How to Download Betway App in Kenya?

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3 September, 2023 (UPDATE 7 June, 2024)
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The number of local casinos and sports betting organizations has dramatically risen due to Kenyan sports enthusiasts’ active participation in betting activities over the past several years. Betway is one company that has attracted the interest and unique appreciation of local players for being incredibly convenient and straightforward. Due to the active technology boom, the organization developed a mobile application to give customers the most valuable and accessible services imaginable. With the help of this software, consumers may utilize all the features offered by the official website directly from their mobile device or any other gadget running iOS or Android. Today, we’ll evaluate the sportsbook app’s essential features, characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages.

Unfortunately, The company left Kenya in August 2023, but we hope this will change soon. We will keep you updated on the development of the situation.

How to Download 

how-to-download-betway-app How to Download Betway App in Kenya?

Are you now prepared to download the Betway app on your mobile device? Then we will unquestionably help you with that. The mobile app is very user-friendly because it can be downloaded quickly and efficiently and installed on iOS and Android-based devices. We will walk you through the entire process right away, and in just a few seconds, the app will be loaded on your gadget, allowing you to start profiting from your favorite betting site!

How to Download on Android 

If you are an android user, you will be surprised by the secure and rapid downloading process. Let’s discover it in detail! 

Navigate to the Official Betway Site
Locate and tap on “Menu.” Click on the android installation icon.
Download and Install the APK
Let your device get software from third-party websites in the settings. Proceed with the downloading of the .apk file.
Accomplish the Procedure
Unpack the file. Install the application via the .apk file. Done!

Verify that your settings allow installation from unknown applications!

Instal Betway App

How to Download on iOS 

It is incredibly inspiring that the sports betting organization launched mobile software compatible with Apple devices; given how uncommon it is in Africa, it deserves admiration. Even though installing the app on an iOS device doesn’t require much time or effort, we still chose to walk you through the process.

Open the official App Store
Tap “Betway” in the search bar. The Betway application will be at the top of the list. Click on it.
Download and Install the App
Press “GET.” Confirm your download by entering your iTunes account details.
Finish the process
Launch the app and profit from the sportsbook!

Main Characteristics

betway-mobile-app-review-1 How to Download Betway App in Kenya?

Mobile solution has the same functionality as the desktop platform. So, if you want to learn more about the potential, read the Betway review describing all aspects of the service.

The Betway mobile application is rapid, convenient, and simple. However, we would like to analyze it in detail and share all its main characteristics with our readers. That’s why we gathered the app’s main features into a chart. Let’s look at it!

  • 28 sports to bet on 
  • Incredible mobile experience
  • Accessible for both iOS and Android gadgets
  • Reputable company, quality services
  • Convenient payment methods 
  • Multiple types of bets and markets
  • Incredible welcome offer
  • Live streaming, Betway TV
  • Cash Out feature
  • Rapid and smooth navigation

Comfort and Usability

In terms of comfort, the Betway mobile app is unquestionably outstanding. The reputed sports betting company created an application with great functionality, immaculate performance, and very comfortable usability, enabling bettors to profit from the app easily. Members of Betway can quickly and easily identify all of the betting markets that are accessible, as well as the various sportsbook options. The placement of all the panels and buttons is quite harmonious, allowing users to navigate the site’s features on a smaller device without getting lost. The navigation bar can also be made larger or smaller as needed. The application’s color palette is also very appealing; it primarily consists of the complementary colors white, black, and green.


Of course, the corporation had to provide its customers with a highly varied and intriguing selection of bonuses. The company’s bonus programs tend to differ, but all the promotions are generally the same for app and PC users. Currently, there are no specific promotional offers for mobile bettors, but the available promotional offers displayed on the bookie’s site are also accessible via the Betway app. Let’s have a look at some of them!

  • Welcome Bonus: Get up to Ksh 5,000 in free bets and 50% back on your first platform deposit. 
  • Boost your Multi Bet winnings by up to 700%: increases players’ Multi-Bet earnings by up to 700%. Each leg with odds of 1.2 or higher that is added to a Multi Bet betslip will increase profits.
  • Get in on the latest promos: when tapping the “OPT-IN” button on active promotional offers, you have the opportunity to enjoy higher winnings, money back on losses, drawings for cash prizes, and more.

Compatible Devices

The Betway company managed to make its mobile application accessible to the maximum number of bettors possible, which is why it made it possible for both Android and iOS users to obtain the application. It is important to remark that just a few African sportsbooks provide their members with an iOS version of their application, which is worthy of respect. Betway knows how to please its users! Let’s look at the list of compatible devices to ensure that your gadget supports the Betway app.

  • iOS: iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, iPhone 5 and higher
  • Android: Samsung Galaxy S5 and higher, Huawei P10 and higher, LG G4 and higher.
Instal Betway App for Android

You may visit the company’s official site to learn more about the devices compatible with the Betway app.

System Requirements

The Betway app has its terms and system requirements that must be considered to download the mobile app correctly, just like every other mobile application. Let’s examine and compare these criteria since they differ for iOS and Android users.

  • iOS
    • At least 50 MB of free storage
    • App size: 53.9 MB
    • iOS 11 or higher
  • Android:
    • At least 50 MB of free storage.
    • App size: 33.7 MB
    • Android 2.0 or higher.

Mobile Version

In addition to developing a mobile application, the company created a mobile version of its desktop website to make it easier for users who couldn’t download the app to access the platform. This version of the sportsbook is user-friendly, practical, and has all the same features as the website version. It also closely resembles the official site. Let’s look at this version of Betway and compare it with the mobile application. 

App vs. Mobile Version

differences-between-the-betway-app-and-the-mobile-site How to Download Betway App in Kenya?

The mobile application and the mobile version of Betway must be contrasted to evaluate them fairly. To do this, we must collect the benefits and drawbacks of each. Naturally, none of these options are perfect; it all depends on the members’ preferences. Yet, we still decided to compare our results to see the differences.

App Ups and Downs

  • Very convenient and simple to use
  • Great interface and design
  • Notifications, pop-ups, and regular alerts regarding sportsbook news
  • Super handy and flexible 
  • Same features as on official site
  • Personalization of the main page
  • Needs to be installed 
  • Requires regular updates

Mobile Version Ups and Downs

  • Doesn’t need to be installed 
  • Rapid access via preferred browser
  • All the same features as on desktop 
  • No notifications or alerts
  • Not so handy and rapid 
  • Usability is subpar

Mobile App Betting Options

mobile-app-betting-options-4 How to Download Betway App in Kenya?

In principle, the mobile app has all the same features as the desktop version. It is why the majority of the betting options accessible through the website are also present on the app. Betway customers can choose from various bet types, take advantage of promotional offers, choose their markets, and choose the odds that appear to be the most profitable. Yet, we still decided to compile a short list of the application’s most intriguing betting features.

  • Cash Out option
  • Betway TV streaming
  • Live Betting
  • Multiple betting markets, including the most popular ones like over/under or the correct score
  • Different types of bets
  • Esports betting 

Other Betway Apps

The Betway mobile app is not the only application developed by the company. Betway also invested in various applications, such as the Casino app, the Live Casino app, and the Vegas app. Most of these other applications provide casino and slot machine services. They work like the sports betting application, except they focus primarily on casinos and popular gambling-derived games. However, these apps are not accessible in Kenya at the moment and may only be installed in the United Kingdom. We hope the company will soon introduce these exciting applications to Kenyan bettors. 

Casino App

In addition to sports betting, Betway also offers casino services to its customers. Despite having an official license and being supposed to be operational, the Kenyan Betway Casino is now inaccessible on the bookie’s site. Anyway, the company also developed an application regarding its casino services. Currently, this app can only be used in the United Kingdom, but we sincerely hope it will soon be available in Kenya and other African nations. With this app, members may have a highly engaging and captivating gaming experience when on the go and profit from the most popular game categories that every casino enthusiast appreciates. It resembles the Betway mobile app, except it gathers only casino services.


To summarize, our team unanimously concluded that Betway’s mobile app is an extraordinarily convenient and uncomplicated tool for sports betting. It caught our attention because it was quick and efficient and had all the essential elements of a bookmaker. The fact that the application works flawlessly and is quite pleasant gives it a favorable overall impression. Also, all the panels and buttons are positioned in the best possible way to ensure that every bettor can notice them. Its color palette is appealing and will undoubtedly catch users’ attention. The number of sports included in the app and all the markets and promotional offers also left us very satisfied. In this article, we gathered most of the information regarding the Betway app. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to read the FAQ below.


How do I delete my bet history on Betway?
Navigate to your account settings and tap on “Clear Bet History.”
What makes the Betway account suspended?
Abusing the platform’s glitches, trying to hack the site, participating in fraud, and utilizing bots.
How do I delete my Betway account from my phone?
If you wish to delete Betway from your phone, simply delete the application. If you want to delete your account, contact the Betway support team.
How do I place a bet?
Pick the sport of your choice, select your odds and type of bet, enter the sum you wish to set as a bet, and suggest your bet slip.
Can I earn money from Betway?

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