might still happen since there’s no such thing as a flawlessly working service. If you encounter difficulties, you can try to deal with them on your own. But the preferred way is to contact customer care.

In this article, we aim to describe and explain everything related to customer service at 1xBet. This is a well-known international platform that has been on the market for over a decade. It operates in many places across the globe. It also offers its services on the African continent, including Kenya.

We will cover the ways to contact customer care on the platform, explain each method, and describe the issues that this service may solve. Moreover, by the end of the article, you will find the answers to the most common questions. Let’s start.

1xBet: Brief Overview

1xbet-brief-overview 1xBet Kenya Customer Care

As we mentioned elsewhere, being among the most well-known bookmakers on the market, 1xBet is a large international betting and gambling platform.

As for what it offers, we can briefly describe it in one word: everything. 

Truth be told, 1xBet provides features that will meet the needs of all gamblers and punters. There are plenty of sports to wager on, and the list of offered betting markets is also quite long. The odds are great, and the sportsbook supports additional features such as multiple bets, in-play wagering, and cash out. There are also plenty of casino games to test your luck with.

In addition, the company provides iOS and Android apps that are easy to download from the App Store and Google Play, respectively.

You can read more about that in our 1xBet full review. Here, we will focus on customer care service and its features.

Unfortunately, today, the service does not work in all countries. The bookmaker warns that compliance with local laws rests entirely with users. Therefore, do not try to circumvent the prohibitions. You can get information about the regions where the use of the platform is permitted in the article about 1xBet available countries.

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How to Contact 1xBet Customer Care

how-to-contact-1xbet-customer-care 1xBet Kenya Customer Care

There are several ways to access 1xBet Kenya’s customer support service. Below, we will list some of them; you can use this information to communicate with the workers.

By Phone

Contacting a customer care service by calling a helpline is one of the most obvious solutions. You can try using the +254 702 400 200 number. It also works for WhatsApp. The website lists 0-800-600-070 as a helpline number as well.

By Email

Probably, the most common way to contact customer care on any website is by email. If you run into issues on 1xBet, send one to this address: info-ke@1xbet-team.com. In case of security issues, it is advisable to use security-en@1xbet-team.com.

By Live Chat on the Official Website

The website offers a live chat option. Basically, if you’re using it from the desktop, you will see an “Ask a Question” window on the bottom right corner of the screen. Initially, the option provides the ability to find answers to most questions. But there’s the “Call Consultant” button that you can use for live chatting.

By Facebook

Facebook is a very popular social network, so the fact that many serious bookmakers have an official presence over there shouldn’t surprise anybody. You can use the website to contact 1xBet Kenya about your issues. The 1xBet Contacts page doesn’t list any, but you can find them by @1xbetKenya254. Use it to ask questions or direct any complaint.

How 1xBet Customer Care Works

You can contact it and ask your questions. If you have any specific issues, you should ask to get them resolved; the customer care workers usually have enough information to explain the reasons and will guide you through the steps of fixing the problem.

What Issues Does 1xBet Customer Service Solve?

what-issues-does-1xbet-customer-service-solve 1xBet Kenya Customer Care

While you can use customer care service to get answers to different questions, from simple to more complex ones, the main reason the majority of users contact them is to solve existing issues. In the next few sections, we will describe some of them.

The Deposit Didn’t Go Through

1xBet offers several ways to move money into your account. They differ from country to country, but the Kenyan market has enough options. And with that large list of them, the chances of issues appearing can grow. Thankfully, the customer care service team will explain the reasons and suggest solutions. They might range from waiting for some time to trying again.

I Can’t Sign In

This issue is also quite common. Basically, after entering your credentials, you will see that the website or app doesn’t log you in. Since, barring issues with VPN or Internet connection, this issue is server-side, the workers will easily explain the reasons and provide methods for fixing the problem.

The Website Doesn’t Load

Sometimes, you basically can’t access the website. Similarly to the previous issue, the majority of problems either lie with your connection or on the website’s side. In the latter case, the customer care workers will explain what goes on and offer suitable solutions.


conclusion-8 1xBet Kenya Customer Care

If any betting platform plans to offer complete and enjoyable betting and gambling experiences, featuring a responsive customer care service is a must. Gladly, 1xBet Kenya has this aspect covered: there are several ways to contact customer support, and all of them are easy to access.

And that was precisely what we covered in this text: the communication channel for 1xBet Kenya customer support. Moreover, we also provided a brief overview of the platform’s main features and included a list of some issues that customer care can theoretically fix. The article targets all kinds of users, from newcomers to experienced ones, since being a seasoned punter isn’t something that can prevent running into server-side issues.

If you want to learn even more about the platform, you can check out our other articles covering its different aspects. But starting from the main 1xBet Kenya review would be a logical starting point.


What is the 1xBet customer care number?
You can try these two numbers: 0-800-600-070 and +254 702 400 200. The last one also works for WhatsApp.
How do I email a 1xBet security team?
If you have security issues or any related questions, 1xBet uses a separate email address for such purposes: security-en@1xbet-team.com.
Can I get a refund from 1xBet?
You can’t make the company refund your money, but there are sometimes offers that will allow you to see your bet refunded.
How do I access 1xBet in Kenya?
1xBet works in the country on a fully legal basis, so you shouldn’t have issues accessing the website. If it doesn’t load properly for any reason, contact customer care.

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