13 November, 2023
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1xBet Money Wheel Tricks

1xBet is the largest betting company in Kenya. The company has been world-famous for a long time, and people worldwide appreciate the excellent conditions that 1xBet provides.

You may have seen that 1xBet sponsors the leading football leagues in Spain and Italy. Also, 1xBet did a promo featuring one of the best football players in the world – Lionel Messi.

People trust 1xBet for its long-standing reputation and some of the highest odds on the market, convenient and fast withdrawal options, quality, and friendly customer support. 

Also, 1xBet provides its players not only with betting on sports but also with a comprehensive line of online casino games. Let’s take a closer look at the Casino benefits.

1xBet Casino Review

1xBet Casino Review

If you like to have a good time and try your luck in the evenings or on weekends – you will find something on the 1xBet gambling platform.

On the site and in the app, you can find world-famous classic games: Roulette, BACCART, BlackJack, Bahar, different types of Poker, Spins, Jackpots, Thimbles, Yahtzee, 777, Slots, Fruit Cocktail, Bottle, Rock-Paper-Scissors, Lottery, Dragons, Free Throws and MORE!

The site also features HUNDREDS of unusual games, from Aztecs and Roman Warriors to modern-day Flight, Thunderbolts, and Cybersports. 

One such game is Money Wheels. It offers its players the opportunity to win up to 1000X the bet! Let’s talk about it in detail.

How to Play 1xBet Money Wheel? 

Who among us doesn’t enjoy roulette?! Watch the wheel spin, and you can get rich in seconds. Money Wheel is one of the roulette variants: the wheel spins, and the money comes out!

To play Money Wheels, you will need very few things. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Register at 1xBet.
  2. Deposit money.
  3. Go to the 1XGAMES tab.
  4. Select Money Wheel.
  5. Place a stake.
  6. Click PLACE A BET.
  7. Continue playing.

Note: The maximum bet you can make is 15148.14 KES, and the minimum bet is 30 KES.

1xbet Money Wheel Game Rules

1xbet Money Wheel Game Rules

The rules of the game are elementary and quite intuitive. It is a very straightforward way to multiply your winnings in no time.

You enter the amount of money you want to bet in the window. Next, you watch and hope for a huge win. The coefficient where the wheel stops is the multiplier of your stake.

For example, if you bet 100 and get a multiplier of x10, you get a 1000 payout instantly!

Money Wheel Demo Game

Unfortunately, there is no demo version of the game on the site. Register and make a minimum bet of 30 KES to try the game.

1xBet Money Wheel App

Nowadays, we spend more and more of our daily lives with our phones. Technology is evolving and continues to delight us with new opportunities. 1xBet is no exception. 

The betting company has an app that is very easy to use. It is an excellent option for those who, for some reason, do not have the opportunity to use the website. 

According to statistics, the majority of users today use the phone app. 

The mobile app is an excellent choice if you want to play casino games. The app lets you find all the features that 1xBet offers in Kenya.

Money Wheel 1xBet Money Wheel Tricks, Tips and Strategy

Money Wheel 1xBet Money Wheel Tricks, Tips and Strategy

If you have already played Money Wheel, that’s great!

Play at your pleasure. But if you’re wondering what tips, tricks, and strategies you can use, we’ll cover some of them below:

  1. Don’t bet all at once.
    We only recommend staking all your money if you’re the luckiest person in the world. Slowly but surely is the principle by which some analysts recommend playing roulette.
  2. Take breaks.
    It is imperative to rest always and everywhere. This rule has consistently worked for many thousands of years. If you feel tired and making bad decisions, rest for a few minutes and continue.
  3. Create your strategy.
    There are many roulette strategies on the Internet. But each person is different and differently perceives the game and makes a strategy. We recommend you analyze yourself, your bets wishes, and luck, and then build a game strategy.
  4. Have fun.
    This advice is common to all types of sports betting and casinos. Most people have one goal when they come to gambling establishments or online casinos – to have a good time. The advantage of Money Wheel 1xBet is the opportunity to win up to 1000x on your investment.

Advantages of 1xBet Money Wheel Game

Now let us tell you some advantages and benefits of playing Money Wheels on one of the best gambling websites, 1xBet.

You’ve probably already heard a lot about 1xBet, as it’s one of the leaders in the gambling industry. But let’s take a closer look at the benefits of one of the games on the website – Money Wheel.

  1. The opportunity to make a big score quickly.
    Money Wheel is one of the HUGE opportunities to get rich. Playing roulette – you always have a chance to win fantastic amounts of money!
  2. The opportunity to play from home.
    In the past, people used to go to underground casinos to play roulette. It was dangerous, complicated, and costly. Thanks to 1xBet, you can play and have fun right from home. All you need is a phone or a computer.
  3. Literary awareness of the game.
    You’ve probably seen roulette mentioned in famous literary works if you’re a reader. Also, the advantage of playing roulette is that it can be an excellent opportunity to feel like a favorite character from a book or film.

1xBet Support

If you are already a 1xBet user and have any questions regarding the service – the friendly customer support team will always be happy to help you.

If you don’t want to call – there is another way. A pop-up box on the website says, “ASK A QUESTION.” Finding the green arrow will open a chat box where you can ask your question and get instant answers.


1xbet Conclusion

Casino has been an indispensable part of many people’s lives for centuries. But it was only possible for the wealthy elite in the past.

Today, everyone who wants to try their fortune and play can do it in 2 minutes on the 1xBet website. Isn’t it wonderful?


How do you play the money wheel?
Register at 1xBet – Deposit funds – Go to the 1XGAMES tab – Select Money Wheel – Place a stake – Click PLACE A BET – Enjoy.
How to make money using 1xBet?
Make sports bets, play Casino, Live Casino, BINGO, TOTO JACKPOT.
What are the odds on the money wheel?
The odds are: x0, x1, x2, x5, x10, x25,  x50, x100, x250, x500,  x1000. 
How to win 1xBet casino games?
Some games are all about luck. You can analyze, evaluate data, and create a strategy for others.

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