Betway Registration and Login Guid in Kenya

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1 September, 2023 (UPDATE 16 May, 2024)
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For the past few years, Kenyan sports fans have been actively partaking in betting activities, significantly increasing the number of local casino and sports betting organizations. One company that has drawn local players’ attention and particular recognition for being exceptionally practical and convenient is Betway. This sportsbook has attracted multiple bettors worldwide and continues to expand nowadays. We’ll evaluate the sportsbook’s signup process today and consider its features. Let’s get to the review!

Sadly, Betway has left the Kenyan market as of August 2023. We hope that this is only temporary and the company will return soon.

Registration Methods

registration-methods-1 Betway Registration and Login Guid in Kenya

Speaking of registration methods accessible on the platform, we can’t say that the array of choices is limited. The company opted for a more traditional way of joining the site. Currently, bettors may sign up on the site only using their telephone number. However, newcomers may sign up on the official site via a mobile application or SMS. Let’s take a look at the SMS registration procedure.


As stated previously, new members can register via SMS besides registering on the desktop version of the sportsbook or in the mobile application. In order to do so, bettors should follow these simple steps.

Open Your Device
Send an SMS to 29029 with the “Accept” text message.
Wait for SMS
Wait for a confirmation answer. The confirmation SMS should mention your new username and password.
Accomplish the Procedure
Enter this data on the site while logging in. Done!

Don’t forget to familiarize yourself with the company’s terms and conditions before proceeding with the registration.

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How to Register on Betway Kenya

how-to-register-on-betway-kenya Betway Registration and Login Guid in Kenya

Betway Kenya is a user-friendly platform that permits newcomers to join the site without inconveniences or effort. Registering allows future users to participate in sports betting activity, profit from promotional offers, and withdraw the funds they earn while playing. It is necessary to play on the site because the process permits to confirm of a member’s legality regarding the betting laws and its agreement with the company’s terms.

Betway Online Registration

Registering via the desktop version of the sportsbook is the most traditional and simple way to register. To successfully finalize this procedure and finally join the Betway platform, you only need to have your mobile telephone when registering. Let’s look at the process in detail. 

Go to the Betway Site
Navigate to the official Betway site. Locate and tap “Sign Up” at the top of the page.
Provide Your Data
Enter your telephone number. Fill in the corresponding gaps with your personal information.
Finish the Procedure
Tap “Register”. Done!

Remember that joining the sportsbook and participating in any betting activity while underage is strictly forbidden. The legal age for sports betting and gambling in Kenya is 18.

Betway Mobile Registration

The Betway sportsbook created an application in response to the rapid development of new technologies to offer its customers the most valuable services possible. Because of the application’s clean and straightforward navigation, placing bets through it is effortless and pleasing. Joining the sportsbook is also possible via the Betway app, and the procedure is quick, doesn’t require specific effort, and is similar to the desktop one. Let’s analyze it in detail.

Take Your Device
Open the mobile application. The first thing to pop up will be the Sign Up/Login page. Tap on “Sign Up.”
Type In Your Data
Fill in your telephone number. Enter your personal information in the corresponding fields.
Complete the Procedure
Tap “Register”. You’re done!

Whenever your cell phone number is requested, please enter the one associated with your Mobile Money wallet whenever your cell phone number is requested.

How to Login

how-to-login-3 Betway Registration and Login Guid in Kenya

You should follow the login procedure when you are done with the registration process and ready to enter your account. Then, it will take you no time to access your profile on the platform finally. However, we still decided to guide you through the process, so let’s check the necessary steps to log in.

Access the Betway Site
Navigate to the official Betway site. Locate the green and white bars at the top of the page. 
Insert Your Information
Enter your telephone number and password.
Approve Your Action
Tap on “Login.” You may now profit from your account!

How to Login Into the App

It is also possible to log into your profile using the application. This method is more flexible and mobile but doesn’t differ much from the desktop process. However, if you prefer to use the mobile app to enter your account, we will guide you through the procedure. 

  1. Use Your Phone to Access the App. Open the mobile application. A pop-up will appear. It is the Sign Up/Login page. Tap on “Login.”
  2. Provide Your Data. Fill in your telephone number and password.
  3. Complete the Process. Tap on “Login.” Done!

Logging in every time you open the app on your phone is optional. The gadget you use usually saves your information and keeps your account logged in on the app.


conditions-for-registration Betway Registration and Login Guid in Kenya

Like every sportsbook, Betway has its terms and conditions regarding the registration procedure. Some rules are necessary to respect while legally participating in wagering activities on the platform. These conditions are flexible, and Betway established regulations that will not limit its users’ rights; however, all the requirements should still be met to perform betting activities on the platform legitimately. Let’s have a look at the two main conditions of the organization.

Legal Age

To be legal in the eyes of the law while exercising any gambling or sports betting activity in Kenya, members shouldn’t be underage. The legal age for wagering in Kenya at the moment is 18 years old, which means that members younger than that should distance themselves from online gambling to avoid inconveniences. The Betway company doesn’t allow underage bettors on its platform, so any accounts of this kind will be restricted from betting activities.

We recommend reading our Betway sports betting review and platform terms and conditions to learn the required information.

Personal Information Verification

Any personal data entered on the site should be 100% accurate to profit correctly from the platform’s services. Incorrect data may be considered fraud, leading to multiple issues regarding the member’s platform experience. Entering all the information the site requests correctly is necessary, especially regarding money transactions and telephone verification. Be sure always to double-check the information you provide to Betway. 

Account Verification

betway-account-verification Betway Registration and Login Guid in Kenya

To complete the registration procedure and access your account, you’ll need to provide identification proof. At the moment, two possibilities on the site will permit you to do so; let’s take a closer look at each one.

  • You can upload a copy of your ID into your profile through the site using either a desktop computer or a mobile device.
  • You can email your documents to Betway. An ID document verification process typically takes 24 to 48 hours. Once your documents have been validated, you will get an email.

What Welcome Offers Are Accessible?

what-welcome-offers-are-accessible Betway Registration and Login Guid in Kenya

The welcome bonus is a fantastic promotion that Betway has incorporated for its new customers. The most popular promotional offer on the website is unquestionably this welcome deal. After successfully finalizing the registration process on the Betway platform, Kenyan gamblers may receive a cool surprise after completing the registration process on the Betway platform. But, first, let’s look at the details of the offer.

  • Receive up to Ksh 5,000 in free bets and 50% of your first deposit. 
  • To do so, sign up for an account on Betway, deposit some money, and then put bets with odds of at least three to match your initial deposit.
  •  Your reward will be sent to your account as soon as all the requirements are satisfied.

How to Delete an Account

We understand that sometimes members wish to quit the Betway platform, and we respect their choice. That’s why we made a short guide to help bettors wanting to delete their profiles. 

  1. Start Indicating Contact Data. Enter the mailbox affiliated with the address you provided during registration. Compose a new email to Betway support.
  2. Contact Support. Tap “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT” in the subject of your mail.
  3. Compose a Text. Feel free to write a written request to have your account deleted and remove all of your data from the Betway database.


In summary, we were pretty pleased while exploring the Betway registration procedure. The process is very straightforward and rapid, doesn’t require much time, and may even be done via mobile gadgets, either by SMS or the mobile application. We didn’t find any specific inconveniences or disadvantages to this procedure since it is convenient and straightforward. We enjoyed discovering the different ways to join the site and were impressed by the welcome bonus offered by Betway after a successful registration. The company indeed cares about its clients! In this article, we managed to gather the maximum amount of information possible concerning the signup process on Betway. Still, if you haven’t found the answer to your question yet, you may always check our FAQ.


Do people win on Betway?
How much can you withdraw from Betway in a day?
There is no daily limit on the site.
I can’t access my account; what do I do?
You may find the answer to your question by reading our article regarding Betway account recovery.
Why can’t I cash out on Betway?
Betway maintains the right to deny the Cash Out demand if the Cash-Out sum has been wrongly entered. If the error persists, please contact the support team.
Which bank does Betway use?
KCB, Stanchart, COOP Bank, and ABSA.
How do I verify my account?
If you want to learn more about this subject, please check out our article concerning Betway account verification.
Is Betway safe?
Yes, it is licensed in numerous countries.
How do I leave Betway?
If you wish to quit the site, check out our guide on how to quit Betway.

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