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4 September, 2023 (UPDATE 17 April, 2024)
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Betway is no longer active in Kenya
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Local casinos and sports betting websites have multiplied over the past several years due to Kenyan sports fans’ active participation in online betting activities. This entertainment has expanded worldwide and continues in the Kenyan market. Betway is one of those companies that has attracted the interest and special recognition of local players since it proposes incredibly convenient and entertaining services. However, everyone who bets on sports knows that funding is required before engaging in any sports betting activity. The Betway platform is not an exception. Thus today, we will review and evaluate the sportsbook payment options.

Unfortunately, the company left Kenya in August 2023, we hope that this is not for long and will keep you informed on further updates.

Betway Brief Overview

The Betway bookmaker began accepting online bets in 2006 and, during this time, managed to attract more than 2 million users worldwide. The company provides players with standard tools for placing bets and playing games online: a website and a mobile application. Users note an excellent selection of events, numerous payment methods, favorable odds, and various useful features. If you want to get detailed information about all aspects of the service, read our Betway Kenya review. In this article, we are going to concentrate on financial aspects.

How to Deposit

How to Deposit to Betway

You should familiarize yourself with the website’s deposit process before participating in sports betting activities. It will be easier to properly begin playing on Betway with an understanding of how to make deposits and manage your budget. However, because the deposit procedure is quick, you will start your betting adventure immediately. But we still decided to walk you through everything step-by-step, so let’s look.

Navigate to the Official Betway Site
Login into your profile by entering your data at the top of the page. Locate and click on “Deposit.”
Fund Your Account
Select the payment option you wish to go for. Enter the amount you are willing to deposit. Click on “Proceed.” Fill in your personal information in the corresponding gaps on the following page. 
Complete the Procedure
Locate and tap on “Continue to pay.” Follow the given instructions. Confirm your transaction. Done!

Mobile App

Because of the ongoing technological growth, the Betway company created a mobile application to provide its clients with the most convenient and accessible services possible. Thanks to this app, customers can profit from all the features displayed on the official website straight from their mobile device if it runs iOS or Android. Furthermore, the mobile app enables customers to deposit money immediately onto their balance from their mobile gadget in addition to placing bets on sports or taking advantage of numerous promotional offers. That’s why we decided that it is necessary to provide our readers with a short guide regarding the deposit process on the Betway app.

Open Your Betway App
Enter into your profile. Tap on “Deposit.” Pick the payment method that suits you the most.
Start the Deposition Process
Enter the sum you wish to deposit. Click on “Proceed.” Locate and tap on “Continue to pay.” Follow the given instructions.
Finalize the Procedure
Confirm your transaction. Done!

Balance Management

if you wish to check your balance on the Betway site, we may assure you that it is effortless! Simply navigate to your profile and look at the top right corner of the page. You should notice the amount of money remaining in your account. Verifying your balance by sending a text message with the word “Balance” to the number 29029 from your mobile device is also possible. 

How Do I Change by Bank Details?

If you have noticed a mistake in your bank details, it is strongly recommended to update them. You can do this very quickly by contacting the Betway support staff. Simply email with your username and the information you wish to modify. The company will promptly advise you on changing your details and updating your info.

If you wish to modify some of the details you provided on the site, you can navigate to your profile anytime.

Payment Methods

Betway Payment Methods

Taking part in sports betting activities on the Betway platform requires first depositing funds to ensure it is possible. That’s why it is necessary to become familiar with the accessible payment methods proposed by the company and the process itself. Although the procedure doesn’t take long, it is nonetheless required to begin online betting. Currently, the company offers only four different payment options that can be used to make a deposit. All of them are considered safe and very convenient since thousands of Kenyan bettors use them daily to profit from their betting experiences. Let’s discover them!


M-Pesa is a very secure mobile banking system appreciated by multiple bettors in Kenya. This method permits the transfer of money directly to a Betway personal account safely and rapidly. In addition, m-Pesa adherents may send money from their account to other users or companies like Betway and other online organizations via PIN-secured SMS text messages. 

Сard Transaction

Transferring funds via bank card is one of the safest ways to invest money on any sports betting site. This option is considered the most secure because it is affiliated with a specific bank and assures protected transactions online. Betway also offers its members the possibility to transfer their funds by card using the following banks:

  • Stanchart
  • ABSA
  • COOP Bank
  • KCB

Airtel Money

Airtel Money is another very appreciated method of transferring funds among Kenyan bettors. This system permits the transfer and receipt of instantaneous deposits of money.

Owners of an Airtel Money personal wallet may use their mobile phone to store money, transfer and receive money, make payments, and complete other transactions using this electronic money service. This system may also be used to invest funds in any kind of online service, including betting sites like Betway. 

Deposit Terms and Conditions

Betway Deposit Terms and Conditions

Like every other online sportsbook, Betway has its requirements regarding the depositing procedure. These regulations are necessary to maintain correct deposit performance on the website and eliminate suspicious activity. Therefore, we picked the four most relevant rules regarding this subject to present them to our readers.


Betway has restrictions on how much money can be deposited on its platform. Every user has an automatic deposit limit of 71,200 KSh weekly; these restrictions control members’ deposit options. After exceeding this limit, it is only possible to invest funds once the limit ends. Every member is free to modify these rules in their profile.

Whereas the minimum deposit limits depend on the member’s chosen payment system. 


Some online sports betting companies impose fees for depositing funds. However, at the moment, the Betway company doesn’t have any fees for fund investments. 

How Long Does It Take

The Betway deposit procedure is quick, as can be seen by the time it takes for the company to invest funds. Usually, the process doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes, whereas the deposit is generally made instantly directly on the member’s balance. 


To finalize the deposit procedure, it is necessary to be verified by the Betway company. To do so, you should provide legitimate personal documents and accurate information about yourself when registering on the platform. Investing funds on the site will only be possible if you are verified as a valid member. This procedure does not take long, so you do not need to worry. 


While exploring the Betway options for making deposits, we found that although the organization doesn’t provide many of them, the ones that are accessible are all highly reliable and secure. Depositing on the platform is very rapid and convenient, and besides, it is an absolute necessity to profit from the platform’s benefits fully. We appreciate that it is possible to deposit funds using bank cards and invest via the mobile app, which is truly innovative! Betway is a very neat sportsbook, and we hope it will integrate new payment methods soon. In this article, we reviewed most of the deposit methods accessible on Betway. If you still have some questions, please check the FAQ below.


How old is Betway?
It was founded in 2006, which means it is 17 years old.
Which bank does Betway use?
Stanchart, ABSA, COOP Bank, KCB 
Who is the CEO of Betway?
Anthony workman.
Is Betway Legal?
Absolutely! It is a licensed company.
Why is Betway the best?
It depends on every bettor’s preferences, but Betway is appreciated chiefly for being very convenient and entertaining.

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