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20 November, 2023 (UPDATE 16 May, 2024)
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1xBet is a household name for online sports betting and casino games.  One of the key aspects that users consider when choosing a betting platform is the ease and convenience of withdrawing their winnings. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on withdrawing funds from 1xBet Kenya, explore the withdrawal conditions and available methods, and address common concerns and issues related to withdrawals. So, let’s get started!

About 1xBet

about-1xbet_-1 Maximum and Minimum Withdrawal Per Day From 1xBet

In 2007, the 1xBet global betting platform debuted, and it has since become one of the premier bookmakers across Europe, Africa, and Latin America. Renowned for its forward-thinking approach to introducing innovative solutions, 1xBet is celebrated for delivering top-tier service and many betting and gambling opportunities. 1xBet boasts a comprehensive sportsbook and casino section, providing extensive entertainment choices.

Withdrawing Funds From 1xBet

withdrawing-funds-from-1xbet Maximum and Minimum Withdrawal Per Day From 1xBet

When cashing out your funds from your 1xBet account, you’re in for a pleasant surprise – a diverse array of payment methods are waiting for you. 1xBet goes the extra mile by offering six distinct withdrawal options, ensuring something suits everyone’s taste.

First, they have a convenient e-wallet method for those who relish hassle-free digital transactions. On the flip side, if you’re a fan of the classic, tangible cash, you can opt for cash withdrawals – a perfect choice for those who prefer the tried-and-true ways of handling their funds. For the more traditionally inclined, there are bank transfers to consider.

What sets 1xBet apart is its openness to cryptocurrency as a withdrawal method, staying ahead of the curve with the surge in digital currency popularity. And if you’re into payment systems, you can rest easy knowing that 1xBet has your back in this department, too. Furthermore, if Internet banking floats your boat, you’ll be pleased to know that 1xBet fully supports this method.

To learn more about how to cash out your winnings, read our article on 1xbet Withdrawal Method.

Minimum Withdrawal on 1xBet

You’ll be glad to know that when it comes to cashing out from your 1xBet account, the minimum amount you can withdraw is a budget-friendly 200 KSH. This rule applies uniformly, regardless of whether you choose e-wallets, payment systems, or even the fascinating world of cryptocurrency. So, you’ve got flexibility and convenience right at your fingertips!

Maximum Withdrawal 

There is no specific maximum limit on withdrawal requests for players using this bookmaker’s services. Nevertheless, when dealing with more substantial withdrawal amounts, the provider might necessitate additional information and perform extra security verifications.

1xBet Transaction time

Rest assured, the bookmaker is on the ball when processing your withdrawal requests. They work around the clock to ensure your funds are swiftly credited to your account. The exact time it takes to receive your money depends primarily on your chosen payment system.

For many users, the wait is a mere 15 minutes – quick and hassle-free. However, patience is needed if you opt for a bank card or transfer funds to a bank account. The bank verifies these transactions separately, so you might need to wait for 24 hours or several days. But hey, good things are worth waiting for, right?

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1xBet Kenya Maximum Withdrawal Per Day

The folks at 1xBet are pretty clear on this: 1xBet hasn’t set a strict daily withdrawal limit. What they’ve done is something quite sensible. They’ve left the maximum withdrawal amount up to your chosen payment provider. So, whether you’re flying high with big wins or just taking out some pocket change, you can do it smoothly, and it all depends on who you’re partnering with for your transactions.

How to Cancel Withdrawal on 1xBet

Sometimes, you may need to cancel a withdrawal request on 1xBet Kenya. This could be due to a change of plans or if you wish to continue using the funds for betting purposes. Here’s how you can cancel a withdrawal request:

  1. Log in to your 1xBet Kenya account.
  2. Click on the “Account” button at the homepage’s top right corner.
  3. Select the “Withdraw Funds” option from the dropdown menu.
  4. You will see a list of your pending withdrawal requests. Click on the request you want to cancel.
  5. A confirmation message will appear. Click on the “Cancel” button to cancel the withdrawal request.

It’s important to note that a withdrawal request cannot be canceled once it has been processed. Therefore, if you change your mind after the withdrawal is processed, you must make a new deposit to continue betting.

Troubleshooting 1xBet Withdrawal Problems

troubleshooting-1xbet-withdrawal-problems Maximum and Minimum Withdrawal Per Day From 1xBet

While 1xBet Kenya strives to provide a smooth and hassle-free withdrawal experience, you may encounter some issues or difficulties along the way. Here are some common withdrawal problems and possible solutions:

Delayed Withdrawals

If your withdrawal takes longer than expected, there could be several reasons for the delay. Firstly, ensure that you have provided accurate and up-to-date information during registration. Any discrepancies or incomplete information may result in delays. Some payment methods may have longer processing times, especially for larger withdrawal amounts. If you have verified your account and the withdrawal is still delayed, we recommend contacting the sportsbook’s customer support for further assistance.

Incorrect Withdrawal Method

If you have selected the wrong withdrawal method or provided incorrect payment details, your withdrawal request may be unsuccessful. Double-check the withdrawal method and payment details before confirming the request. If you realize you have made a mistake, contact 1xBet Kenya customer support as soon as possible to rectify the issue.

Denied Withdrawal 

Most of the time, a cash-out is denied; it usually will be an issue from the customer’s side. 

Your betting account could face a freeze, and any winnings might be wiped clean. This can happen in various situations:

  • Using multiple accounts simultaneously. 
  • Engaging in activities that raise suspicion of money laundering.
  • Falling short of minimum wagering requirements can prevent the withdrawal of bonus winnings. 

How to Sign Up on 1xBet Kenya

how-to-sign-up-on-1xbet-kenya Maximum and Minimum Withdrawal Per Day From 1xBet

Before withdrawing your winnings from 1xBet Kenya, you must create an account on the platform. The registration process is straightforward and can be completed in just a few minutes. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to sign up for 1xBet Kenya:

  1. Visit the official website of 1xBet.
  2. Click the “Registration” button at the homepage’s top right corner.
  3. A registration form will appear, and you will be prompted to provide your personal details, such as name, email address, phone number, and password.
  4. Once you have filled in all the required information, click the “Register” button to complete the sign-up process.
  5. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to verify your account. Click on the link to activate your account.

It’s important to note that you must provide accurate information during the registration process, as any discrepancies may result in difficulties during the withdrawal process.


conclusion-39 Maximum and Minimum Withdrawal Per Day From 1xBet

Withdrawing funds from 1xBet Kenya is a straightforward process that can be completed in a few easy steps. By following the step-by-step guide in this article, users can navigate the withdrawal process with ease and confidence.

It’s important to note that the duration of the withdrawal processing may vary depending on several factors, including the chosen withdrawal method and the verification status of your account. If you encounter any issues or have specific concerns regarding your withdrawal, it’s recommended to contact 1xBet Kenya customer support for assistance.

We hope this article has provided valuable insights into the withdrawal process on 1xBet Kenya and addressed any concerns or questions you may have had. We encourage you to explore 1xBet Kenya based on your preferences and needs, and we wish you a successful and enjoyable betting experience!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does 1xBet Charge a Transaction Fee?
No, the sportsbook doesn’t charge a fee for deposits or withdrawals.
Why Can’t I Withdraw My Winnings?
Your inability to withdraw funds from your 1xBet betting account could be attributed to various factors, and it’s essential to consider these possibilities: 
  • You breached the sportsbook rules; 
  • Incomplete payment information. 
What are the available withdrawal methods on 1xBet?
The bookmaker offers a variety of withdrawal methods, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and mobile payment options. The specific methods available may vary depending on your location and account status.

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