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5 September, 2023 (UPDATE 16 May, 2024)
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Withdrawing winnings is probably the most pleasant moment for a bettor. After all, it is essential to enjoy not only the process but also the result. At Betway, a world-renowned sports betting platform, you can get the game locked thanks to its unrivaled cashout offer. Read on to learn how it works.

Unfortunately, the company left the Kenyan market in August 2023. We sincerely hope it will return soon and will keep you updated on the details.

What Is Betway Cash Out?

Cash-out is a risk-free payout option that enables players to settle their bets and keep the locked winnings without waiting for the end of the sporting event. With this function, you decide when to tell yourself to stop and take what the bookie is currently offering you. 

Winnings on your bet can be higher or lower than your original stake but can never exceed the possible return. Thus, you can call it an a-bird-in-the-hand-is-worth-two-in-the-bush principle.

How to Cash Out With Betway

how-to-cash-out-with-betway Betway Cash Out

First and foremost, ensure that you can use this offer, as it’s only available for specific markets and sports. You can easily spot the “Cashout” (“CO”) button next to the match. At Betway Kenya, cash out is present but not limited to the following sports:

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Handball
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Volleyball

The cash-out icon will also appear in My Account’s “My Bets” section or inside the Betslip in the “My Bets” section.

After you’ve verified that the cashout is there and you can settle your bet early on the match of your choice, you can get down to business immediately. 

How to Cash Out a Bet

The cash out procedure is swift and straightforward.

  1. Log In To Your Account. Open Betway official website in your favorite browser. Type your login and password in the form in the upper part of the main page.
  2. Find Bet in the Bet Slip. Open “My Bets” and find the bet you want to cash out. If the option is available, you’ll see the corresponding icon near it.
  3. Cash Out. Pick the “Cashout” option to close the bet and get your winnings locked. The system calculates the payout according to the current odds.

Note that the amount is variable and can either rise or fall, which happens in real-time and mainly depends on the odds. So the challenge here is to find the golden middle.

Betway is no longer active in Kenya
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How to Withdraw Money From Betway

Betway withdrawal works as smoothly and simply as the cashout option. You have to ways to withdraw your winnings. Follow these simple steps.

On the Website

For this variant you need Internet connection.

  1. Open the Betway website and log into your account.
  2. In your account, pick the “Withdraw Funds” button and select the preferred method.
  3. Confirm the transaction via PIN or any other way.


This method is available without Internet connection.

  1. Text “w#the sum you want to withdraw#your Betway PIN” to 29029. The example is w#5000#33333.
  2. Get withdrawal confirmation via SMS.

You must meet two mandatory conditions to withdraw your funds: top up your account at least once and place a wager.

Cash Out Terms and Conditions

cash-out-terms-and-conditions Betway Cash Out

Just as every game has its own rules, so every feature of a betting site has certain dos and don’ts that must be followed. Therefore, be sure to read Betway’s cash out terms and conditions before using this offer on the website.

  1. The cashout can only be accepted before the bet results are known.
  2. If you opt to cash out by clicking the button, there’s no way to go back in time: your bet is settled and locked instantly at the Betway odds suggested.
  3. If the withdrawal sum changes before the cashout process ends, you’ll be immediately informed and need to accept or reject it. 
  4. The feature will be disabled if the bet is closed at your request until the process is over.
  5. Whether for technical or other reasons, the bookmaker has the right to remove cashout, meaning this option might become unavailable for some bets, games, or markets.
  6. The offer can apply for a single bet or multi bets.
  7. Betway cashout is unavailable for free bets.
  8. It’s possible that some payment methods might not work with the feature.
  9. In the event of a technical malfunction or improper use of the feature, the website has the right to refuse it.

In Conclusion

faq-11 Betway Cash Out

The meaning of the cashout option is simple: it allows you to get a payout in one click before the end of the game you’re betting on. Now that you know how the feature works, you can try it yourself. Just log in to your account, and if you don’t have one yet, hurry up and register to Betway —you’ll appreciate the choice of features and bonuses they provide. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to cash out on Betway?
Just like withdrawals, cashouts are processed instantly upon claiming. However, delays can occur for many reasons, and if you have yet to receive your money within 24 hours, you can reach out to Betway customer care.
How is cash out calculated?
The amount is determined by the current odds and may change depending on when you use it.
How do I create a Betway account?
To create a Betway account, follow these easy steps:
  1. First, go to the Betway Kenya website and click the green “Sign Up” button in the upper right corner.
  2. Complete your personal details that mean:
    – Phone number
    – Password
    – First and last name
    – Email
    – Date of birth
  3. Enter a Signup code if you have one.
  4. Сheck the box if you want to receive exclusive offers.
  5. Tick the box if you’re 18 and accept the site’s policy.
  6. Finalize your registration by clicking the “Register” button below.
How do I register for Betway via SMS?
Text “Accept” to 29029 and get an SMS confirmation with your account credentials, which will mean your username and password.
How do I use Betway for the first time?
If it’s your first time on Betway, ensure you log into your account, then go to the deposit section in “My Account,” select the preferred method, and follow the instructions to top up your cash balance. That’s it. Now, you can choose your favorite sport and start betting. 
How do I get paid on Betway?
Several options work for payouts at Betway. After you log in, visit the “My Account” section to select “Withdraw Funds” and see the payout options, which mean Mobile Money and EFT. 
Alternatively, text “w#the amount you want to withdraw#your Betway PIN” to 29029, for instance, w#2000#55555.

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